Rep. Donalds Who Backs President Trump Puts Loud-Mouth Rep. Bowman in His Place Over Biden Crimes

Rep. Byron Donalds took on loudmouth lefty Rep. Jamaal Bowman on CNN and destroyed him over the Biden family fraud. 

Bowman was first noticed recently when he hollered at members of the US House of Representatives in the Capitol.  He was noticeably louder and scarier than any Trump supporters in the Capitol on Jan 6.

Insurrection Watch: Who Was More of a Threat?… Screaming Unhinged Democrat Jamaal Bowman Threatening GOP Lawmakers? …Or Grandma Walking Through Capitol with a Flag?

Rep. Bowman and all the corrupt Democrats tried to say that President Trump’s alleged payment to an individual in a non-disclosure agreement is the same as China paying the Biden family millions while Joe Biden is VP putting in place actions that favored China.

President Trump’s indictment by the dumb and corrupt Soros-backed DA in Manhattan is arguably the worst case ever allowed to be prosecuted.  It is as bad as the rape case related to “whackjob” E. Jean Carroll who accused President Trump of raping her years ago in a department store in New York and no one noticed and she never called the police.

The Bragg case is a travesty as well.  But Bowman thinks it is the same as illegally taking bribes of millions of dollars from foreign countries while a DC politician.

Bragg’s case would be laughable if it wasn’t so disgusting and corrupt.

TOTAL BS – DA Bragg Claims President Trump Made Accounting Entries in Error Years Ago – What Lunacy and Utter Nonsense

In a meeting on CNN Bowman tried getting loud and was stuck in his place by Donalds.

CNN’s Pamela Brown hosted the debate as the two lawmakers discussed gun violence, income inequality, who they’re supporting in 2024 and more. Donalds explained why he endorsed former President Donald Trump and Bowman said he was “endorsing an insurrectionist.”

Donalds argued that Democrats had also voted to overturn elections and then brought up President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

“You have the President’s brother, the President’s son, they are taking wire payments, from people, across the globe. Jamaal, I’ve seen some of the documents myself. They are taking these payments. We’ve already documented a million dollars going to Hunter Biden, facilitated with other members, of the Biden family,” Donalds said. 

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