The Biden Admin Is Trying to Guarantee a Forever War in Ukraine

The Biden Admin Is Trying to Guarantee a Forever War in Ukraine

Washington and Kiev are negotiating a bilateral security agreement that mirrors the 10-year commitments Ukraine has entered into with several European powers.

(Photo by Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via Getty Images)

As of two weeks ago, $61 billion would supposedly make the difference in the defense of Ukrainian sovereignty. 

“This support will really strengthen the armed forces of Ukraine, and we will have a chance for victory,” President Volodymyr Zelensky told NBC’s “Meet the Press” about the $61 billion in new Ukraine aid, which made up the bulk of a supplemental spending package doling out $95 billion in foreign aid.

That narrative has died a swift and silent death. “Ukraine’s $61 bln lifeline is not enough,” one Reuters headline read. Another, from the Atlantic Council: “New US aid package is not enough to prevent Russian victory in Ukraine.”

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that, because of the aid package, defense outlays will remain higher than expected not only this year but until at least the end of the decade. That is evidently not enough of a long-term commitment. In a video address over the weekend, Zelensky dropped a massive bombshell: Kiev and Washington are working on a bilateral security agreement to keep America in the war for the long haul.

“Our teams, Ukraine and the United States, are currently working on a bilateral security agreement, and we are already working on a specific text,” the Ukrainian president claimed. “Our goal is to make this agreement the strongest of all. We are discussing the specific foundations of our security and cooperation. We are also working on fixing specific levels of support for this year and for the next ten years, including armed support, financial, political, and joint arms production.”

On Monday, Ukrainian and American officials held their third round of negotiations about this bilateral security agreement via teleconference. Head of the Presidential Office Andriy Yermak is running point for the Ukrainian negotiators. Yermak is confident of a deal in the near future—both sides are motivated by a certain worrying November election—and said the agreement would create “a solid foundation for long-term cooperation” to produce results that “directly contribute to the defeat of Russia.”

As America and central European powers started hinting a willingness to provide Ukraine more aid since late last year, Ukrainian diplomatic efforts have kicked into overdrive. In July of 2023, at both the NATO summit in Vilnius and the G7 meeting in Hiroshima, several nations agreed to consider bilateral security agreements with Ukraine. 

The UK led the pack. During a January trip to Kiev, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced the Brits were providing Ukraine with another $3.2 billion in aid and that London and Kiev had entered into a bilateral security agreement—the details of which mostly remain unknown—that would persist for 10 years or until Ukraine is granted NATO membership. 

Germany and then France followed in February. Like the Brits, both unveiled new aid packages and signed bilateral security pacts. The German aid package amounted to $1.2 billion, and the French package matched the British at $3.2 billion. Latvia, Finland, Denmark, Canada, Italy, and the Netherlands all followed with their own bilateral security agreements with Zelensky’s government.

The big fish remains the United States. Europeans can sign bilateral security agreements, but the recent dollar values in Ukraine aid from Britain, Germany, and France suggest Europeans are still hesitant to put their money where their mouths are. On the other hand, Uncle Sam is still cutting the big checks.

Without preemptive measures, that may not last forever. Donald Trump and the GOP, for the moment, are in the electoral catbird seat. Sure, Trump has been amenable to some level of Ukraine aid, perhaps in the form of a loan, but his instinct remains to distance America from a land war in distant eastern Europe. While House Speaker Mike Johnson overrode his own conference in bringing Ukraine aid to the floor, doing so has essentially doomed his leadership—the only question remains whether the GOP makes a switch in January 2025 or before.

It is Trump’s possible return, more than anything else, that is driving the Ukrainians and their Western backup chorus to push bilateral agreements. 

They are pursuing other means of “Trump-proofing weapons transfers to Ukraine” as well. “The U.S. and other Western countries are considering transferring to NATO a U.S.-led multinational group that coordinates the shipment of weapons to Ukraine, one of several new proposals that could help maintain the flow of arms to Kyiv under a second Donald Trump presidency,” POLITICO reported. In the pages of this magazine, Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio laid out the argument that, by extending Ukraine aid beyond 2024, Ukraine hawks are trying to limit Trump’s diplomatic options were he to return to the White House and could potentially use a refusal to aid Ukraine as “a predicate to impeach him.”

The foreign policy blob has decided: at least 10 more years. Is it still too soon to call it a forever war?

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Are the Democrats Facing 1968 Redux?

Are the Democrats Facing 1968 Redux?

The current crop of antiwar protests should have Biden and co. worried.

A question that has occasionally tickled political scientists’ brains is whether antiwar protests prolong the wars in question or hasten their end. Mass student demonstrations certainly signaled widespread opposition to the Vietnam War among people who were of fighting age, though many had deferments that kept them from serving. 

But the countercultural flavor of those protests made them as unpopular in some circles as the war itself. Hardhats punching hippies became the culture war on the homefront, with the silent majority’s sense of patriotism offended by what ought to have been a question of foreign policy. 

“B-1” Bob Dornan, the longtime conservative congressman from Orange County who was reprimanded by the Republican-controlled House in 1995 for saying in a floor speech that Bill Clinton “gave aid and comfort to the enemy during the Vietnam War,” later drew this distinction in a radio interview. He said some protesters were like folk singer Joan Baez, a genuine peacenik with whom Dornan had no quarrel, while others were like actress Jane Fonda, whom he described as “pro-Hanoi.”

Antiwar voices have often been treated as fifth columnists in league with the enemy. Commentators as sensible as Andrew Sullivan described some early opponents of the Iraq War, which he would later decry as a “catastrophe,” as “objectively pro-Saddam.”

“I was distracted by the internal American debate to the occlusion of the reality of Iraq,” Sullivan admitted in 2008, citing the excesses of the far left and “boomer nostalgia,” adding, “I allowed myself to be distracted by an ideological battle when what was required was clear-eyed prudence.”

There is no question that while Iraq was a foreign-policy blunder of the first order, many of the antiwar protests were consumed by radicalism and nonsense. ANSWER was hardly the answer for Middle America. With a few exceptions—a née Dixie Chicks CD here and there—even the music was much worse than in the 1960s. From Buffalo Springfield to buffalo chips in a generation or two.

