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Latest Message: 1 day, 4 hours ago
  • Chalice : Yes! We need to reconnect!
  • Guard Sarge : I look forward to both seeing the changes and talking to you.
  • Chalice : I am working on hosting issues and updating the site. 🙂
  • Chalice : I am finding the the GOP has many in it (right now) who are of dubious character. I do not know what 2024 will bring, but it is going to be ugly. I was very disappointed to see Trump side with Disney just to make Desantis look bad. Bad choice, IMHO.
  • Guard Sarge : I think Matt is a sore loser. Plus Matt has a ton of baggage we do not need leading anything. If Matt was in charge, the Dems would have a field day destroying any credibility the GOP has.
  • Chalice :
  • Chalice : Have you seen this?
  • Chalice : I am so happy for you and Karen! You two need the alone time and hopefully some stress free time together. Please send her my love and you are both in my prayers@!
  • Guard Sarge : Karen's sister will be in respite care Thursday through Monday. We have plenty we hope to do. The APBA baseball tourney Saturday. Race on Sunday. We will be bouncing between her place and mine.
  • Guard Sarge : So this could be a very good time for us! Unless GF wins the tourney AGAIN like she did last fall!
  • Guard Sarge : This weekend GF's sister will be in respite care. We have Thursday through Sunday night for ourselves! Saturday is the APBA baseball tourney.
  • Guard Sarge : ONLY 48 Thousand! That to me is extremely low!
  • Chalice :
  • Chalice : I highly doubt that video is real - about the congress
  • Chalice : Good luck on the upcoming post position you are running for. Also for t he township!

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