Matthew Perry’s Official Death Certificate Revealed

Matthew Perry’s official death certificate was made public on Wednesday.

The ‘Friends’ actor’s cause of death was listed as “deferred” pending further investigation and a toxicology report.

Excerpt from The Blast:

Matthew Perry’s death certificate lists the actor’s cause of death as ‘deferred’ adding more mystery to the conditions and cause of his death.

According to the death certificate obtained by The Blast, Perry’s official cause of death is being deferred pending further investigation and toxicology reports.

As we reported, the beloved “Friends” star mysteriously died on October 28 after he was found drowned in his jacuzzi. Perry was only 54.

The document lists Perry’s career as 38 years in the Entertainment industry and lists the “informant” on his death as his famous step-father Keith Morrison. The document also confirms he was laid to rest at Forest Lawn in Los Angeles.

“Friends” star Matthew Perry died on October 28 of an apparent ‘drowning’ at his home in Los Angeles. He was 54.

Matthew Perry played Chandler Bing on the highly popular sit-com “Friends” from 1994-2004.

Perry, who was public about his struggles with alcohol and drug addiction, was reportedly found at his own home in a hot tub after law enforcement responded to a call for cardiac arrest around 4 pm local time.

According to TMZ, no drugs were found at the scene.

Matthew Perry had reportedly played 2 hours of pickleball on Saturday morning and sent his assistant to run some errands. When the assistant returned to Perry’s home, he found him unresponsive and dialed 911, TMZ reported.

According to Fox News, Perry was already dead by the time firefighters arrived to his Pacific Palisades home.

“A bystander had brought the man’s head above the water and gotten him to the edge, then firefighters removed him from the water,” a statement from public information officer Erik Scott read, according to Fox News.

Perry posted one last haunting photo of himself in a hot tub a few days before he was found dead… in a hot tub.

“Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good? I’m Mattman,” Matthew Perry said in a post on Instagram this week shortly before his death.


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