WATCH LIVE: President Trump 2023 Speaks at National Rifle Association (NRA) Convention in Indianapolis

President Trump is taking the stage at the 2023 National Rifle Association (NRA) Convention to speak about how he will protect our gun rights against radical leftwing gun grabbers.

President Trump’s Team provided the following information from his former appearances at the NRA Convention:

President Trump has continuously supported responsible American gun owners, including his sons Don Jr. And Eric, who are lifetime members of the NRA. President Trump is committed to protecting law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

We are again overcome with grief with the recent senseless school shootings. President Trump said it best at the 2022 NRA Convention, there are “tragedies that should have never happened, let alone even thought about … it is an incomprehensible loss”. President Trump and our team are praying for those impacted with the most recent shooting.

“Every time a disturbed or a demented person commits such a hideous crime there’s always a grotesque effort by some in our society to use the suffering of others to advance their own extreme political agenda. Even more repulsive is their rush to shift blame away from the villains who commit acts of mass violence and to place that blame onto the shoulders of millions of peaceful law abiding citizens who belong to organizations such as our wonderful NRA.”  
President Donald J. Trump, NRA Speech 2022

The problem is not a “gun problem” – it is a mental health crisis. Responsible gun owners should not bear the burden of senseless tragedies carried out by mentally ill individuals. Law-abiding Americans use their firearms for hunting and sport, never to take innocent human lives.

The Gateway Pundit reported on President Trump’s full speech at the 2022 NRA convention in Houston.

“Unlike Some, I Didn’t Disappoint You By Not Showing Up” – President Trump at NRA Convention in Houston (VIDEO)

The crowd erupted in “USA” chants when the President took the stage today.

Watch live below:

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