Watch: J6ers Say THANK YOU to the American People and to The Gateway Pundit Audience For Their Support! (Video)

There are many extreme difficulties about being a January 6 political prisoner, but many say the greatest pain they face as a man is not being about to support their family. And, in their darkest hour, they saw the generous hearts of The Gateway Pundit’s readers and watched the American people rise to the occasion – and now the J6ers want to say thank you for all the love they have received.

They have shared their appreciation in a video message with the heartfelt gratitude from some of the January 6 political prisoners and their families.

This new initiative also features an update from two of Jake Lang’s organizations, and , which have tirelessly fought to keep our patriots in the fight. Many of the Jan 6ers give a special thanks directly to the American people for supporting these amazing community funds.

The Gateway Pundit has also obtained an exclusive statement from the community organizers who help distribute all of the commissary funds; Amani Grow, Angie Bosek, Aida Mato and Hoang Quan.

“Through the team driven effort of and the unbelievable support of the The Gateway Pundit’s readers, we have been able to distribute $53,000+ in vital commissary funds directly from SponsorJ6 to over 224 Jan 6 prisoners in 60+ different prisons across the United States! We are so grateful to be apart of this movement and will continue to strive to alleviate the J6 families anyway we can until ALL of our POWs are home!”

Below are a few images showing the  Full Transparency Report for the fund and the verified accounting of ‘s direct contributions to the DC Jail Patriot Pod prisoners since May of 2023. Become a monthly commissary sponsor today at

Beloved Jan 6er, Isaac Thomas, who recently turned 21 years old in the DC Gulag, also wrote to thank TGP readers.

“Jake Lang and The Gateway Pundit have been a huge support to me through my time in the DC Gulag. Jake has helped me in many ways including commissary, advice, and most of all – a fellow brother in Christ who is always there when I need someone to talk to. I am grateful to consider Jake as a friend and even family. I encourage The Gateway Pundit Readers to continue to donate to the fund and! They help those of us who have been stripped of the right to be be able to help ourselves.”

Jake would also like to extend a special thanks to Jim Hoft, Joe Hoft, Cara Castronuova, Alicia Powe, Brian Lupo and YOU – the entire TGP community that has been a cornerstone for the thousands of J6ers and their families who have suffered under the tyranny of the Biden regime. “May God bless you, and make His face shine upon you all. Thank you all for being true patriots!”

To continue to support the January 6 political prisoners, some of which have been incarcerated for over 1000 days without a trial, please become a much needed monthly commissary sponsor at

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