Lefty antiwar organizers also have a tendency to use opposition to unpopular wars as a recruitment tool for unrelated progressive causes. Abortions for all pregnant people, from Afghanistan to Palestine. It is a bizarre and obnoxious tactic, but understandable given the motivations of the most committed placard-wavers. 

I nevertheless lamented the lack of antiwar protests as Barack Obama, avowed foe of “dumb wars,” commenced his “kinetic military action” in Libya. The lesson appeared to be, as his former vice president seems to have learned, to intervene as much as desired but try to keep American boots off the ground. 

The one thing these protests can do in the cases of what Bob Dole might grumpily call “Democrat wars” is enhance the fissures within the Democratic coalition. So it is with the encampments creeping up on college campuses across the country in protest of Israel’s war in Gaza. 

Replete with all the unpleasantness and excesses of the aforementioned demonstrations of past decades, the current college movement contains an even bigger dollop of fetid identity-politics nastiness. The intersectionality is the point: there is nothing comparable going on with respect to Russia–Ukraine. While many of the participants are undoubtedly horrified by Gazan civilian casualties, Hamas is a bad source of antiwar slogans.

And yet as President Joe Biden tries to thread the needle between condemning the worst of the protests and massaging the political sensitivities of young, Squad-adjacent progressives, he has to wonder what is going to happen to his Democratic convention in Chicago as well as his electoral prospects in Michigan.

While the U.S. is not a direct combatant, the wars overseas and convulsions in response to them at home contribute to a sense of deepening chaos that is bad for any incumbent, much less one who ran to restore a sense of normalcy. Judging by the polls, many voters—or at least enough to swing the seven battleground states—no longer think Donald Trump is the reckless choice.

The Democrats have seen unpleasantness at their Chicago conventions before. Biden wasn’t yet a senator, but he is old enough to remember 1968, even if most of the protesters aren’t. 

That’s why they may not realize that the civil disorder they unleash can produce electoral outcomes that might be the opposite of what they really want.

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The Hur Memo and the Tragedy of Joe Biden

The Hur Memo and the Tragedy of Joe Biden

Partisan responses missed the transcript’s real substance: Biden can’t get out of his own legacy’s way.

Two men sit across a table. One is just there to listen. The other, an 80-something who never got around to retirement, speaks in a halting voice of his memories and the possessions that keep them straight. He wanders aloud through his son’s death; his attendance at funerals in since-dissolved countries; his hopes across his long, long career, and the pinnacle of that career, his assurance that history will forgive him. Through splintered memories the old man discusses his parents, his education, his aspirations fulfilled and unfulfilled, and so much that cannot be pieced back together. No one asked him about these topics; they simply emerge.

It’s a scene fit for the stage. Joe Biden’s five-hour interview with special counsel Robert Hur, told piecemeal in the latter’s almost 400-page report, transcends its intended genre. And while it had its moment in the news earlier this spring, this tragicomic character study of America’s oldest president risks being buried under far less interesting stories. The news coverage of the report never quite captured it, but all the irony and futility of Biden’s long political career converged in this conversation and its aftermath, as if Willy Loman himself were stalking the halls of the White House.

Headlines about the report wrote themselves as soon as the special counsel’s office released it. Immediate reactions focused on a single sentence on page six: “Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview of him, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” The congressional hearing that followed zeroed in on this line. Republicans focused on the last two words—and the numerous examples throughout the report of Biden’s memory failing him. Democrats dismissed the line as Hur taking unnecessary cheap shots at the president but otherwise tried to focus the public on the special counsel’s decision not to prosecute—move along, nothing to see here. 

Technically speaking, neither portrayal of Hur’s rationale was quite correct. There is, in fact, something to see here; Biden clearly mishandled documents containing confidential (including top secret) information, and even shared them with someone who did not have security clearance. Hur does not absolve him of doing so, but neither does he pin that absolution primarily on Biden’s senility. Rather, it’s Biden’s overwhelming earnestness, and the fact that the relevant statutes all mention “intent,” that gets the president off the hook here. He can—and in court, almost certainly would—simply say he didn’t mean to do it, or that he sincerely thought he could do it, and that would be enough of a defense that it wouldn’t be worth the government’s time to bring a case.

But that isn’t what made the Hur report so poignant, so interesting—so funny. It’s something neither party nor much of the news coverage mentioned at all; the biggest missing detail from the stories elected officials told about the Hur report isn’t any legal technicality in the decision not to prosecute Biden for holding on to classified documents. It’s what Biden held on to, and why. 

The centerpiece of the investigation is a lengthy memo Biden wrote in 2009 to then-president Barack Obama, which investigators found—along with classified materials used to draft it—tucked in a cardboard box in Biden’s garage in Delaware last year. It was an artifact from what Biden at one time believed (and perhaps, Hur surmised, still believes) to be the most important moment of his political career. 

In fall 2009, less than a year into Obama’s presidency, the cabinet had to decide just how far it was willing to depart from its predecessor’s (by then) highly unpopular foreign policy. At issue was “the surge”: a request for 40,000 additional troops on the ground in Afghanistan. The defense establishment was, of course, in favor, assuring the president that where naked military force had failed, military force under the guise of “counterinsurgency/COIN” and “nation-building” would succeed. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in favor, as were Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Michael Mullen, and just about everyone else. The only person who dissented, who made it a discussion at all, the person everyone else rolled their eyes at and dismissed as a crank, was the vice president. 

He was, by their standards, a doe-eyed peacenik; he still supported increasing troop levels, but only by half the number the Pentagon wanted. He called the military lobbying for the surge “f*cking outrageous.” He did all he could in meetings to “punch a hole in the logic” driving toward a surge. He wouldn’t shut up about Vietnam.

