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Latest Message: 1 day, 1 hour ago
  • Guard Sarge : They hate President Trump worse than Hitler hated the Jews!
  • Guard Sarge : They need to be immediately treated for Trump Derangement Syndrome!
  • Guard Sarge : I have even read one story where they are going back to "RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA!!
  • Chalice : LOL - They are most likely not going to charge Trump. Now they are going for him over the secret documents
  • Chalice : He is the real criminal
  • Chalice : This is all smoke and morrirs because of the Biden stuff.
  • Chalice : Ya, COhen said Trump was not involved
  • Guard Sarge : Could there be disagreement within the Grand Jury about indicting President Trump? Something unexpected is sure going on!
  • Chalice :
  • Chalice : check out the link
  • Chalice : Maybe you should pull $$$ out of the bank and put itt into a safe for a while...
  • Chalice : I read they are importing prosecutors and that the statue of limitations is already expired
  • Guard Sarge : Or at least those not in office.
  • Guard Sarge : This craziness may finally unite all factions of the GOP.
  • Guard Sarge : Chalice, take a look at the stories about the "maybe" President Trump arrest. It will be a major blunder for the corrupt Dems if they do it. This DA is a total idiot. He won't prosecute real crime. The bulk of the NYC Police hate him. Some say they make strike if President Trump is arrested.
  • Guard Sarge :
  • Guard Sarge : Trump Won And You Know It.
  • Chalice : Which video and which song?
  • Guard Sarge : Chalice, you will love this song!
  • Guard Sarge :
  • Guard Sarge : Chalice, if you need a HUGE shot of positivity in your life, watch the video below. It is an amazing story.
  • Guard Sarge :
  • Chalice : OMG Media
  • Chalice : I love this:
  • Chalice : Turkey had another earth quake today
  • Chalice : We are in a terrible time... thinkgs are going to get weirder. They are definately seeding the weather. Did you hear the storms in Colorado came from Hawaii which is having unusually dry time after the lasers. Lasers are the new technology used to seed weather
  • Chalice : Yes, Pence is a total jerk.
  • Guard Sarge : This article spells out in detail why protesters were allowed into the Capital Building. It was mandatory that this had to happen in order to put THIEF biden into the White House. Former VP Pence was in on the deal to shaft PRESIDENT Trump. In short it is a MUST read!!
  • Guard Sarge :
  • Chalice : Coyotes can scale a fence....
  • Chalice : Sarge, I saw an allegator break through a newly installed iron fence. I wonder if a large chain link fence will create an isolated animal population...
  • Chalice :
  • Guard Sarge : Chalice, if you need a good laugh, click on the link and skip to the 3:00 mark. That is when all the fun is about to start! I told Karen about this and she loved it!
  • Guard Sarge :
  • Guard Sarge : Chalice, it is a chain link fence. I think only mice and voles can get through the fence. All the fencing was put up after 9-11. It used to be only the main base was fenced in or mostly fenced in.
  • Chalice : Can critters cross the fence barrier?
  • Guard Sarge : The biggest change would be many miles of chain link fencing would be put up to restrict access to the public. So I have to wonder, is there a back room deal between the head of the agency and a fence dealer??? A big kick back for approving??? Are we going to buy the fencing at a highly inflated price? A sole source no open bid contract to put up the fence? All are great questions!!
  • Guard Sarge : The Guard is pretty good stewards of the land. During my training time there, we had many "thou shall not" rules as to what we could and could not do.
  • Guard Sarge : I have mixed feelings about adding to Camp Grayling. Some of the training I received there could have used more space. The land is already owned by the State of Michigan. This is not private property.
  • Chalice : BTW - I added 100d Up to our RSS
  • Chalice :
  • Chalice : Hey Sarge, have you seen this?
  • Chalice : I think with Epoch Times we can read some articles, but not all... I wonder what the other sites you wanted up are
  • Chalice : I will do some work on the site this weekend. I have an app where we can log-in and begin blogging
  • Chalice : Glad to hear you got some extra rest!!!
  • Chalice : You will like that article!
  • Chalice :
  • Guard Sarge : Chalice, I would drop Epoch Times from the web site. You must log in to read the article.
  • Guard Sarge :
  • Guard Sarge : Those that have had the China Virus should be suing China for damages! My them pay and pay big!
  • Guard Sarge : Levin tonight on FOX is talking about the lies about the China Virus. YES!
  • Guard Sarge : No jury duty for Monday. So Karen and I will have a short date going to Applebees for Military Monday.
  • Guard Sarge : I watched the race today. I enjoyed that. I really slept in today. I think I needed that. Talked to Randy for a bit.
  • Guard Sarge : I do take a senior vitamin plus extra D3 and E.
  • Chalice : I had to take a nap today... I woke up groggy but I have my energy back now. Things are just overwhelming at time, especially when we have been off target for a bit. I am so glad to know you are feeling better.
  • Chalice : I am glad you are feeling brighter. I wanted to ask you how are your vitamins? Sometimes feeling lackluster is based on depletion of vitamins, especially after you are sick. I know you eat meat, but iron as a suplement helps with energy as do the B vitamins.
  • Chalice : HUG back at you friend.
  • Guard Sarge : How are you doing today my dear Chalice? I am feeling a bit better today.
  • Guard Sarge : HHUUGG!!!
  • Guard Sarge : Thanks again for the chat. That works too and is logical! You are a dear a highly valued friend. Thanks for welcoming me into your most interesting world back in the Patriot Heart "Radio" day. Your world is still most interesting!
  • Guard Sarge : My mood is brighter now. I did some gluing on a model. I binge watched 4 episodes of Star Trek Next Generation. Somedays, that show watching the crew of the Enterprise solve problems bigger than mine makes me feel better. Illogical? Maybe. Never argue with what works.
  • Guard Sarge : My mood is brighter as a type this. I did a bit of modeling and watch 4 episodes I have in DVD os Star
  • Chalice : Hey Sarge

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