Texas Resident Has Blistering Message for Biden Just Before of Border Visit: ‘He Knows Exactly What He’s Done’

While President Joe Biden might finally visit the nation’s southern border on Thursday, many border town residents aren’t all that excited about the prospect.

Indeed, Deborah Bell, who lives in Brownsville, Texas, had a blistering message for Biden.

She made her thoughts clear Tuesday morning on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends,” saying, “The residents, the agents, everybody’s talking about how this is gonna be a dog and pony show.”

According to Bell, few people are thrilled with the president’s visit.

“People are not happy that he is choosing right now of all times to come to Brownsville,” she said, pointing out that the Charro Days festival starts Thursday.

“Things are already going to look nice, but whatever needs to be fixed will be fixed, obviously, for President Biden,” Bell said. “And let’s say if it wasn’t fixed, he doesn’t care anyways. He knows exactly what he’s done to our country, and he’s just coming to survey his damage.”

Further, she said she thinks the president is reacting to conservative political gains in the area.

“Biden’s taking notice that the trend down here is shifting and people are very unhappy with what’s going on,” Bell said.

She said she had received several messages from residents expressing their intention to protest the president’s visit.

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Bell and her fellow Brownsville residents have a right to be upset with the Biden administration.

As Fox News reported, about 7.3 million illegal immigrants have entered this country since he took office in January 2021 — a number that exceeds the populations of 36 states.

Residents of towns like Brownsville — right on the border with Mexico — have borne the brunt of Biden’s weak border policies more than anyone in the country.

Of course they’re not happy that the president is coming to visit, especially since the trip is such a transparent attempt to boost his flagging approval numbers.

Not only that, but Biden is probably going to use the visit as a means to promote the border bill that was recently shot down in Congress.

Bell, then, speaks for many of the people living along the border.

Biden clearly has no desire to fix the border crisis he created, so his visit is nothing more than an empty political stunt.

And for the people witnessing the toll illegal immigration is taking on the country firsthand, their tolerance for empty political stunts is understandably low.

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