Ukrainian Terror: Kiev’s Intelligence Service Admits Using Car Bomb to Kill Pro-Russia Luhansk Politician

Mikhail Filiponenko and the result of the bombing that killed him.









That Ukraine is waging a terror campaign targeting pro-Russian journalists and politicians, is a well-known fact.

Now, its Intelligence Services are also suspected to have killed Gannedy Chastuakov, a top military aide to their own Commander in Chief Zaluzhny – which they deny.

But it has now surfaced that the Kiev regime openly admit to having used a car-bomb to kill a leading politician from the (newly annexed to Russia) region of Luhansk.

Ukraine admitted killing him, calling it retribution for a ‘war criminal’ and ‘executioner’.

Mikhail Filiponenko was a deputy in Lugansk regional parliament and a former police chief. He was killed in an early morning explosion after he had survived a previous terrorist attempt in February 2022.

Ukraine’s military spy agency, in a rare move,  confirmed to have been the responsible for eliminating Filiponenko in a joint operation with local ‘resistance’ forces.

The New York Post reported:

“Filiponenko was targeted as a ‘war criminal’ and ‘executioner’ who ran ‘torture camps’ in Luhansk where prisoners of war and even civilians suffered ‘inhumane’ treatment, the intelligence agency claimed. ‘Filiponenko himself personally brutally tortured people’, the spy agency claimed.

The assassination was called a warning that ‘traitors to Ukraine and collaborators with terrorist Russia in temporarily occupied territories … will receive just retribution. The hunt continues!’, Kiev’s intelligence operatives said.”

Filiponenko had been involved in Luhansk’s pro-Russian separatist movement since 2014. He had served as one of the top commanders in the army of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic, which Kyiv has designated a terrorist organization.

Filiponenko had survived a previous car bombing on Feb. 21, 2022, three days before Russian forces invaded Ukraine.

In September, Filiponenko was elected to the regional parliament as a member of Russia’s ultranationalist Liberal Democratic Party in a vote that drew widespread international condemnation.

Russia’s Investigative Committee has launched a probe into Filiponenko’s killing, which it classified as an “act of terror.”

“Leonid Pasechnik, the Moscow-installed head of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic, hailed Filiponenko as a ‘real man’ whose death was a ‘heavy loss’. ‘We lost a smart, kind, positive person, a real patriot of the Luhansk homeland and its brave defender’, Pasechnik wrote in a Telegram post.

Russia accused Ukraine’s special services of orchestrating other bombings, like the one that killed pro-Kremlin journalist Daria Dugina near Moscow last year ,and the assassination of military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky in a St. Petersburg café in April.

Ukraine typically denies or does not comment on such allegations.

Politico reported:

“’Yeah, it was our operation’, Andriy Cherniak, representative of Ukraine’s Military Intelligence Directorate, also known as GUR, told POLITICO in a phone conversation about the car bomb attack.”

Ukrainian intelligence worked with local Ukrainian partisans to prepare the assassination of Filiponenko, GUR admitted  in a statement, adding that more terrorist attacks can be expected.

GUR revealed the exact address where Filiponenko lived in Luhansk and added that Ukraine’s spies knew where other high-profile collaborators were living in the occupied territories.

‘All war criminals will be punished’, GUR said.”

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