Controversial Judge Engoron’s Unconventional Behavior Raises Eyebrows

In a shocking revelation, Judge Arthur Engoron, who is currently presiding over the Trump trial in New York City, has been found engaging in an unusual hobby. The judge, known for his unconventional approach to law, has been posting half-naked photos of himself on a high school alumni newsletter that he oversees.

Judge Engoron, a Wheatley alumnus from 1967, is responsible for curating the Wheatley Alumni Association Newsletter. This platform, meant to connect past graduates with memories, news, and obituaries, has been used by the judge to share more than just school spirit. In one issue, he included a “BonusTorsoPhoto,” showcasing a malnourished torso, presumed to be his own. This peculiar editorial choice has raised questions about the appropriateness of such content in a school alumni newsletter.

“BREAKING: Unhinged Judge Engoron Under Scrutiny for Allegedly Posting Half-Naked Photos of Himself to High School Alumni Newsletter He Controls (VIDEO)”

Donald Trump Truth Social Post 05:52 PM EST 11/08/23

— Donald J. Trump Posts From His Truth Social (@TrumpDailyPosts) November 9, 2023

Further stirring controversy, another issue of the newsletter presented a before-and-after pictorial of the same torso, ostensibly to display physical improvements over time. Instead of flaunting muscle gains as intended, these images have cast a shadow of doubt over the judge’s judgment.

This matter has not gone unnoticed in the media. Jesse Watters of Fox News dedicated a segment to this unusual revelation. Watters did not mince words when discussing the judge’s actions. He dubbed Judge Engoron “Judge Nudie,” a play on the famous “Judge Judy,” expressing incredulity over the judge’s decision to share such personal images in a professional context.

EXCLUSIVE: I have Uncovered screenshots from the X account of Dawn Marie Engoron, the wife of Leftist NYC Judge Arthur Engoron, who is overseeing the civil fraud against President Trump shows that she has been posting attacks on Trump from her account @dm_sminxs as the trial is…

— Laura Loomer (@LauraLoomer) November 8, 2023

Watters questioned the credibility and seriousness of a judge who engages in such activities. “The man’s a joke,” Watters said, suggesting that someone with such a penchant for frivolity should not wield the power to make monumental decisions affecting the former President’s business ventures.

In 2015, Judge Engoron gave a lecture to college students, where he stated that he makes decisions based on emotions about a case. He said he would use ‘judgment notwithstanding the verdict’ to overturn verdicts based on emotions. This statement provides valuable insight into the mind of this radical activist deciding the 45th president’s fate.

The current trial against Trump is not a jury trial, thanks to New York Attorney general Letitia James filing a consumer protection order. However, Engoron’s past statements and recent actions have raised concerns about his ability to preside over the case impartially.

This revelation about Judge Engoron’s unconventional behavior has added another layer of controversy to the ongoing Trump trial. It raises questions about the judge’s professionalism and his ability to make unbiased decisions in high-stakes cases.

In conclusion, the actions of Judge Engoron are not only unprofessional but also raise serious concerns about his ability to preside over important cases. His behavior is a stark reminder of the need for judges to maintain a high standard of professionalism and impartiality in their roles.

As the trial continues, it remains to be seen how these revelations will impact the proceedings and the public’s perception of the judiciary. One thing is clear: Judge Engoron’s actions have certainly raised eyebrows and sparked a heated debate about judicial conduct.

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