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We are proud to have our roots in the original TEA Party movement, and we continue to carry on that legacy of patriotism and conservative values. Our network was even instrumental in setting up the first three waves of TEA Parties back in 2009.

But we’re not just a relic of the past. In fact, we’re more relevant than ever in 2023. With the rise of social media censorship, it’s become increasingly difficult for conservatives to get their message out and organize effectively. But at Patriots Heart Network, we provide a safe haven for all patriots who refuse to be silenced.

Whether you’re looking for conservative news feeds or a community chat room to connect with like-minded individuals, we’ve got you covered. And soon, we’ll be launching a free membership option that will allow you to blog and share your ideas with the world.

Of course, we have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech and any other form of bigotry. But as long as you keep it clean and respectful, we’re here to help you organize, communicate, and fight for your conservative values.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Patriots Heart Network today and let’s take back our country from the forces of tyranny!