Trump Accepts GOP Nomination for U.S. President

To close the Republican National Convention Thursday, the former President Donald Trump swore that he will continue to fight for a unified America. 

“As Americans we are gathered by a single faith and a shared destiny,” Trump opened. “I am running to be president of all of America, not half of America.” 

He also took the opportunity to share his personal experience of the Saturday attempt on his life in Butler, Pennsylvania.

“There was blood pouring over me, but in a way, I felt very safe, as I had God on my side,” he said. “Bullets were flying over us, but I felt serene.”

“[The crowd] knew I was in very serious trouble…. They thought, most did, that I was dead,” Trump said.

“I’m not supposed to be here tonight,” said Trump. “Yes you are!” the crowd chanted in response.

Donald Trump: “I’m not supposed to be here tonight.”

Crowd chants: “Yes you are!”

— The American Conservative (@amconmag) July 19, 2024

Trump described how he knew in the moment he needed to show strength to his supporters who believed he was gone. “I raised my right arm, looked at the thousands and thousands of people who were desperately waiting, and said ‘Fight, Fight, Fight!’” The crowd echoed the chant.

Trump also called upon the crowd to remember Corey Comperatore, who died protecting his family at the rally. He acknowledged Corey’s sacrifice with a moment of silence, while the departed firefighter’s jacket and helmet were displayed on-stage. The former president walked over to the gear and kissed the helmet.

“This election should be about the issues facing our country,” he continued. “Now is the time to remember we are all fellow citizens, one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.”

“If Democrats want to unify our country, they should drop these partisan witch hunts,” he declared. 

He segued into a classically Trumpian discussion of policies and issues that are facing the country: immigration, the economy, inflation, new wars abroad, growing threats in the Middle East, energy independence, infrastructure, and more. “Our planet is teetering on the edge of World War Three,” he said.

He focused on illegal immigration for much of the speech, displaying the “beautiful chart” touting the success of his administration in mitigating the border crisis that he had at his Butler rally. “I never got to see it that day,” he joked.

Donald Trump references the illegal immigration chart that saved his life.

“Without that chart, I would not be here!”

— The American Conservative (@amconmag) July 19, 2024

Trump called for his supporters to “be excited” for the future. “We will not break, we will not back down, and I will never stop fighting for you, and your family, and our magnificent country.”

“The movement has never been about me. It has always been about you,” Trump emphasized. “America is on the cusp of a new golden age.” 

November “can’t come fast enough,” he said. “Success is going to bring us together.”

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Trump Makes Final Pitch to Voters in Bold and Positive Message at RNC – Watch the Full Speech (VIDEO)

Donald Trump closed out the Republican National Convention, giving a lengthy speech that began with recounting the events of the weekend and eventually touched on pretty much every important aspect of domestic and foreign policy.

Trump outlined his plans to solve problems with the economy, the invasion at the southern border, and stabilizing the world by ending international conflicts.

From CNBC:

Former President Donald Trump recounted the assassination attempt that nearly killed him during his Republican National Convention acceptance speech in Milwaukee on Thursday night.

“I’m not supposed to be here tonight,” said a somber Trump, with a bandage covering his right ear, which was nicked by a bullet. “As you already know, the assassin’s bullet came within a quarter of an inch of taking my life.”

“I stand before you by the grace of almighty God,” Trump said before approaching and kissing the fire chief’s helmet of Corey Comperatore, who was killed in the shooting by Thomas Crooks in Butler Township, Pennsylvania, during a campaign rally Saturday.

“As Americans, we are bound together by a single fate and a shared destiny. We rise together. Or we fall apart,” said Trump on the eve of the eighth anniversary of his first nomination for the presidency.

“Despite such a heinous attack, we unite this evening more determined than ever. Our resolve is unbroken, and our purpose is unchanged — to deliver a government that serves the American people,” Trump said.

Just the News has transcribed most of Trump’s speech and you can read it here.

Here are a few clips:

Trump at RNC: “Our opponents inherited a world at peace and turned it into a planet of war. We’re in a planet of war.”

— RCP Video (@rcpvideo) July 19, 2024

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Under my plan, incomes will skyrocket, inflation will vanish, jobs will come roaring back, and the middle class will prosper like never before.

— Team Trump (Text TRUMP to 88022) (@TeamTrump) July 19, 2024

TRUMP: “If the events of last Saturday make anything clear it is that every single moment that we have on earth is a gift from God.”