Thanksgiving approached, and Obama had to make a final decision. Biden knew this would be his last chance. “If I succeed in slowing down or stopping this misguided buildup it will make taking this job worthwhile. This decision will define our Admin in history,” he wrote in a notebook (which he holds onto to this day). “I don’t want history to associate me with the adoption of a COIN [strategy].” On vacation for Thanksgiving in Nantucket, Biden wrote two memos to Obama, one the day before the holiday with his staff and one by himself three days later. The latter was the only memo he ever wrote exclusively for the president. Biden’s 20-page memo, leaked in 2012 amid Obama’s reelection campaign, was desperate: “I do not see how anyone who took part in our discussions could emerge without profound questions about the viability of counterinsurgency,” Biden wrote. He reminded the president that “no one can tell you with conviction when, and even if, we can produce the flip sides of COIN,” i.e., a functional Afghan government and independent Afghan security forces. 

Two days after receiving Biden’s last plea, Obama announced a compromise: there would be a surge, but troop numbers would split the difference between what Biden wanted and what the rest of the cabinet and joint chiefs wanted. And the new troops would follow a strategy of counterinsurgency, aimed at fostering “a civilian surge that reinforces positive action.” The president in his announcement issued a direct rebuke to “those who suggest that Afghanistan is another Vietnam”—that is, to Biden. He reaffirmed the case for war, dooming the country to another decade-plus of bloodshed.

Biden considered resigning. A second Vietnam had become inevitable. The president had surrounded himself with hawks and his “compromise” had given them almost everything they had asked for. But that echo chamber, Biden reasoned, was just as good a reason for him to stay. After all, how much further would the president go if not a single person in the room voiced any hesitation about a military operation? In public, Biden moved on from the surge debate, but—consciously or not—held onto the Thanksgiving memo and the documents he used to draft it. Those papers, almost 15 years later, would be stored in a beat-up box in a garage next to tax documents and pictures of Beau. Investigators were able to identify them as belonging to the now-president because they were in a folder labeled, in true Biden fashion, “AFGANASTAN.”

In his interview with the special counsel, Biden had two forms: short back-and-forth responses, usually to say he didn’t recall something; and long tangents. There was no telling which questions would send him in which of the two directions. The president gave one-sentence answers to query after query about who handled files, whose documents were in such and such filing cabinet, and so on. But then, out of the blue, the question “how often did you use this drawer” sent him on a 10-minute reverie ranging from his dream of attending architectural school to his longtime aspiration to donate a million dollars to charity to the time Colin Powell and Chuck Hagel recommended an accountant. His “answer” to the question “did you bring classified material with you from the West Wing or the Naval Observatory to the Lake House” also surpassed the 10-minute mark, and included such gems as “I just hope you didn’t find any risqué pictures of my wife in a bathing suit”; “How many people you know did—eulogize Teddy and Strom Thurmond?”; “I’m a frustrated architect”; and “I, unfortunately, embarrassed the hell out of the leader of Mongolia,” not to mention several stretches in the transcript marked “indiscernible.”

But likewise, Biden’s tangents seem to have two modes. Some are half remembered, anecdotal, and barely connected, if at all. Such are the asides about Mongolia and Colin Powell, or the lengthy meander through recollections of law school the president delivers in answer to the question of where he kept certain documents in the Naval Observatory. Other tangents, however, go down paths that are more deeply known, stories Biden has obviously told and retold to himself and others. 

Biden told two such stories in the interview. The first, which the investigators did not ask for (and at one point tried, fruitlessly, to interrupt), is the story behind the title of his book Promise Me, Dad, in which his son Beau begs him to stay engaged in politics in the Era of Trump. This being the main subject of a book for which he did a lengthy tour and a tale he’d repeated in public speeches as recently as October, it’s no surprise Biden can tell it with a directness and clarity not afforded “the leader of Mongolia.” 

The other story is that of the Thanksgiving memo. Deputy Special Counsel Marc Krickbaum asked him for this one. Biden’s personal counsel objected, asking if it was an “appropriate question,” but the president cut him off: “I’ll tell you why I wrote it…. I was trying to change the president’s mind, and I wanted to let him know I was ready to speak out no matter unless he told me don’t say a word, I’m ready to speak out, and to really, quite frankly, save his ass on what was going on.” The personal counsel interjected again to warn Hur that his client might not “feel comfortable describing confidential advice that he provided.” Hur responded that “well, the president seems eminently comfortable” telling the story. 

And indeed he did, as far as the transcript can convey. The topic seems to send Biden right back to November 2009. This is no half-told anecdote or flubbed one-liner; this is a memory he’s clearly happy to dwell on and one he’s proud to think about. More than three hours into the interview, the clarity and focus of Biden’s recollection must have stood out to everyone at the table.

It obviously stood out to Hur. It seemed that the memo held some special place in the president’s understanding of himself, even if that place was not very clear, even to Biden. “Mr. Biden,” Hur writes in his final report, “has long seen himself as a historic figure.” He “collected papers and artifacts related to significant issues and events in his career” and used them to write memoirs “to document his legacy, and to cite as evidence that he was a man of presidential timber.” The Thanksgiving memo, in Hur’s telling, is Biden’s Rosebud—the sign of his innocence, held on to through the years, the token proving that he was worthy of the political office he spent so many years trying to reach. After a career full of decisions, personal and political alike, that would age so poorly—busing and sniffing hair and flattering segregationists and blatant plagiarism and supporting war in Iraq—Biden felt that at least this once, “history would prove him right.” So he kept the memo, as he told the special counsel, “for posterity’s sake.”

Biden’s legal team, of course, disputed Hur’s portrayal. The memo meant nothing to Biden, they say—it ended up in his garage by mistake. Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee didn’t mention the memo at all in last month’s hearings, and Biden’s campaign surrogates have similarly ignored it in media appearances. Their sole response to the entire affair has been to ask the media and the public to focus instead on Donald Trump, with occasional accusations that Hur had been a secret MAGA operative all along. 

This seems like obvious political malpractice. The campaign team should be embracing the opportunity to talk about the memo. The talking points write themselves: Biden had been right; Biden had seen the future; Biden should get credit for telling hard truths. They should be trotting out what Hur called the “evidence that he was a man of presidential timber.”

