Nearly Half of Police Force Resigns in Wisconsin Community That Tried to Disband the Department

Almost half of the police department in the village of Big Bend, Wisconsin, walked off the job this week.

A few months ago, the village board voted to disband the police department until backlash from the public caused them to reverse course. Sadly, the chief then died by his own hands.

Now the police are incredibly frustrated and there are reportedly more resignations on the way.

It sounds like the board is made up of woke people who wanted to defund the police and then found out that the community at large didn’t agree. What a mess.

The Daily Mail reports:

Nearly HALF of Wisconsin police force resigns in one day after village board tried to ELIMINATE the entire department before ‘devastated’ chief died by suicide

Five members of a Wisconsin police force resigned on the same day – an exodus that represents nearly half of the department.

The Village of Big Bend announced the resignations this past week, after officers told brass they were fed-up with a ‘toxic’ work environment created by the village board.

The same board decided to disband the department back in September, a decision that was reversed last month following pressure from locals.

However, within that span, the town’s longtime police chief, Don Gaglione, suddenly died – and local coroners recently confirmed it was a suicide.

The revelation likely added to outrage seen from one of the now-resigned officers at a village meeting last month. He was escorted out after airing his distaste toward another ordinance that would get rid of the town’s Police and Fire Commission.

In this short video report, there’s one point where they show a town meeting and one of the police officers throws up his hands in frustration, blaming the problems on the village board. Watch:

Communities which elect far left activist types are going to continue to have problems like this. They need to elect leaders who have the back of the police department.

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