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) July 19, 2024

You can watch the full speech below:

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Neoconservatism by Another Name

Neoconservatism by Another Name

Is there anything American about “National Conservatism”?

In the thirty years since the end of the Cold War, conservatives of various stripes have, with decidedly mixed results, sought to shape the parameters of the national debate over the conduct of U.S. foreign policy. These include such foreign policy blueprints as the Wolfowitz Doctrine (1992); the Project for the New American Century’s “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” (2000); Condoleezza Rice’s “Campaign 2000: Promoting the National Interest” (2000); and Mitt Romney’s The Mantle of Leadership (2012).

The latest attempt to forge a conservative foreign policy paradigm comes by way of the former Trump national security advisor Robert O’Brien who, in a much-discussed essay in Foreign Affairs last month, laid out his vision for what US foreign policy might look like under a second Trump presidency. In his piece, O’Brien calls for the containment of China in order to deter it from threatening Taiwan. As for Middle East policy, O’Brien’s devotion to Israel rivals that of the most hawkish neocons. He believes a second Trump administration should launch a campaign of “maximum pressure” on Iran, which, he writes, is “the true source of tumult in the Middle East.” 

Such a campaign would

mean deploying more maritime and aviation assets to the Middle East, making it clear not only to Tehran but also to American allies that the U.S. military’s focus in the region was on deterring Iran.

The O’Brien Doctrine (if indeed that’s what it is), particularly with regard to China and the Middle East, fits neatly within the foreign policy paradigm of the National Conservatives, or NatCons, who recently held a three day conference (confusingly, also “NatCon”) in downtown Washington, D.C.

As the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft’s Senior Adviser Kelley Vlahos pointed out in a superb report on NatCon’s foreign policy prerogatives,  

On the one hand the organizers and proponents rail against a globalism dominated by supranational neo-liberal institutions, and progressive litmus tests and ideas, but on the other they want borderless solidarity with other like minded nationalists across the globe…. It also means talking about Israel from a predominantly Israeli nationalist perspective.

Vlahos went on to note that the NatCon conference is the creation of the Edmund Burke Foundation, whose founder is the Israeli nationalist Yoram Hazony, a former speechwriter to Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu. An admirer of the violent Jewish supremacist Meir Kahane, Hazony and his family have made their home in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. 

In a 2019 speech unearthed by historian Suzanne Schneider, Hazony claimed that

In every country in the world where there is an uprising against the destruction, the endless revolution that liberal Enlightenment is causing…the nationalist leadership turns to Israel, turns to the Jews, turns to the Torah, and says “That’s our model for what we want to see in our country.”

Yet is ethno-nationalism in the form we now see on perfervid display in Israel under Netanyahu—whose actions have been slavishly endorsed by leading figures of the NatCon movement—a realistic (we’ll leave aside the question of whether it is good or just) model for the United States? 

In the distant past, perhaps. But that ship, for better or worse, has sailed. A multiethnic, multi-confessional society that spans an entire continent requires solutions other than those on offer by nationalists like Hazony. 

Writing in 2005, the historian John Lukacs made a useful distinction between nationalism and patriotism—and it is one to which NatCons might avail themselves. Lukacs defined patriotism as “the love of a particular land, with its particular traditions.”

“The love for one’s people is natural,” he wrote, “but it is also categorical; it is less charitable and less deeply human than the love for one’s country, a love that flows from traditions, at least akin to a love of one’s family.”

For ethno-nationalists like Hazony and his American disciples, the July 2018 adoption by the Knesset of the Israel Nation-State Law was a watershed moment. The law, among other things, says that “the right to exercise national self-determination” in Israel is “unique to the Jewish people.” Such a declaration may be well within the boundaries of the Zionist political tradition, but few things could be more antithetical to the American political tradition. 

Still more, a number of high profile NatCons have embarked on a campaign to toss out the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution. At the aforementioned NatCon conference, the editor of First Things, R.R. Reno, urged the Roberts Court to “tear down that wall” between church and state. 

So much for Luke 20:25; let’s gut the First Amendment to hasten the Second Coming. 

National Conservatism has also been linked, not least by some of its proponents, to the so-called “American Greatness” conservatism of the late 1990s—a creation of the pundit David Brooks and the neoconservatives of the now defunct Weekly Standard.

The point of American conservatism would seem to be to conserve what past generations have bequeathed us—and in order to do so properly we need to understand what it is we have, and where it came from. 

