REPORT: Broadway Shows Suffering as High Crime Keeps Tourists Away From New York City

The entertainment industry is suffering in New York City due to the crime problem that has been growing in recent years.

It turns out that tourists don’t like being robbed and assaulted and are therefore avoiding the area. This has got to be costing the city a fortune.

New York is well on its way to becoming what it was like in the 1970s and for anyone who doesn’t remember, it was a dark time for the city.

Breitbart News reports:

Broadway Shows Suffering as Suburban Tourists Avoid New York City Due to High Crime

Broadway shows are reportedly taking a financial hit as tourists from the suburbs are increasingly avoiding New York City due to high levels of crime.

New York metro area suburbanites accounted for a mere 14 percent of the overall Broadway ticket sales for the 2022-2023 season — the lowest number on record in the 23 years the Broadway League has tracked such data, according to a New York Post report.

Half of suburbanites who have not returned to Broadway cited “concerns about safety” as a primary reason why they see fewer shows, according to a survey by the marketing and advertising firm Situation Group.

Slightly more than 40 percent of suburbanites reportedly agreed with the statement, “I travel to Manhattan for pleasure less often than I did in 2019.”

Assaults in Democrat-controlled New York rose 6 percent and car thefts climbed 15 percent in 2023.

Mayor Eric Adams was supposed to deal with the city’s crime problem, not sit idly by as it gets worse.

Between street crime, homeless migrants, Muslim terrorist harassment no one wants to venture into Manhattan for any reason

— Liberty’s Beacon (@LibertysBeacon1) January 4, 2024

It’s OK. They’ll keep voting for the party making all of this possible..

— Christian Toto (@HollywoodInToto) January 4, 2024

The sad truth is that things in New York will probably get much worse before they get better.

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