FBI Behind Plot to Blow Up Governor Ralph Northam – Used Elderly Vietnam Veteran in Diabolical Plot to Bomb VA Gov

Former Governor Ralph Northam

It appears Chris Wray’s FBI may be the largest terrorist organization in America today.

Back in the spring of 2020, the FBI was recruiting innocent Americans hoping to entrap them in their disgusting terrorist plots.

The FBI and Chris Wray even planned a bomb attack on the far left Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

Radix Verum recently interviewed Adam Fox who is serving time in prison after Chris Wray’s FBI set up several men in Michigan in a plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer.  The FBI hatched the plot, planned the plot, paid for the plot and led the plot.  Today Adam Fox is serving time for being unlucky enough to be caught up in this wicked FBI terrorist plot.

From the tweet.

Adam Fox explains how all the militia training aka “FTX’s” or “field training exercises,” were conducted by the government.

“People think they are just coming to train and shoot guns but then we are being videotaped and the government is saying ‘oh look what they are doing’…” pic.twitter.com/4G94PnJstC

— Radix Verum (@NotRadix) April 12, 2023

Julie Kelley wrote about this FBI plot to bomb the Virginia Governor back in April 2022.

But the government not only attempted to manufacture “terrorists” in the Whitmer kidnapping hoax—the same FBI operation also tried to coax a man in Virginia to participate in the same sort of plot against Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. That scheme didn’t fully materialize, but the FBI’s attempt to pull off a similar stunt in Virginia reveals just how far agents were willing to go to bolster FBI Director Christopher Wray’s false warning that domestic extremists planned to “kill and assassinate” public officials.

In summer 2020, Dan Chappel, the main informant in the Whitmer fednapping who was compensated at least $60,000 by the FBI for his services, targeted a man named Frank Butler, a disabled veteran in his late 60s and an alleged militia member. Taking instructions from Jayson Chambers, one of his FBI handling agents, Chappel used the same playbook in Virginia.

“Dan suggests to Frank that he engage in acts of domestic terror,” defense attorneys wrote in a joint motion filed last year in the Whitmer case. “Like the defendants in this case, Dan suggested to Frank that he attack the governor of Virginia.”

Screenshots submitted into evidence show a jaw dropping exchange between Chappel and Chambers in August 2020. “Goin [sic] to call frank butler today,” Chappel texted Chambers, asking for direction on what he should say to his target.

“Mission is to kill the governor specifically,” Chambers replied.

It appears the current FBI is a terrorist organization.

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