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Latest Message: 2 weeks, 2 days ago
  • X22jaf : Hey people!!!!! Good mood and good luck to everyone!!!!!
  • Guard Sarge : Hi Chalice--Please give Us a Call soon.
  • SGT Karen D : Hi Chalice--Dont forget to call Me also--Been worried about You also.
  • Guard Sarge : I am back from hospital and got a new pacemaker.
  • Guard Sarge : Please give me a call!!!
  • Guard Sarge : Good News!!!!
  • Chalice : We are back online!!!!
  • Guard Sarge : How are you doing Chalice?
  • Guard Sarge : I just tried calling both numbers I have and no answer.
  • Guard Sarge : I just got home!
  • Guard Sarge : Well...ZOOM Away!
  • Chalice : I am in a Zoom training - They usually go for about an hour
  • Guard Sarge : Chalice, it is 7PM my time. 6PM your time. I am home now.
  • Chalice : 6pm? that is 5pm my time... I am also home Friday all night after 5pm
  • Guard Sarge : Chalice, I have a 6PM your time meeting. This is the monthly Township Board Meeting.

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