But Brooks had bigger things in mind; the quotidian tasks of government (like, say, border security) simply were not grand enough a task. “It almost doesn’t matter what great task government sets for itself,” he wrote, “as long as it does some tangible thing with energy and effectiveness.” Brooks went on to claim that, “The quest for national greatness defines the word ‘American’ and makes it new for every generation.” 

And here we come to another problem. 

The appeal of America-as-Idea to ideologues on both the Left and Right is easy enough to understand—if America is merely an idea, then the interpretation of the country’s past and the charting of its future becomes the province of clever theoreticians, some of whom have peripheral or only very recent connections to the country whose destiny they now seek to shape. America, in other words, becomes whatever au currant ideologists and theorists want it to be. That said, in recent years Brooks has positioned himself as one of the foremost critics of the “national” brand of conservatism. But while he may not like the looks of the baby now, it would be hard for him to deny paternity. 

There are also potential problems posed by the determination of the NatCons to internationalize the conservative movement. An internationalization of conservatism (which if conservatism is to mean anything at all, must put a premium on place) seems as practicable as the internationalization of socialist movements in decades past. At a minimum, American conservatives should encourage less foreign influence in our politics, not more.

The traditions and thinking that ought to animate a sane, ethical and responsible foreign policy ought to be, above all, American. Fortunately we have a rich history from which to choose, beginning not least with Washington’s Farewell Address (1796).

Contrary to the NatCons’ wish tie the U.S. to Israel indefinitely, George Washington understood all too well the danger of permanent alliances and counseled that

against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government.

Shouldn’t an American conservative foreign policy be founded out of the works of Washington, John Quincy Adams, and Dwight D. Eisenhower? Are not the works of Reinhold Niebuhr, Walter Lippmann, George F. Kennan, and Patrick Buchanan the right ones on which to reform, renew and reshape America’s role in the world? References to these statesmen and thinkers seem notable for their absence—not only within O’Brien’s Foreign Affairs tract (the first U.S. president merits one mention)—but among those of some of the more high profile NatCon foreign policy figures. And perhaps for good reason; after all, these figures of the distant and not-so-distant past would no doubt object to the NatCon program of never-ending American meddling throughout the Middle East and Asia. Indeed, there is nothing in our history that suggests a “more perfect union” will come by way of dominion over the Persian Gulf or the South China Sea.

It is, we believe, deeply unfortunate that the good sense NatCons display when talking about NATO and Ukraine abandons them utterly when confronted with problems of Israel/Palestine, Iran, and China. In the end, National Conservatism is just another foreign import; another bit of intellectual scaffolding on which to hang another in a series of interventionist foreign policies on the American people. 

National Conservatism is many things—but American it is not. 

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Democrat Concerns About Biden Continue—But It May Not Matter

Democrat Concerns About Biden Continue—But It May Not Matter

Can Biden, like Trump, come out of the assassination news cycle relatively unscathed?

Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Just last week, whether President Joe Biden was fit to be the Democratic presidential nominee in November was by far the most discussed question in American politics. His abysmal June 27 debate performance rocked the world of nearly every liberal in the nation.

Three weeks on, the attempted assassination of Donald Trump left two survivors in its wake—the former president had miraculously lived, and the current president’s campaign was no longer completely dead. 

Biden’s gaffes have not stopped; in fact, over the course of the last week, his public appearances have been as embarrassing as ever. Yet the president has been able to mostly hide in the shadows of the Trump assassination attempt, the Republican National Convention, and the selection of J.D. Vance as Trump’s running mate, for now delaying an impending reckoning with other Democrats still hoping to oust him from office. 

After the attempted assassination of Trump, Biden gave three short public appearances (all of which were under seven minutes) calling for unity and decrying all forms of political violence. He was widely criticized as not displaying enough empathy for the former president and the victims of the tragic shooting. 

In his Monday interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt, Biden was again a mess. Biden became particularly heated when confronted about his debate performance last month, and said a night as bad as that one would never happen again. Yet, when asked if he would consider agreeing to an extra debate with Trump, Biden scoffed at the idea. “I’m on the horse; where have you been?” he asked incredulously.

These gaffes have snowballed into a huge problem for the future of Biden’s presidential bid, as he is now facing calls from 20 Democrats in Congress who have publicly urged him to “pass the torch.”