Yet all Biden’s camp can do with this unearthed monument of Biden’s legacy is to immediately bury it again. Why? One reason is that the people who were wrong about Afghanistan are either still too politically influential or are too sacrosanct to have their legacy tarnished by any clear statement of the war’s obvious failure. Or both, in the case of Barack Obama. Biden still sits in the shadow of his old boss, the man who had been wrong in 2009 and who told him in 2016 to step aside for Hillary Clinton (who, lest it be forgotten, had also been wrong in 2009). Obama remains too heroic in party memory and probably too powerful even today for a Democratic campaign to risk making him look bad. Not even Biden can bring himself to criticize his predecessor. One gets the sense, especially from the transcript of his interview with Hur, that Biden is still making himself think highly of Obama and telling himself Obama thought highly of him. Add it to the long list of ironies in Biden’s presidency: The person who brought him into the executive branch held him back in 2016, and is still holding him back.

Another reason could be the intense criticism Biden received over the August 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal. Perhaps his party is afraid of using “Biden” and “Afghanistan” in the same sentence ever again. But here too looms Obama’s shadow. A messy withdrawal became inevitable when Obama chose to keep the war going and stamped it as a bipartisan affair. Biden would be proven right in his 2009 assertion that, COIN or no COIN, Afghanistan’s government and security forces would be flimsy, but only in the process of himself taking the fall for it. 

The one thing Biden got wrong in the surge debate was his prediction that “this decision will define our Admin in history.” He underestimated how willing his compatriots would be to memory-hole it, even now that they nominally work for him. The people and the party that gave Biden what he really wanted after a half century of dirty work are, it turns out, structurally committed to being wrong. They have to deny him his one chance at being remembered for something good for a change. 

Biden is cursed to be the anti-Obama. Obama gets to enjoy a legacy, a spotless reputation among party functionaries—the same functionaries who now staff the Biden administration and run the campaign. Obama gets to be his own man, untainted by association with his direct successor, while the case for Biden is only ever about Trump. Biden gets the shame over Vietnam 2.0 that should, in no small part, be Obama’s.

Even to this day Biden holds out hope that he will get to be the important one, the one who saved democracy. He carries on in denial of the reality that the forces that brought him into power have already written his story. He is doomed; he can never assert his one moment of innocence over decades of bad decisions. All those decisions, but more likely his mental decline as president and potentially losing to Trump because he refused to let someone younger run, will almost certainly be Biden’s true legacy. But for one holiday weekend in the course of those decades, he was right, and he knew it. And he told the special counsel and wrote in his notebooks that he hoped history would remember it, and think well of him.

This drama has one final twist: Joe Biden told Robert Hur exactly why he kept the memo. Or tried, at least. His explanation is admittedly so odd and so misplaced that all present clearly assumed he had lost the thread of the conversation. In trying to get him back on track, the lawyers brought to a premature end the very story they were trying to get out of Biden. 

Here is the president’s explanation for his actions:

I—I’ve been of the view, from a historical standpoint, that there are certain points in history, world history, where fundamental things change, usually technology. For example, without Gutenberg’s printing press, Europe would be a very different place. Literally a different place, because the country would not have known what was happening in other countries—other parts of the country. You know, think about a stupid idea, a notion. Nixon probably would have been President where he used the television where he’s sweating—I mean, sincerely. He was sweating so profusely in that debate, a lot of people thought he won the debate, but he lost the debate because of his demeanor. The—so there’s a lot of things that I think are fundamentally changing how international societies function. And they relate a lot to technology. And one of the things that I was of the view, that a lot has changed in terms of everything from the Internet to the way in which we communicate with one another, to—that has fundamentally altered the ability—I’ve had this discussion with the press—

And there Krickbaum cut him off. Hur included none of this soliloquy in his final report, even though Biden followed it up with “that’s why I wanted it, it had nothing to do with Afghanistan”—seemingly offering up a motive for the very crime the special counsel was investigating. And who can blame Hur for brushing past it? It makes so little sense. Only Biden himself could fully understand what these vague gestures toward Marshall McLuhan have to do with the Afghanistan memo. But it seems the president is saying that he kept the document as a token of its technological era. As if the most significant thing about it is that he sent it over fax, rather than email.

This is such an unbelievably, maddeningly mundane (and, let’s be honest, very stupid) reason to hold on to the document all these years. Thousands of lives, the fate of a country and a war and a presidency depended on how convincing this one memo could be, yet these stakes seem utterly lost on Biden. He can no longer claim his little victory even in the shelter of his own mind. If the memo ever signified his worthiness or prudence or the judgment of history, it does not now, not even to him. 

Biden’s nonsensical explanation makes too much sense of his other remarks and attitudes. He wanted to keep the memo “for posterity’s sake,” yes, but as an apolitical time capsule. He “see[s] himself as a historic figure,” but only in the sense of happening to have been the warm body in office during a transitional time in world history. When the curtain closes, that will be the Biden legacy. Our protagonist will have learned only to forget, unearthed his heroic past only to bury it again.

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JUST IN: Jim Jordan Launches Investigation Into Bragg’s Top Prosecutor Matthew Colangelo – A Former Top DOJ Official Biden Sent to New York to Take Down Trump

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Tuesday launched an investigation into the Biden DOJ’s coordination with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s politicized prosecution of President Trump.

Bragg’s top prosecutor Matthew Colangelo previously worked in the Justice Department (Biden appointee) and is a lifelong left-wing activist.

Mike Davis, a former law clerk for Justice Gorsuch, said the Biden Justice Department is engaging in a criminal conspiracy to violate Trump’s civil rights.

“The lawfare happening to President Trump across the country is coordinated by President Biden, who sent Matthew Colangelo to New York to be his henchman and ensure Trump would not receive a fair trial,” Mike Davis said.


The lawfare happening to President Trump across the country is coordinated by President Biden, whosent Matthew Colangelo to New York to be his henchman and ensure Trump would not receive a fair trial.

The Biden Justice Department is engaging in a criminal conspiracy to violate…

— Mike Davis (@mrddmia) April 30, 2024

Recall that Colangelo lied during his opening statement last week and claimed Trump “orchestrated a criminal scheme to corrupt the 2016 presidential election” when he paid porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about their alleged affair.

