Joe Rogan Drinks and Defends Bud Light In Latest Podcast Episode

Podcaster Joe Rogan’s recent take on the Bud Light controversy isn’t what many of his fans expected.

During a recent airing of his podcast that featured author Sam Tallent, Rogan defended Bud Light for hiring “goofy” transgender Dylan Mulvaney in their most recent marketing campaign.

Rogan stated “what they (Bud Light) are doing is just spreading the brand to an extra group of people.”

The Host of the Joe Rogan Experience continued “Why if something is good do you give a f*ck, who has got it.”

He then proceeded to crack open and drink a Bud Light with Tallent.


Joe Rogan drank Bud Light on his show, said both Dylan Mulvaney and the overreaction to Bud Light’s endorsement deal with Dylan are “goofy.”

Watch full clip:

— Christina Buttons (@buttonslives) April 13, 2023

Despite defending Bud Light, Rogan called Dylan Mulvaney “goofy” and later mentioned he thought it was funny when Kid Rock shot up Bud Light cans to protest Anheuser-Busch.

Get Woke, Go Broke: Marketing Experts Reveal Bud Light is Losing Customers After Partnering with “Transgender” Dylan Mulvaney – Say Kid Rock Represented Customer Fury by Shooting Bud Light Cans (VIDEO)

Rogan made sure to mention that although he liked the video Kid Rock released he doesn’t necessarily agree with the rock star’s reasoning behind the stunt.

Watch Rogan’s full conversation regarding Bud Light, below:

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