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) was the first sitting Democratic lawmaker to ask Biden to step aside after the debate. He said he “had hoped that the debate would provide some momentum,” but that the president had instead “failed to effectively defend his many accomplishments and expose Trump’s many lies.”

On Wednesday, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said in a statement that a “second Trump presidency will undermine the very foundation of our democracy, and I have serious concerns about whether the President can defeat Donald Trump in November.” 

It is not only congressmen who want Biden to step aside. A staggering new poll by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research has revealed that nearly two thirds of Democrats want Biden to withdraw from the race. 

According to the same poll, only 37 percent of Democrats are satisfied with Biden as the nominee, compared to 42 percent prior to last month’s debate.

Additionally, a Tuesday report from Puck about a weekend Zoom call between Biden and Democratic lawmakers left his campaign scrambling to save face. The president was allegedly rude, defensive, and rambling, leaving many on the call sure that he was no longer fit for office.

A member of Congress reportedly told Puck, ​“Had the assassination attempt not occurred an hour later, I imagine 50 people on that Zoom were ready to come out publicly against him.” Another source close to the Biden campaign said, “I think the assassination attempt took the pressure off for a critical 72 hours. Also, the Hill never got its act together—and death by 270 cuts doesn’t work.”

On Wednesday, the president also tested positive for Covid-19, which has brought even more anti-Biden Democrats out of the woodwork. Since then, the former President Barack Obama, who has been publicly vocal about his support for Biden’s candidacy, has reportedly told close allies that Biden should “consider the viability of his candidacy.” Reports of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) telling Biden to exit the race have also surfaced in recent days.

Despite all this, Biden seems determined, as of now, to stay in the race.


— NewsWire (@NewsWire_US) July 18, 2024

As he has said repeatedly in interviews and public appearances, Biden wants to stick it out until November: “I am still the only person to ever beat Donald Trump, and I’m looking forward to doing it again.” Notwithstanding further health issues or death, Biden and his family seem keen on renewing their four year lease on the White House.

With just over 100 days between now and the election, time is quickly running out for Democrats to make a swap. And, as James Carden wrote for The American Conservative a few weeks ago, “The bench is not deep.” Although Kamala Harris is having her moment in the sun on social media as a potential replacement, the reality is that there is probably no one else who can step in and definitely win the election against Donald Trump, especially in light of recent events

Biden has been here before. In 2020, conservatives relentlessly joked about how he “hid in the basement” for the majority of his presidential campaign—and yet, despite everything, he still won.

All may seem lost for the Biden campaign, but the president certainly knows how to ride a wave. And, if he can ignore all the criticisms coming from his own party, he could yet repeat history this November.

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Vance Ensures the Trump Era Will Not Be a Dead End

Vance Ensures the Trump Era Will Not Be a Dead End

The epoch of the pro-worker GOP is secured.

The Republican Party platform, released last week, was dedicated “To the Forgotten Men and Women of America,” foreshadowing the former President Donald Trump’s choice of running mate. Ohio’s Senator J.D. Vance, of Hillbilly Elegy fame, built his public profile on refusing to forget: the people he grew up with, and more broadly, the workers, families, and communities globalization left behind. By choosing a young, capable, and forward-thinking running mate, Trump has paved the way for the next generation of conservative leaders—one defined by concern for workers, families, communities, and industry, and a willingness to act.

Ever since Trump was elected in 2016, the GOP has struggled, in fits and starts, to deliver on the promise of a truly multi-ethnic, working-class conservative majority. The choice of old-guard Mike Pence as vice president was perhaps necessary for electoral victory, but it was indicative of a deeper confusion. While Amb. Robert Lighthizer was pursuing America’s interests in trade negotiations, the administration’s marquee legislative achievement was a Paul Ryan–led tax cut.

The selection of Vance suggests that, should their ticket win in November, round two will be different. Rather than picking a vice president based on the polls or some overpaid consultant’s suggestion, Trump chose a running mate who has quickly established himself as one of a new generation of leaders in the Senate, alongside Senators Josh Hawley (R-MO), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Todd Young (R-IN). This group takes seriously the importance of worker power, strong families, and domestic manufacturing. They have proposed generous family benefits, supported industrial policy, and worked to earn the support of labor unions.

