THEY HATE YOU: 70 House Republicans Vote to Reward FBI with New $300 Headquarters – As Heavily Armed FBI SWAT Teams Hunt J6 Protester and Army Captain in the New Jersey Woods Like a Mass Murderer

70 House Republicans voted on Wednesday to reward Chris Wray’s FBI with a new $300 million headquarters larger than the Pentagon.

This comes after years of FBI SWAT Team raids on over 1,000 Trump supporters who attended the Jan. 6, 2021 protests at the US Capitol.
At least 80% of these FBI investigations, stalking, plotting, and arrests were for non-violent crimes like standing outside the US Capitol that day.

The FBI has also targeted Catholics, Christians, parents at school board meetings, journalists, and President Trump.

It’s so bad there is even a movie about the FBI abuse – POLICE STATE.

Here is a list of the 70 House Republicans who voted to reward the FBI for targeting their voters.

Bacon Republican Nebraska NO
Barr Republican Kentucky NO
Bentz Republican Oregon NO
Bice Republican Oklahoma NO
Bost Republican Illinois NO
Buchanan Republican Florida NO
Buck Republican Colorado NO
Calvert Republican California NO
Carey Republican Ohio NO
Carter (TX) Republican Texas NO
Chavez-DeRemer Republican Oregon NO
Cole Republican Oklahoma NO
D’Esposito Republican New York NO
Diaz-Balart Republican Florida NO
Duarte Republican California NO
Edwards Republican North Carolina NO
Ellzey Republican Texas NO
Feenstra Republican Iowa NO
Ferguson Republican Georgia NO
Fitzpatrick Republican Pennsylvania NO
Flood Republican Nebraska NO
Garbarino Republican New York NO
Gonzales, Tony Republican Texas NO
González-Colón Republican Puerto Rico NO
Granger Republican Texas NO
Graves (MO) Republican Missouri NO
Guthrie Republican Kentucky NO
Hinson Republican Iowa NO
Joyce (OH) Republican Ohio NO
Kean (NJ) Republican New Jersey NO
Kelly (PA) Republican Pennsylvania NO
Kiley Republican California NO
Kim (CA) Republican California NO
Kustoff Republican Tennessee NO
LaHood Republican Illinois NO
LaLota Republican New York NO
Lamborn Republican Colorado NO
Lawler Republican New York NO
Lee (FL) Republican Florida NO
Letlow Republican Louisiana NO
Lucas Republican Oklahoma NO
Luetkemeyer Republican Missouri NO
Malliotakis Republican New York NO
McCormick Republican Georgia NO
McHenry Republican North Carolina NO
Meuser Republican Pennsylvania NO
Miller (OH) Republican Ohio NO
Moore (UT) Republican Utah NO
Moylan Republican Guam NO
Murphy Republican North Carolina NO
Newhouse Republican Washington NO
Nunn (IA) Republican Iowa NO
Obernolte Republican California NO
Rogers (AL) Republican Alabama NO
Rogers (KY) Republican Kentucky NO
Salazar Republican Florida NO
Scott, Austin Republican Georgia NO
Sessions Republican Texas NO
Simpson Republican Idaho NO
Smith (MO) Republican Missouri NO
Smith (NJ) Republican New Jersey NO
Smucker Republican Pennsylvania NO
Strong Republican Alabama NO
Thompson (PA) Republican Pennsylvania NO
Turner Republican Ohio NO
Valadao Republican California NO
Van Orden Republican Wisconsin NO
Wagner Republican Missouri NO
Wenstrup Republican Ohio NO
Womack Republican Arkansas NO

Of course, the list includes many of the same RINOs who consistently vote against their supporters.

Matt Gaetz led the charge against the new FBI facility.

Republicans like @Rep_SteveWomack believe the FBI should be rewarded with a new $300M headquarters larger than the Pentagon because the building is “crumbling.”

Guess what? Our country is crumbling when a weaponized security state targets the civil liberties of American citizens…

— Rep. Matt Gaetz (@RepMattGaetz) November 8, 2023

At the same time House RINOs were voting to reward the FBI with a new facility to track and target conservatives – Heavily armed FBI SWAT teams are HUNTING a Trump supporter and retired Army Captain in the woods in New Jersey.

The FBI is still hunting the man in the woods this morning after 24 hours!

HEAVILY ARMED FBI SWAT TEAM and Local Police Are Hunting for J6 Protester Gregory Yetman Who Fled into New Jersey Woods – Local News Tipped Off and Catch the Action by Sky Cam

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