Crusading J6 Attorney: Spooks Deployed By Homeland Security Investigation Were A MAJOR Player On J6, ‘The Judges Keep Denying Inquiry Into These Informants’

As a jury deliberates a verdict in J6 political prisoner Chris Albert’s case,  his attorney, Roger Roots, fired shots at the litany of unprecedented Constitutional abuses arbitrated by the government and facilitated by judges presiding over J6 trials.

“In every single January 6 case” the judges allow the government to withhold information about the Confidential Human Sources that were embedded in the crowd on January 6 and months prior among the Proud Boys, The Oath Keepers and other Trump-supporting conservative groups, Roots told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview.

“The judges keep denying inquiry into these informants and CHS issues. They’ve denied all my motions,” Roots said. “The Alberts trial does not really involve a lot of issues with CHSs, but when an FBI agent was on the stand, I did ask the FBI agent anything about CHSs and there was an objection by the government and the judge immediately sustained the objections so that we couldn’t ask any questions.”

“And it seems to be that way, from what I can tell, in every single January 6 case,” he continued. “These judges are not allowing anyone to ask those questions.”

Roots also represents Dominic Pezolla, a member of the Proud Boys who may face decades in prison if found guilty of the government’s seditious conspiracy charges. Pezolla took the stand for the first time on Tuesday afternoon.

Evidence exhibited in both the Proud Boys trial and Alberts’ case overwhelmingly confirms government informants infiltrated the group with the intent to incriminate its members.

The Homeland Security Investigation primarily recruits, deploys and embeds the CHSs. The magnitude of Big Brothers’ scheme against its political opposition is far-reaching and the judiciary is playing a major role in the coverup, Roots explained.

Attorney Roger Roots represents J6 political prisoners Dominic Pezzolla and Christopher Alberts.

“HSI looks like it was a major player on January 6,” he said. “The more we learn, the more we find that the agency that’s called Homeland Security Investigations — that’s the agency that tried to recruit Jeremy Brown, down in Tampa — the more it seems that that agency was a major player in these informants.”

According to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, “HSI investigates, disrupts, and dismantles transnational criminal organizations and terrorist networks that threaten or seek to exploit the customs and immigration laws of the United States.”

During a call to TGP from the DC gulag last week, political prisoner Billy Chrestman sounded the alarm on the Department of Justice’s scheme to “set people up,” corroborating Roots allegations. Chrestman warns CHSs are typically plagued by felonious charges that are exonerated when they agree to comply with the feds and are paid at least $30,000 a month.

The government obfuscates evidence that would expose the HSI during cross-examination by insisting that its CHSs are not FBI informants, Roots continued.

“The government has been able to say, ‘Oh that person is not an FBI informant,’ ‘Ray Epps is not an FBI informant.’ When you ask questions they say, ‘The FBI doesn’t know anything about this.’ They are dodging the question, which is, ‘What about some of these other federal agencies like HSI?’

“The Jeremy Brown case is actually the key to unraveling this because HSI, in December 2020 ,went to his house. I believe they had a prior relationship with him because of his military [background], he had done some intelligence work. They contacted him, they knew he was active in the Oath Keepers, you know, he was a patriot. And they tried to basically offer to turn him into a paid informant. They offered him money. He turned it down and filmed it. That video ultimately went public.”

As the HSI agent attempted to bribe Brown into working as their spy hastened Brown to take the deal, he disclosed that he had over a dozen more potential CHSs to recruit the same day, Roots noted.

One of the most important things about that conversation is that the HSI agent, the handler said he had [approximately], “Nineteen more stops to make today, so you need to make a decision.”  He had nineteen more stops to make, and maybe that was just in the Florida area,” he said. “It goes to show you — I’m just reading between the lines — does that mean there were 19 more CHSs that he was handling or trying to recruit? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered.”

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Not only are judges presiding over J6 cases continuously ruling in favor of government prosecutors as they evade discovery into Confidential Human Sources.

The government is telling jurors different narratives about J6 in each trial, outright lying about who masterminded the “insurrection and deliberately flip-flopping about which defendants initiated the “main breach” into Capitol building, Roots warned:

The Proud Boys trial is completely different than the Alberts trial. In the Proud Boys trial, they put on the evidence indicating that all the ‘main breach,’ up to the upper terrace of the Capitol, came through that area where Pezolla was. That area is inside the scaffolding. We watched all those videos, over and over and over. Then I get to the Alberts trial and they put on evidence of the stairway on the outside of the scaffold, Chris Alberts was going up the stairs. And they put on the evidence as if that was the ‘main breach.’

In each trial, they are accusing the [defendant] of being the main, primary, ‘the tip of the spear,’ when, in fact, the judges won’t allow you to point out that, ‘Wait a minute, the government just argued in that other trial, two floors down, that the ‘tip of the spear’ was by another group in another location.”

Let’s put it this way, the government is stacking all the rules and evidence in their favor.

The prosecutors will always argue that it is irrelevant if you raise the fact that they made completely different claims in the other trial — they’ll say that’s irrelevant.

Basically, in every trial they make they defendant in that trial appear to be “the tip of the spear,” somehow. They said the same thing about the Oath Keepers. There have been three Oath Keeper trials. They said that in each one of those trials, the defendants were the tip of the spear, they were the “masterminds of the storm on the Capitol. Then the Proud Boy trial comes and they say that the Proud Boys were the tip of the spear, the Proud Boys were the masterminds.

Then the Chris Alberts trial starts and they say Chris Alberts, who was walking his way up the stairs in another location on the other side of the tarp, — they try to show just his side of the tarp, and say, ‘Well, he was the stormer. He was the tip of the spear,’ while not willing to show what was going on on the other side of the tarp.

Alberts was accused of bringing a gun on Capitol grounds on January 6. He faces several felony charges, including felony civil disorder and felony assaulting, resisting or impeding certain officers.

In contrast, law enforcement officials who murdered 5 people in broad daylight during the Capitol riot have been exonerated, awarded and provided special housing by the government.

Alberts also captured footage during the strife of a police officer pushing a Trump supporter off of a 30-foot wall.

JUST IN: During the J6 trial for decorated Army Veteran Christopher Alberts in DC today, Judge Copper, a federal judge, ruled that the Government can conceal a 4 minute video clip from the jury that shows Capitol Police pushing a Trump supporter off a 30 foot wall in an act of…

— Laura Loomer (@LauraLoomer) April 14, 2023

Judge Christopher R. Cooper prohibited Alberts’ attorneys from referencing or even mentioning “the Second Amendment” throughout his trial, which spanned for just one week and one day before the jury began rendering a verdict.

“Judge Cooper actually orders the government to move quickly” on J6 cases, Roots said. “[Alberts] is charged with gun charges, unlike the vast majority of January 6ers.

“He was arrested on January 6 with a gun. He’s got a lot of fairly serious gun charges. But we are making a Second Amendment defense. We believe that his might be one of the first after the Bruen decision by the Supreme Court last year. The judge has denied us the right to mention the Second Amendment to the jury. We are not even allowed to mention it.”

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