Vance stands out as one of only a few leaders in conservative politics today who are capable of speaking clearly about the importance of labor to a healthy economy. Rather than celebrating “worker freedom,” conservatives are waking up to the fact that this is merely code for undermining worker power. Led by Vance, alongside Hawley, Rubio, and others, conservative leaders are now speaking directly to workers as workers—not future entrepreneurs or the beneficiaries of far-off “job creators.” We need a healthy and growing corporate sector—“the business of America is business,” of course—but we also need a thriving labor movement. The two exist symbiotically, meeting as equals and negotiating in their mutual best interest.

This is both good economics and good politics. Big Labor has been a consistent supporter of Democrats for years, even as their members drift toward the Republican Party. This disconnect is an opportunity. As Vance argued at an American Compass forum last year, “These are our guys, ladies and gentlemen. These are increasingly our voters.… They’re fundamentally aligned with us on both issues of economics and of culture, and we just have to find some way to get them more on our side.” Over at the Teamsters, the message is getting through. The Teamsters’ President Sean O’Brien, who rose through the ranks of his union to defeat James Hoffa Jr.’s chosen successor, this week praised Vance as someone who is “great on Teamster issues” like keeping jobs in America and guaranteeing sick leave for workers. This year, the Teamsters PAC donated $45,000 to the RNC—its first major donation to the GOP in years.

As O’Brien is quick to point out, what workers need most fundamentally is to bring jobs back to America. Reindustrializing our nation—rebuilding what we so foolishly sold off to other countries for the promise of cheaper stuff—is the challenge of the next four years and beyond. Domestic manufacturing productivity has not only stalled; it has declined. Our leaders are beginning to relearn the importance of making things—something they forgot in the heady days of China’s accession to the World Trade Organization—and using industrial policy to kickstart our manufacturing sector with legislation like the CHIPS and Science Act. Vance has said he would have voted for the CHIPS Act (it passed before he was elected to the Senate), arguing that rebuilding our capacity to make things is one of the most critical things we can do.

Reindustrialization will require vision, and a willingness to ignore the free-market fundamentalists who still—still!—insist that offshoring American jobs and importing cheap labor is the key to prosperity. Long-term, widely shared prosperity requires prioritizing American workers by protecting their ability to demand higher wages and better working conditions, which means ensuring that illegal immigration doesn’t undercut their bargaining power. In a market hemmed in by national borders, interests are aligned: workers are just as pro-growth as industrialists when they know they will share in the prosperity.

Trump is a singular figure in American politics. He is, as they say, simply built different. The question has long been, who and what comes next? Is there a durable policy agenda and governing majority? As Vance said last year, “even if you don’t like Donald Trump, the answer is not to go back to what came before him. That is a dead end.” As it turns out, Vance himself is what’s next.

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Donald Trump Opens RNC Speech With Message of Unity: ‘I am Running to be President for All America, Not Half of America’ (VIDEO)

As expected, Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention focused on unity and he pressed that message right from the beginning, saying that he is running to be president of all of America, not half.

From Twitter/X:

“I am running to be president for all America, not half of America because there is no victory in winning for half of America. So, tonight with faith and devotion I proudly accept your nomination for president of the United States.”

Watch below:

Donald Trump: “I am running to be president for all America, not half of America because there is no victory in winning for half of America. So, tonight with faith and devotion I proudly accept your nomination for president of the United States.”

— CSPAN (@cspan) July 19, 2024

Here’s more:

Trump: “Our resolve is unbroken and our purpose unchanged to deliver a government that serves the American people better than ever before. Nothing will stop me in this mission because our vision is righteous and our cause is pure. We will not break. We will not bend.”

— TheBlaze (@theblaze) July 19, 2024

Donald Trump: “I’m not supposed to be here tonight.”
RNC crowd chants: “Yes you are!”
Donald Trump”I stand before in this arena only by the Grace of Almighty God”

There is no one the Democrats can swap out for Biden that can compete with Trump.

— Eric Abbenante (@EricAbbenante) July 19, 2024

Trump paused to honor the memory of Corey Comperatore, the man who was killed at the rally last week.

This was a beautiful moment. They will still mock him for this. Ignore them.

A good moment for our country.

— Jason Howerton (@jason_howerton) July 19, 2024

Trump walks to Corey Comperatore’s uniform and kisses his helmet.

Truly a moment. Powerful.

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) July 19, 2024

We will feature Trump’s full speech as soon as it is available.

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Hulk Hogan Brings His A-Game to Republican National Convention: ‘America is Gonna be Great Again’ (VIDEO)

Hulk Hogan spoke at the Republican National Convention tonight and brought his usual flair for the event.