Trump has denied the affair.

“The defendant, Donald Trump, orchestrated a criminal scheme to corrupt the 2016 presidential election. Then he covered up that criminal conspiracy by lying in his New York business records over and over and over again,” prosecutor Matthew Colangelo – a former top Biden DOJ appointee – told jurors last week, according to AP.

Chairman Jordan specifically called out Matthew Colangelo in his letter to US Attorney General Merrick Garland.

“The Committee on the Judiciary is conducting oversight of politically motivated prosecutions by state and local officials. Since last year, popularly elected prosecutors—who campaigned for office on the promise of prosecuting President Trump—engaged in an unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial authority: the indictment of a former President of the United States and current leading candidate for that office. New York County District Attorney (DANY) Alvin Bragg is engaged in one such politicized prosecution, which is being led in part by Matthew B. Colangelo, a former senior Justice Department official. Accordingly, given the perception that the Justice Department is assisting in Bragg’s politicized prosecution, we write to request information and documents related to Mr. Colangelo’s employment,” Jim Jordan wrote in a letter obtained by The Gateway Pundit.

Chairman Jordan said Colangelo’s recent employment history with the DOJ “demonstrates his obsession with investigating a person rather that prosecuting a crime.”

“Mr. Colangelo’s recent employment history demonstrates his obsession with investigating a person rather than prosecuting a crime. At the New York Attorney General’s Office, Mr. Colangelo ran investigations into President Trump, leading ‘a wave of state litigation against Trump administration policies.’ On January 20, 2021, the first day of the Biden Administration, Mr. Colangelo began serving as the Acting Associate Attorney General—the number three official in your department. Upon the confirmation of Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta, Mr. Colangelo then served as the Principal Deputy Associate Attorney General. In December 2022, Bragg ‘beefed up [his] office’ by hiring Mr. Colangelo to fill the void left by the departure of politicized line prosecutors Mark Pomerantz and Carey Dunne. Bragg hired Mr. Colangelo to ‘jump-start’ his office’s investigation of President Trump, reportedly due to Mr. Colangelo’s ‘history of taking on Donald J. Trump and his family business.’ Mr. Colangelo is now a lead prosecutor in President Trump’s trial.

Jim Jordan requested documents and communications to be provided to his Committee by May 14:

1. All documents and communications for the period of January 2021 to December 2022 between or among Mr. Colangelo and any employee, agent, or representative of the New York County District Attorney’s Office, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office, the New York Attorney General’s Office, or the Department of Justice’s Special Counsel’s Office, referring or relating to:

a. President Donald J. Trump;
b. The Trump Organization; or
c. Any other entity owned, controlled by, or associated with President Donald J. Trump;

2. All personnel files related to Mr. Colangelo’s hiring, employment, and termination at
the Department of Justice, including all documents and communications with the
Office of Presidential Personnel about Mr. Colangelo’s hiring;

3. All documents and communications between or among the Justice Department and the New York County District Attorney’s Office referring or relating to the prosecution of President Donald J. Trump;

4. All documents and communications referring or relating to Michael Cohen’s conviction in United States v. Cohen, No. 18-cr-602 (S.D.N.Y. 2018), including any decisional or pre-decisional memoranda relating to the case; and

5. All documents and communications referring or relating to Michael Cohen’s conviction in United States v. Cohen, No. 18-cr-850 (S.D.N.Y. 2018).

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Here Comes World War III: NATO Chief Confirms Ukraine Will Become a Member of NATO — Pushing US Closer to Nuclear War with Russia (VIDEO)


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that Ukraine will become a member of NATO. This announcement was made during his visit to Kyiv to discuss the ongoing conflict and future support from the alliance with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The NATO chief acknowledged delays in support that have had severe repercussions on the battlefield, emphasizing that although Ukraine has been outgunned, it is not too late for them to prevail with increased support on the way.

Stoltenberg revealed that following President Zelenskyy’s appeal at the recent NATO-Ukraine Council meeting, NATO members, including the United States, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands, have pledged to intensify their support, with the US providing a new aid package worth over $60 billion, thanks to the Democrats and their comrade Mike Johnson, along with other RINOS.

The two leaders also discussed preparations for the upcoming NATO Summit in July, where plans for a greater NATO role in coordinating security assistance and training for Ukraine will be unveiled.

“I believe we also need a major, multi-year financial commitment to sustain our support. Moscow must understand: they cannot win. And they cannot wait us out,” Stoltenberg added.

Addressing Ukraine’s potential membership, Stoltenberg stated, “Ukraine’s rightful place is in NATO. Ukraine will become a member of NATO. The work we are undertaking now puts you on an irreversible path towards NATO membership, so that when the time is right, Ukraine can become a NATO member straightaway.”


JUST IN: NATO Chief confirms Ukraine will become a member of NATO.

— BRICS News (@BRICSinfo) April 30, 2024

While Ukraine’s ultimate NATO membership is seen as “inevitable,” the country currently faces challenges in meeting the full set of NATO membership criteria due to the ongoing conflict with Russia.

However, NATO and its members are actively engaged in discussions and negotiations to address these issues and potentially accelerate Ukraine’s path to membership. At the 2023 Vilnius summit, NATO decided that Ukraine could join the alliance without first completing a Membership Action Plan.

Earlier this month, Elon Musk cautioned that pushing for Ukraine’s NATO membership could lead the world towards a “nuclear apocalypse,” citing the 1983 film ‘The Day After’ as a grim reminder of the potential consequences.

This is literally how the nuclear apocalypse movie starts

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 5, 2024

Meanwhile, a Russian Security Council official warned last year that Ukraine’s admission into NATO could inevitably lead to a World War III scenario, echoing President Vladimir Putin’s warning against “nuclear blackmail” from the West.

Just last month, on March 2, 2024, Putin warned the West during his annual “The State of Russia” speech.

Obviously, the Biden regime ignored this warning.

Putin noted that while accusing Russia of plans to attack NATO allies in Europe, Western allies were “selecting targets for striking our territory” and “talking about the possibility of sending a NATO contingent to Ukraine.”

