Truck Carrying Toxic Soil From East Palestine Overturns, Dumping Contents Just Miles From Town

East Palestine, Ohio just can’t catch a break.

Weeks after a train derailment and ‘controlled burn’ of the toxic spill poisoned the air and water in the town, a truck carrying the toxic soil away from the site overturned, dumping its contents just miles away.

Authorities are claiming that the spill was contained.

Breitbart News reports:

Truck Carrying Toxic Soil from East Palestine Overturns, Dumps Contents into Environment

A truck carrying toxic soil from the February 3 train disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, overturned four miles north of the derailment site and dumped approximately 20,000 pounds of soil into the environment on Monday.

A commercial tractor-trailer carrying 40,000 pounds of contaminated soil from the site of the East Palestine train derailment was involved in a crash just four miles from the small town, according to a report by WKBN.

The driver reportedly suffered minor injuries from the collision, and was cited for operating a vehicle without reasonable control.

His tractor-trailer had gone off the side of the road, hit a ditch and utility pole, and overturned onto its side. The Highway Patrol estimated that roughly 20,000 pounds of soil was spilled onto the road and berm.

The local fire department and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) were called to the scene. The Ohio EPA claimed the spill was contained, and that it is not a threat to nearby waterways.

The roads where the crash took place were closed by the Ohio Department of Transportation, but were later reopened.

Here’s a local video report:

How much more bad news can the people of East Palestine take?

Truck carrying toxic soil from East Palestine train derailment crashes on highway and overturns (but officials again say there’s nothing to worry about)

— Jim Polk (@JimPolk) April 11, 2023

And of course, Biden is still nowhere to be found.

Karine Jean-Pierre STILL can’t say when (or if) Biden will visit East Palestine, Ohio — 66 days after the toxic train disaster and 39 days since Biden promised he’d visit “at some point.”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) April 10, 2023

Keep the people of East Palestine in your prayers.

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