It was another clear reminder that this is a different Republican party, a party that is open to everyone.

Hogan spoke fondly of his friend Donald Trump and America’s bright future.

FOX News has details:

Hulk Hogan endorses Trump for president at RNC: ‘Let Trump-a-mania make America great again’

Pro wrestling legend Hulk Hogan and his 24-inch pythons were welcomed to the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee on Thursday with rousing applause.

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, was one of the first speakers of the night as the audience waited patiently for former President Donald Trump to come out and accept the nomination for president for the third consecutive time.

The six-time WWE champion brought a little Hulkamania with him.

Hogan said he was upset when they “took a shot at my hero.” He then proceeded to remove his vest and rip the Hogan “Real American” shirt he was wearing to reveal a Trump-Vance 2024 shirt – in classic pro wrestling fashion.

“Enough was enough and I said, let Trump-a-mania run wild, brother. Let Trump-a-mania rule again. Let Trump-a-mania make America great again,” he screamed while flexing his pythons.

Hogan predicted “America is going to get back on track” with Trump as president and the so-called “Trump-ites” behind him for the next four years.

“America is gonna be great again.”

You can watch the whole thing below:

Full Hulk Hogan speech at the RNC where he ripped his shirt to endorse Donald Trump. Watch until the end to see an emotional Trump after a rousing speech:
“My name is Terry Bollea, as an entertainer, I tried to stay out of politics, but after everything that’s happened to our…

— Eric Abbenante (@EricAbbenante) July 19, 2024

The man is a living legend.

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Tucker Carlson Talks About Attempted Trump Assassination in RNC Speech: ‘The Nation is Different, the World is Different’ (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson gave a great speech at the Republican National Convention tonight, which focused in part on the transformational nature of the attempted assassination of Donald Trump.

He noted that the event changed everything, the nation, the world, and even Trump himself.

Tucker did not shy away from the idea that a higher power may have played a role in saving Trump’s life.

From Twitter/X:

“The more I watched it, the more it struck me that everything was different after that moment.”

“The nation is different, the world is different. Donald Trump is different.”

“When he stood up after being shot in the face bloodied and put his hand up, I thought at that moment that was a transformation.”

“I think it was divine intervention…”

JUST IN: Tucker Carlson says the nation is different after Donald Trump got shot, says he thinks Trump’s survival was divine intervention.

“The more I watched it, the more it struck me that everything was different after that moment.”

“The nation is different, the world is…

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) July 19, 2024

Tucker Carlson on the moment Trump was shot:

“A leader is the bravest man. That’s who the leader is. That is true in ALL human organizations. That is a law of nature. And in that moment, Donald Trump — months before the presidential election — became the leader of this nation.”

— (@townhallcom) July 19, 2024

You can watch the whole thing below:

Tucker Carlson’s full speech at the 2024 Republican National Convention:

— Tucker Carlson Network (@TCNetwork) July 19, 2024

From Carlson’s RNC speech tonight:

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) July 19, 2024

Broadcaster Tucker Carlson on attempted assassination of Trump: “Everything was different at that moment… I think it was divine intervention… This was the leader of a nation.”

— Ahmed (@ahmedyehia___) July 19, 2024

Imagine at the DNC if someone said GOD IS AMONG US!

They would get booed just like the motion to add a mention of God to the party platform was booed in 2012 at the Democrat National Convention.

— Artist_Angie: Sensei of sARTcasm (@Artist_Angie) July 19, 2024

There is so much truth in that.

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Hulk Hogan Unleashes ‘Trumpamania’ at RNC

“USA! USA! USA!” the crowd chanted as Terry Bollea, better known as Hulk Hogan, a professional wrestler, took the stage Thursday at the Republican National Convention to endorse Donald Trump.

Crowd chanting “USA! USA! USA!” To Hulk Hogan at RNC

— Mason Letteau Stallings (@masonls1066) July 19, 2024

“I’m proud to support my hero as the next President of these United States,” Hogan said.


— Bradley Devlin (@bradleydevlin) July 19, 2024

“That leader, my hero, that gladiator, we’re going to bring America back together,” Hogan continued. “He’s gonna win again in November and we’re all going to be champions again when he wins.”

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It’s Biblical: Carson Highlights That Every Democratic Scheme Has Backfired in Trump’s Favor

Dr. Ben Carson on Tuesday highlighted a biblical principle of restoration, even double for your trouble blessings, that appears to be playing out in former President Donald Trump’s life.