“We remember the fate of those who sent their troop contingents to the territory of our country,” the Russian leader said in an apparent allusion to the failed invasions by Napoleon and Hitler. “Now the consequences for the potential invaders will be far more tragic.”

In a two-hour speech before an audience of lawmakers and top officials, Putin cast Western leaders as reckless and irresponsible and declared that the West should keep in mind that “we also have the weapons that can strike targets on their territory, and what they are now suggesting and scaring the world with, all that raises the real threat of a nuclear conflict that will mean the destruction of our civilization.”

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DEVELOPING: NYPD Declares Columbia University Protest a Riot — Crackdown Begins, Dozens Arrested


A demonstration by pro-Hamas supporters at Columbia University turned violent on Tuesday after Columbia University authorized the city to deploy officers onto the campus amid escalating tensions.

As the situation intensified, the university administration issued a “shelter in place” directive to students, citing “heightened activity on the Morningside campus.” The alert advised students to remain indoors for their safety, warning that failure to comply could lead to disciplinary actions.

The NYPD issued a directive to all non-essential personnel, including students not involved in the protests, to vacate the campus area. “The operation at Columbia University has commenced,” announced an NYPD spokesperson.

“All credentialed media members are to meet with DCPI personnel at West 114th Street and Broadway. Anyone remaining in the area without authorization will be escorted from the premises.”

According to WKCR radio, NYPD officers used tear gas on pro-Hamas protesters at Columbia University.

Watch the videos below:

BREAKING: NYPD declares protest at Columbia University a riot and start to move onto campus

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) May 1, 2024

Columbia University just granted permission for the NYPD to enter

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) May 1, 2024

The gates have been opened to Columbia University.

NYPD are moving in and arresting protesters.

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) May 1, 2024




— 0HOUR (@0HOUR) May 1, 2024

The Columbia Intifada is about to meet its

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) May 1, 2024

JUST IN: Police Officers now being ASSAULTED on campus at City College of New York..

— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) May 1, 2024

BREAKING: NYPD begins making arrests at Columbia

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) May 1, 2024

NYPD brought the paddy wagon.

Protesters are getting a cold, hard jail cell

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) May 1, 2024

FOX News reported that Columbia University’s student radio has reported that the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit is entering Hamilton Hall through the windows using a BearCat vehicle. The building has been occupied by anti-Israel demonstrators since early Tuesday morning, with officers now accessing the second floor via these unconventional entry points.

“WHERE IS THE PRESIDENT OF OUR COUNTRY?”: While Joe Biden sleeps, NYPD officers enter Hamilton Hall on the campus of Columbia University where rioters have barricaded the building.

Crooked Joe Biden is MIA.

— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) May 1, 2024

#BREAKING: Police have begun entering the Hamilton Hall building through a second-floor window, deploying tear gas inside. Reports indicate there is an unconscious student in front of Hamilton Hall

— R A W S A L E R T S (@rawsalerts) May 1, 2024

#BREAKING: NY1 cameras (shown on CNN) have NYPD officers entering Hamilton Hall in Columbia University off the roof of a SWAT bearcat

— Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) May 1, 2024

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SHOCKING VIDEO: Jewish Girl on UCLA Campus BEATEN TO THE GROUND – SENT TO HOSPITAL – By Keffiyeh-Wearing Jew-Hating Leftists!

According to That Korean Jew on Instagram the girl was surrounded by five people wearing keffiyehs and bludgeoned in the head while they stomped on her Israeli flag.

The girl reportedly lost consciousness and her body went limp. She was carried away and sent to the Emergency Room.

This was at UCLA campus!

That Korean Jew added: We are experiencing a nation-wide pogrom led by college student “activists.” This is UCLA. This is their “intifada” chant in practice!

ThatKoreanJew reported:


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A post shared by Eliana • 엘리아나 • אליאנה (@thatkoreanjew)

The Jewish girl’s head was bleeding after the assault.

Collin Rugg:

JUST IN: Jewish girl at UCLA sent to the ER after being beaten unconscious by pro-Palestine protesters.

The incident reportedly happened at Dickerson Plaza.

According to ‘ThatKoreanJew’ on IG who is a medical student at UCLA, the girl was surrounded by 5 people.

She suffered a concussion and was unable to recognize her family when she initially woke up.

Thankfully she is in stable condition now.

Source: ThatKoreanJew on IG.

JUST IN: Jewish girl at UCLA sent to the ER after being beaten unconscious by pro-Palestine protesters.

The incident reportedly happened at Dickerson Plaza.

According to ‘ThatKoreanJew’ on IG who is a medical student at UCLA, the girl was surrounded by 5 people.

She suffered a…

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) April 30, 2024

Two days ago young Jew-hating leftists blocked a Jewish student from crossing the UCLA campus.

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Jewish Student at UCLA Blocked from Entering Open Area on Campus by Anti-Israel Radicals

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DHS Data Exposes Over 45 U.S. Cities as Destinations for Hundreds of Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Through Biden’s Parole Program — 80% Were Flown to Red State Florida

Yuki Iwamura/AFP/Getty Images

Internal data from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has uncovered that hundreds of thousands of migrants have been flown into over 45 U.S. cities through the Biden regime’s Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans (CHNV) mass parole program.

On January 5, 2023, the Biden regime unveiled a plan to provide ‘safe and orderly pathways to the United States’ for up to 30,000 individuals monthly from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

Known as the CHNV program—short for Processes for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans—it grants eligible people from these nations who have a U.S. sponsor and pass a background check the opportunity to live and work in the U.S. legally for two years under ‘humanitarian parole.’

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the Biden regime has been operating secret charter flights to transport illegal immigrants from foreign airports to various U.S. cities. This covert operation has been ongoing amidst an unprecedented influx of illegal aliens across the southern border.

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), a think tank known for advocating tighter immigration controls, reported that these obscure flights have facilitated the entry of approximately 320,000 illegal aliens into at least 43 different airports in the US. These figures were disclosed for the period ranging from January through December 2023.

In a recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, lawyers for CBP refused to reveal details about the program, citing potential national security vulnerabilities, according to the Daily Mail.

