New Book Claims Members of Joe Biden’s Team See Vice President Kamala Harris as a ‘Joke’ and Shut Her Out of Meetings

Some members of the Biden administration view Kamala Harris as a joke, according to a new book by Washington, DC journalist Charlie Spiering.

The book suggests that Kamala Harris is left out of meetings and is not included on key decisions, which directly conflicts with what the public is told. According to the Biden White House, Harris is supposedly in charge of the border and other major issues.

It doesn’t sound like she commands much respect from people in the know.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Team Biden shuts Kamala Harris out, considers her ‘a joke’

Vice President Kamala Harris, once seen as the obvious choice to succeed President Joe Biden, is so bad at her job that the first family and key aides are freezing her out of major decisions and consider her ability to help the president’s agenda “a joke.”

According to a new biography, Amateur Hour, the president and first lady have been so standoffish that they have yet to host a family dinner for Harris and second husband Doug Emhoff, and the president has reneged on his promise to have weekly lunches with his No. 2.

Just as telling, according to author and political journalist Charlie Spiering, top White House aides including press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre felt Harris’s office management style so abrasive that they initially took less important jobs inside the administration…

“Washington, D.C., is cruel. Once you are found unworthy, there is little you can do to change people’s minds. In my time spent reporting for this book, I was surprised to learn how few Democrats even like Harris, let alone respect her — unless they are personally invested in her success. Mistakes compounded on mistakes only cemented her reputation and there is little room for sympathy when you reach that level of power.

How embarrassing for the VP.

Team Biden shut Kamala Harris out, consider her ‘a joke’ @charliespiering new book, AMATEUR HOUR, says, Jill didn’t want Harris on ticket, Team Biden froze her out and shoved her in background, aides took lower level jobs instead of working for a brute

— Paul Bedard (@SecretsBedard) January 4, 2024

This is the predicament Democrats find themselves in if Biden doesn’t make it to 2024 for any reason. What do they do with Harris?

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