Trump’s former housing and urban development secretary opened his remarks at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee by recounting the horror he felt as a would-be assassin shot the 45th president.

“I saw President Trump, a dear friend, escape death by mere inches, and my thoughts immediately turned to the book of Isaiah that says, ‘No weapon formed against you shall prosper,’” Carson said.

The full biblical passage from which he quoted — Isaiah 54:17 — reads, “No weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed, and you shall refute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication from me, declares the Lord.”

The whole chapter is about God restoring, both materially and spiritually, what was lost during a very difficult season in life.

“Well, let me tell you the weapons that they used,” the renowned neurosurgeon continued. “First, they tried to ruin his reputation, and he’s more popular now than ever.

“And then they tried to bankrupt him. And he’s got more money now than he had before.

“And then they tried to put him in prison, and he’s freer and has made other people free with him.

“And then last weekend, they tried to kill him. And there he is over there, alive and well.”

Everything Carson said is true.

President Joe Biden was always ahead in polling in 2020 versus Trump, according to the Real Clear Polling averages.

This election cycle, the former president has been ahead of Biden — and the margin is the largest it has been since January.

A YouGov poll published Monday found the Republican nominee is ahead in all seven major swing states that will likely decide the election: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Biden carried all of them but North Carolina in 2020.

Four years ago, Biden led Trump in all seven swing states, and he went on to win six of them in November 2020. Today, he trails in all seven.

— The Brookings Institution (@BrookingsInst) July 12, 2024

To Carson’s second point, Trump is wealthier than he’s ever been, despite Manhattan Judge Arthur Engoron imposing a $454 million judgment against him in February in a civil fraud suit brought by Democrat Attorney General Letitia James’ office. She threatened to seize Trump’s assets in Manhattan to satisfy the judgment.

However, a New York appeals court stepped in and lowered the bond amount he had to post to $175 million while the former president pursues his appeal.

Meanwhile, USA Today reported in March that because of the merger of Trump Media & Technology Group with Digital World Acquisition Corp., the former president’s net worth went up by more than $4 billion to $6.5 billion, “catapulting him into the world’s wealthiest 500 people on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index for the first time.”

His previous high had been $3.1 billion.

It’s like something right out of the Bible’s Book of Job, when God restored twice as much materially to the afflicted man following multiple attacks by Satan.

“And the Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning,” the Scripture says.

God also talks about restoring double to those who have been through affliction in Zechariah 9 and Isaiah 61.

And as Carson noted, Trump is not only wealthier, he is also freer than he has been for months with the dismissal of special counsel Jack Smith’s classified documents case on Monday.

Further, the Supreme Court ruled this month he has immunity for official acts that he took as president, putting a major wrench in Smith’s election interference case.

The SCOTUS ruling also might end up causing Trump’s New York business records conviction to be thrown out or retried, because some of the information presented at trial would fall under official acts shielded from prosecution.

Judge Juan Merchan has delayed sentencing in the case from this month to September while Trump’s attorneys and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s prosecutors respond to the development.

“The postponement sets the sentencing for Sept. 18 at the earliest — if it happens at all, since Trump’s lawyers are arguing that the Supreme Court ruling merits not only delaying the sentencing but tossing out his conviction,” The Associated Press reported.

In addition, following the conviction, the Trump campaign took in a record level of contributions — making the former president’s campaign coffers greater than Biden’s for the first time during the election.

The Supreme Court also determined that the Department of Justice improperly charged defendants in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion with a federal obstruction crime that does not apply to them. Smith has indicted Trump on the same crime, so it likely will go away too.

That leaves Fulton County District Attorney Fanni Willis’ election inference case in Georgia, which an appeals court recently paused to determine if Willis’ conduct has disqualified her from overseeing it. No new trial date has been set, according to the AP.

A recurring theme in Scripture is that people for whom God has a plan can go through persecution and trials (in Trump’s case, literal ones) but come out better in the end. Joseph, David and even Jesus Christ himself all went through it.

The Apostle Paul wrote in Corinthians that had the rulers at the time known God’s plan with regards to Christ, to resurrect him and launch the Christian church, they would have left him alone.

As Moses chronicled in Exodus, the more the Egyptians afflicted the children of Israel, “the more they multiplied and the more they spread abroad.”

The same appears to be true in our day as all the Democrats’ efforts to bring down Trump and his “Make America Great Again” movement have only made them stronger.

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