The news outlet reported:

The administration first said it would not reveal which airports the undocumented aliens were transported, citing a ‘law enforcement exception’ in the refusal to hand over information.

But new information from CIS lawsuit reveals the locations were not disclosed due to fear ‘bad actors’ would inflict harm on public safety or the information would create law enforcement vulnerabilities.

CBP lawyers wrote that revealing the airports would ‘reveal information about the relative number of individuals arriving, and thus resources expended at particular airports.’

That would in turn reveal ‘operational vulnerabilities that could be exploited by bad actors altering their patterns of conduct, adopting new methods of operation, and taking other countermeasures.’

21 Republican-led states, spearheaded by Texas, filed a lawsuit against the Biden regime.

The lawsuit alleges:

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has implemented a new visa program under the guise of preventing unlawful border crossings between ports of entry, allowing up to 360,000 individuals annually from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela to be “paroled” into the United States for two years or more, with eligibility for work authorization, bypassing Congressional legislation.
The DHS’s parole authority is highly restricted by Congress, intended for use only in urgent humanitarian cases or for significant public benefit on a case-by-case basis. The new parole program, however, enables advance authorization for entry into the U.S. without any legal basis.
The established parole program does not comply with the legal requirements of being case-specific, addressing urgent humanitarian needs, or providing significant public benefit. Instead, it essentially creates a new visa program for hundreds of thousands of individuals without any legal right to enter the U.S., contradicting Congressional mandates.
In creating this unauthorized program, DHS neglected to follow the required notice-and-comment rulemaking process under the Administrative Procedure Act, opting instead for unilateral action to admit numerous individuals without legal entry rights.
Plaintiff States, including Texas, Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming, claim substantial and irreparable harm due to DHS’s misuse of its parole authority, leading to the potential influx of hundreds of thousands more individuals into their jurisdictions.
DHS is accused of lacking the authority to admit over a third of a million illegal aliens into the U.S. annually as proposed by this program.
The document urges the court to prohibit, declare illegal, and nullify DHS’s unauthorized parole program.

However, U.S. District Court Judge Drew Tipton rejected the lawsuit on the grounds that the states failed to demonstrate any direct injury caused by the program.

The regime’s decision to allow such a significant number of individuals to enter the U.S. by air each month is seen as part of a broader strategy to “mitigate” the surging numbers of illegal aliens crossing the border, Reuters reported.

Now… Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin disclosed DHS data showing that a significant portion of these migrants, about 80%, were flown into Florida, targeting cities such as Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa. This data, obtained by the House Committee on Homeland Security through a DHS subpoena, shines a light on the breadth and scale of the operation.

During the eight-month period from January to August 2023, nearly 200,000 illegal immigrants were flown into the U.S., with the following cities receiving the highest numbers:

Miami, FL: 91,821
Ft. Lauderdale, FL: 60,461
New York City, NY: 14,827
Houston, TX: 7,923
Orlando, FL: 6,043
Los Angeles, CA: 3,271
Tampa, FL: 3,237
Dallas, TX: 2,256
San Francisco, CA: 2,052
Atlanta, GA: 1,796

In total, Florida received 161,562 out of the 199,986 illegal migrants flown into various states under a program initiated by the Biden regime, accounting for 80% of the total.

Credit: Bill Melugin/X

The subpoena response also indicated a staggering backlog of 1.6 million applicants waiting for DHS approval to fly to the U.S. under the parole program as of October 2023, according to Melugin.

DHS’s own response to the subpoena acknowledged that individuals paroled into the U.S. are, by definition, inadmissible, including those under CHNV processes.

Melugin added, CBP data confirms that at least 404,000 migrants have entered the U.S. via the CHNV program, with numbers from specific countries as follows:

154,000 Haitians
95,000 Venezuelans
84,000 Cubans
69,000 Nicaraguans

EXCLUSIVE: Internal DHS data reveals the 45+ U.S. cities that hundreds of thousands of migrants have flown into via the Biden administration’s controversial “CHNV” mass parole program.
The data was obtained by @HomelandGOP via a subpoena to DHS, and was provided to @FoxNews.

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) April 30, 2024

Senior Advisor to President Trump and Founder of America First Legal Stephen Miller weighed in and wrote, “Biden is flying illegals en masse into swing states before voting begins while, at the same time, his DOJ battles against voter ID and his party (successfully) opposes citizenship verification to vote. If this isn’t a criminal conspiracy to interfere in US elections, nothing is.”

Joe Hoft previously reported on how Illegals are being registered to vote in Florida.  This is likely the case in many other states.

The path non-citizens who cross our border illegally take to get on voter rolls in Florida is as follows.  There are some loopholes and practices that allow this to happen:

Cross the US border illegally
Get arrested and get immigration court or asylum application paperwork
Use immigration court or asylum application paperwork to get a Florida driver’s license, state ID (per s 322.08), or a social security number
Sign up for Florida food or medical assistance using the same immigration court or asylum paperwork.
An illegal will then receive a solicitation to register to vote in the mail from the government because they signed up for assistance. Just fill out and mail in the voter registration application provided with the solicitation letter (per interpretation of s 97.058). A solicitation letter from The Department of Children and Family Services to a person that appears to be a non-citizen based on a public records search is attached. The Spanish version is what was mailed.
Register to vote using your driver license or social security number.  If you have neither, just check the box for no ID.  No one checks to see if you are a citizen.  They just check to see you checked the box on the application saying you are a citizen (per interpretation of s 98.045).
Vote.  If you get caught plead plausible deniability or entrapment because you were solicited by the government to register to vote.

Here is the solicitation letter from Florida noted above:



“You have received this voter registration application because you answered “yes” to the voter preference question that was listed on the ACCESS Florida application or Medical Assistance application that asked if you wanted to register to vote, change your address for voting purposes or update your voting records.

Complete the Voter Registration application and submit it to your local county supervisor of elections office (see the addresses provided on the application to find your local county supervisor of elections) or to your local department of children and families office (DCF, for its acronym in English). If you would like assistance completing the voter registration application, please contact your local county Supervisor of Elections office or your local DC office.

