New January 6 Documetary PATRIOTS DAY To Premiere on The Gateway Pundit: ‘THE DAY FREE MEN STOOD AGAINST TYRANNY’

Patriots Day, a new documentary exposing the terror attack waged by the government against the American people on January 6, will premiere on The Gateway Pundit on Saturday, commemorating the third anniversary of the most investigated riot in FBI history. 

The film, created by J6 political hostage Jake Lang, is packed with never-before-seen footage of the Capitol protest.

At approximately 4:20 pm on January 6, Lang approached the tunnel on the Capitol grounds where Roseanne died as police violently beat protesters.

Lang, along with several January 6 defendants, including J6 hostages Jon Mellis and Ronald McAbbee, tried to save Boyland’s life while she was being trampled in the showdown between police and demonstrators. He tried lifting Boyland out of the from the ground to safety after Officer Lila Morris beat her unconscious body to no avail. But Lang was able to save the lives of Tommy Tatum and J6 defendant Phillip Anderson, lifting them to safety while they were being trampled by the massive crowd after being pushed down by police and suffocating in CS gas law enforcement officials doused on the protesters.

“I believe this documentary will be used as a historical reference in the future as a first-person point of view on Jan 6,” Lang told The Gateway Pundit on a call from the DC gulag, where he is now held in solitary confinement.  “The documentary showcases my entire day through the nation’s Capitol –what I saw and how I reacted when innocent people were being bludgeoned by the police.”

“The future of our constitutional republic stems from Jan 6. People in the future, when they look back, they won’t remember January 6 as a grave disappointing day when hundreds of good people were arrested and persecuted. They will be inspired to stand for liberty and maintain our Constitutional republic,” he said. “What does liberty or death really mean? How far are you willing to go to defend our Constitutional Republic? Do we have a God-given duty to resist tyranny?

While incarcerated, Lang founded a media outlet, Blessed News TV, and Sponsor J6, an organization that provides political hostage attorneys.

Patriots Day will premier on Jan 6, 2024,  at noon EST on The Gateway Pundit.  

Here’s the official trailer: 


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