Biden Roasted for Straight-Faced Claim GOP Needs to Give Him Money to Protect Border

After years of trashing former President Donald Trump’s border wall project and deriding Trump as a racist for even suggesting the idea, President Joe Biden now has the audacity to claim he needs the GOP to give him money in order to finish that long abandoned project.

In a video first shared by the Associated Press, Biden was shuffling from Marine One to the White House when a reporter asked him what he planned to do about the “record number of migrants” crossing the border.

Biden then has the temerity to respond “We’ve got to do something. They ought to give me the money I need to protect the border.”

Now, at this point we’ve grown accustomed to Biden spouting lies, half-truths, and just plain gibberish anytime his handlers let him open his mouth, but this is a whopper even by his standards.

Immediately, people on the right were calling him out; while, predictably, those on the left were running cover for him, making him sound like he knows what he’s talking about — for once.

CNN implied that Speaker Mike Johnson and other Republicans are “throw[ing] cold water” on the border budget talks, thereby directly contributing to the illegal immigration problem, while United Press International repeated the claim that the GOP are the ones responsible for the delay.

According to White House spokesman Andrew Bates, “Actions speak louder than words. House Republicans’ anti-border security record is defined by attempting to cut Customs and Border Protection personnel, opposing President Biden’s record-breaking border security funding, and refusing to take up the president’s supplemental funding request.”

Of course, those on the right were not having this nonsense. As Fox News writer Miranda Devine pointed out, Biden doesn’t need money to “protect the border,” but to “pay for more lawyers to lie for the illegal migrants posing as asylum seekers. It’s to pay for more NGOs to continue the cartel’s human trafficking work around the country. It’s to pay for more ‘humanitarian’ aid at the border, and more money wasted on ‘root cause’ boondoggles. Anything but secure the border.”

“It doesn’t take more money to do that. Just the political will. He can close it tomorrow if he wants. He has enough new Biden voters now anyway,” she concluded.

Republican Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Tommy Tuberville of Alabama also lampooned Biden’s ridiculous statements on X, with Lee commenting “Yes, Biden’s ‘gotta do something’ — or Congress won’t fund the government.”

Yes, Biden’s “gotta do something”—or Congress won’t fund the government.

— Mike Lee (@BasedMikeLee) January 3, 2024

Despite left-wing outlets like CNN trying to cover for Biden’s atrocious record regarding the border and illegal immigration, Biden clearly had no interest in securing the border and is only pretending to care now that it’s approaching an election year and his border strategy has epically backfired on him.

In fact, as recently as August it was found that Biden’s government was selling off materials for the wall leftover from Trump’s administration, needlessly inflating the cost should they decide to resume the project.

The cost of the border wall is a mere fraction compared to what the government is spending to feed, house, and transport the hordes of illegal immigrants coming over the border every day — a cost that will only increase as more find their way here.

Thanks to the Biden administration’s disastrous border policies  and the efforts of Biden and his cronies during Trump’s administration, the wall never was finished.

Now, our cities are being flooded with migrants that they are not equipped to handle.

The funds Biden would obtain, were it not for the GOP’s current opposition, wouldn’t be used to finish the border wall and fight illegal immigration.

Rather, he would just use those funds to support illegal immigrants in this country at the expense of actual citizens.

His claim that it’s the GOP mucking it up is just another lame election year excuse.

Like his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, Biden doesn’t want to fix these issues; instead, he wants to fundamentally transform America in accordance with the liberal utopia our elite class desperately wants to make a reality.

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