Acceptance or rejection of the voter registration application, or assistance in completing the voter registration application, will not affect your eligibility for or the amount of public assistance benefits you may receive. If you believe that someone has unlawfully interfered with or prevented you from exercising your right to register to vote; to refuse to register to vote, to choose a political party, or if you believe that your right to privacy in choosing whether to register to vote or not has been violated, you may file a complaint with the Secretary of State, Florida Department of State, R. A. Building, 500 South Bronough Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0250 or by calling 1-877-868-3737.”

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Watch: Famous Pastor’s Grandson Stares Down Columbia Mob, Refuses to Let Them Continue Their Mission of Destruction

What do conservative Americans see in viewing the protests on college campuses currently? As one of them, I see the look of ignorance and failure.

I also see the real possibility that, one day soon, one of these protests will result in lives lost. You can’t view the escalation of intensity without smelling the scent of growing violence in the air.

Nor can you watch the following video shared on X by N.D. Wilson, whose son and his friend held the door against an angry mob made up of pro-Hamas students, and not fear for the safety of the two young men. The two locked arms to help protect Jewish students who were trying to protect Hamilton Hall. Wilson stated, “Proud of my son for holding the door as long as he did, and of his friend whom the mob peeled off. Infuriated at #NYPD and @Columbia campus security who ignored his calls about vandalism and assault.”

Proud of my son for holding the door as long as he did, and of his friend whom the mob peeled off. Infuriated at #NYPD and @Columbia campus security who ignored his calls about vandalism and assault.

— N.D. Wilson (@ndwilsonmutters) April 30, 2024

That boy is also the grandson of Pastor Doug Wilson, who leads Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho. If you recall, Pastor Wilson recently appeared on “The Tucker Carlson Encounter” to discuss the attack on Christianity by the left. The example he has set obviously translated well to his grandson.

N.D. Wilson shared further about the his son’s and his friends’ moxy, “Another part of my son’s evening, trying to stop a psycho building takeover. Protestors got onto campus by climbing through dorm windows and then set their sights on taking over this building. My son and his friend are students. Most of the mob did not appear to be.”

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language some readers may find offensive. 

Another part of my son’s evening, trying to stop a psycho building takeover. Protestors got onto campus by climbing through dorm windows and then set their sights on taking over this building. My son and his friend are students. Most of the mob did not appear to be.

— N.D. Wilson (@ndwilsonmutters) April 30, 2024

What is striking in the video but hardly surprising is the lack of how long these boys had to endure being at the center of this threatening situation. Columbia University is allowing these protests to continue, and when the house comes crashing down, they will be responsible as a party to these non-peaceful protests.

Neither boy should have had to navigate this moment without the help of staff or authorities. As of today, Columbia continues to pacify these pro-Hamas students, unlike many others who have cleared the encampments that have called for the annihilation of Israel.

According to NBC News, the students are going to great lengths to intimidate and destroy. It is insanity, for their ignorance is fanning the flame that seems to have nothing to do with the situation of origin and everything to do with mob mentality.

As Biden encouraged Hamas to agree to his latest ceasefire proposal offered up Monday, he couldn’t send a weaker message to pro-Hamas advocates across college campuses. According to USA Today, the U.S. worked with Egypt and Qatar to broker that deal between Israel and Hamas. And although it would “reportedly involve a six-week cease-fire in exchange for the release of 40 militant-held hostages and hundreds of Palestinian prisoners,” it would also establish precedent to negotiate with terrorists.

That is like lighting a match underneath these pro-Hamas protesters to do whatever they want to get their way. That could very well be the impetus to getting several Jewish students, or any other students standing in the way like this Wilson boy, killed.

Just as the anti-Israel mob was enraged that someone was standing in their way at Columbia University, so is Hamas with Gaza, Israel, and the Jewish people. A temporary ceasefire, if agreed to, will only allow Hamas to regroup and hit back harder while guards are down.

Plus, as former President Trump said, per the Washington Times, “The terrorist organization cannot be trusted to return hostages, who he said are likely dead.” It doesn’t matter how generous the deal is Biden places in front of them. That actually just makes everything worse.

A note needs to be taken from Pastor Wilson’s grandson and his friend. Both weren’t only extremely brave, but they demonstrated what should be done when terrorists descend. Stand tall and don’t waiver in what is right. He obviously is well-versed in history, with a stellar example in Jesus Christ.

Look how quickly the protests at University of Texas-Austin came and went. The leadership of the state translated all the way onto that campus — just as it did at the University of Florida. Before you knew it, it was over. That is how it is done. It isn’t being generous. It is being quick, decisive, and resolute.

The ignorance and failure running around on these campuses reflects that which is coming from the top. And the act of appeasing Hamas will result in many more getting killed, including students. It’s coming.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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Peter Sweden EXPOSING the WEF Agenda on OAN (Video)

Peter Sweden joins OAN.

This article was written by Swedish independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen, also known as PeterSweden. You can follow him at

Watch my interview with OAN.

Recently I went on One America News to talk about the World Economic Forum agenda.

At the annual WEF meeting in Davos this year, Klaus Scwhab said that they were the “trustees of the future”.

Meanwhile, another speaker at Davos wanted to label farming and fishing as “ecocide”.

Yet another speaker at the WEF talked about how it was important to have digital ID so that they could track who has been vaccinated.

All of this was going on, yet almost nothing about it on the mainstream media.

So I am speaking out about it.

Click here to watch my video interview with OAN on Rumble:

Did you know that Bill Gates has donated a whopping $1.27 BILLION towards funding the UN Agenda 2030 “global goals”?

You see, the UN Agenda 2030 and the WEF agenda is pretty similar. But perhaps the Agenda 2030 is even more worrisome as this is an agreement that many countries have already signed on to!

A large sum of the money that was donated is going towards GLOBAL DIGITAL ID.

Have you ever wondered why you never heard anything about that in the mainstream media?

Well, Bill Gates has also donated $319 million to the mainstream media, including millions to the BBC.

Follow the money.

You can read all about that and “The New Agenda” in my earlier article here.

Independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen has dedicated years to reporting the things the mainstream media ignores. You can follow him at

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