Woke Banking Billionaire Urges Feds To Seize Private Property

Private property is one of the fundamentals of American society. When you own a piece of land, you own it, but woke banking executive Jamie Dimon has other ideas about that.

As the head of JPMorgan Chase and a frequent attendee at things like the globalist Bilderberg Group, Dimon wants to make the world into a new UN-friendly socialist state.

His latest letter to his shareholders helped spell it out, saying that “eminent domain” may need to be used to take away people’s private property.

Save the Planet, Seize the Land!

As the head of JPMorgan Chase with a net worth of $1.5 billion, Dimon wields immense power. He’s often wined and dined at large globalist conferences. He rubs shoulders with other globalists like George Soros and Barack Obama.

Dimon has big plans for playing his own part. In this letter to shareholders, he said the federal government and banks like his may have to do their part to stop climate change by seizing land.

Yes, he actually wrote that and put his signature at the bottom. This isn’t some kind of trick or misinterpretation.

Dimon said that in order for solar, wind, and other renewable energy to get built, the government and banks like his may have to overrule private property rights and force sellers to give them land.

This is not only possible; it’s becoming increasingly likely as the Biden regime edges into full totalitarian insanity.

JP Morgan’s CEO wants to use eminent domain to build more wind and solar farms.

If you think food and energy prices are bad now, just wait until the government starts seizing farmland to build solar panels.

This kind of thinking poses an existential threat to the middle class.

— Riley Moore (@RileyMooreWV) April 5, 2023

Understanding Eminent Domain

Eminent domain is a law by which the government makes you an offer you can’t refuse.

You get an offer for your land, for the sake of national security or infrastructure for the good of the nation, and you have to sell it by law.

According to Dimon, the time to force through green energy has now come and “global climate change” will kill us all if we don’t submit.

Speaking of “common interest,” his letter warns that if the government and banks like his don’t work together and act soon, we’re all doomed.

Permitting reforms + Eminent Domain:

Jamie Dimon justifying the use of eminent domain for clean energy development makes a case for broader seizure of private property.

Could just as easily be an argument for affordable housing, & using ED for prime RE is recently cheaper. pic.twitter.com/bXGWQdO7UY

— John Belitsky (,) (@JohnBelitsky) April 9, 2023

Maoist Madness

Let’s be clear about what’s happening here. This is Maoist madness of the worst kind. During Mao’s takeover of China, he encouraged murder and violence against landowners, leveraging poor people against the rich.

In this case, the globalist left is pitting the poor against the middle class, opening the borders and destroying private property rights while allowing the oligarch-rich globalist leaders like Dimon to hold the reins.

Get ready: hard times are coming.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.

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