Leftist Billionaire Funding Lawsuit Against Trump

Reid Hoffman is a left-wing billionaire who hates Donald Trump. He’s now helping a writer named E. Jean Carroll pay for her lawsuit against Trump.

In fact, he’s bankrolling her whole lawsuit and hoping they can get Trump on these old accusations.

What Are the Accusations?

Carroll used to write for a fashion magazine. She says Trump raped her in the mid-90s in New York in the changing room of a department store.

Her accusations have already hit the statute of limitations, but Carroll is now suing Trump for defaming her by saying she was lying when she made the accusations.

Hoffman and his leftist allies think there could be a win in here and he’s now bankrolling Carroll.

Reid Hoffman, a Dem donor with ties to Jeffrey Epstein who’s funded various Dem disinfo operations, is funding E. Jean Carroll’s rape defamation lawsuit against Trump.

Some new details on the network of nonprofits involved in this. https://t.co/CN8KBS74Q1

— Chuck Ross (@ChuckRossDC) April 14, 2023

A Legacy of Lies

Carroll directly lied to the judge in this case, six months ago. She said nobody was helping her pay for her case or pay her legal bills.

One of Hoffman’s non-profit organizations was already helping at that time, according to reports, something Carroll later “recalled.” This is far from Hoffman’s first time using his organizations to get political.

His American Future Republic non-profit shelled out over $620,000 to help pay for legal bills of Fusion GPS, which produced the fake Steele dossier in an attempt to take down Trump.

Hoffman is a very sneaky and malicious guy and has also tried to bankroll an astroturfed GOP women’s group that was against Trump. He also tried to frame a GOP Senate candidate for ties to Russia.

As Trump lawyer Alina Habba explained, Carroll’s political ties and funding are extremely relevant here, since they speak to her original reason for launching this lawsuit.

As Habba noted, Carroll waited a quarter of a century to come forward with these accusations and then put them in a book as well.

LinkedIn Founder, Reid Hoffman, is funding the legal fees in accuser Jean Carroll’s rape case naming Trump…

“Is anyone else paying your legal fees, Ms. Carroll?” She answered, “No.”
A blatant lie…
Question: Why is Mr. Huffman paying the attorney fees? Why is Ms. Carroll…

— Penny R (@penny_rietveld) April 17, 2023

The Bottom Line

There is no low that the Democrat Party will not go to in order to try to get Trump behind bars in a prison cell.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

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