Epstein Files: Sarah Kellen Mentioned as Scheduling Girls’ Massages, Instructing and Teaching Them to Please Sex Offender, Enforcing His Will on Those Who Rebelled

While no one realistically is expecting the release of these names in the ‘Epstein list’ to unfold into a wave of prosecutions, there’s one person repeatedly mentioned in the documents who is more concerned than most: Sarah Kellen, Epstein’s former assistant.

Kellen was named in testimonies of victims detailing their encounters with Epstein. She was said to have helped schedule his ‘massages’, which his victims said was a euphemism for sexual services.

Back in the 90’s, when Epstein was prosecuted in Florida, he received from US attorney Acosta what became known as the ‘sweetheart deal’ for the ages.

Sarah Kellen was covered at that point by a ‘non-prosecution agreement’, but so were Epstein and Maxwell, and a lot of good it did them, right?

Sarah Kellen’s participation in the Epstein trafficking ring is exemplary of the ‘dark satanic mills/that manufacture hell on earth’ – a nefarious system that turned victims into perpetrators in a self-perpetuating cycle.

It raises the question: once the teens start calling other underage girls to be victimized, where do they turn from mostly victims to mostly perps?

That’s an answer still to be provided.

Evidence on Ghislaine Maxwell trial: the disgraced socialite with Sarah Kellen.

Recently unsealed, Maxwell’s deposition on the 2015 defamation suit moved by Virginia Giuffre reveals how lawyers were drilling down on whoever else was involved in the sex trafficking ring.

“For example, asking about her assistant Sarah Kellen — who victims alleged helped recruit and manage the girls: but Maxwell testifying:

‘I have no idea what Sarah Kellen did’.

Lawyer: ‘You never observed Sarah Kellen with girls under the age of 18 at Jeffrey’s home?’

The lawyer objects and Maxwell answers:

‘The answer is no, I have no idea’.”

CBS News reported, in 2019:

“Kellen, who is among four women named in the [Florida] on-prosecution agreement, would allegedly greet girls arriving at the mansion and escort them to a room with a massage table where Epstein would be waiting, wearing only a towel. A 2008 lawsuit in Florida accused Kellen of not only scheduling encounters between Epstein and an underage girl but of taking nude photographs of her.”

She has lately alleged that she was also an Epstein victim. CBS News:

“Kellen’s spokesperson had said in a 2020 statement to CBS News that Kellen scheduled those appointments at the direction of Epstein and Maxwell, and was herself ‘sexually’ and ‘psychologically’ abused by Epstein ‘for years’. The statement noted Kellen ‘deeply regrets that she had any part in it’.”

Kelen with Epstein in the ‘Pedophile Island’.

She was mentioned in the unsealed docs in connection with lawyer Alan Dershowitz.


“Dershowitz, who touted Epstein as a close friend, flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet 15 times from 1996 through 2006, which was during the time period that Jeffrey was actively assaulting a number of minor children. Twice Dershowitz flew with Sarah Kellen, who was Defendant’s right hand recruiter of these underage girls.” 

A 2010 deposition of her in a different suit by a unnamed plaintiff features magician David Copperfield’s name.

Business Insider

“In the deposition, the plaintiff’s lawyer asked if Kellen knew Copperfield, about the relationship between Epstein and Copperfield, and if she recalled a dinner at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion attended by Copperfield.

[…] ‘Do you know that when David Copperfield is in town, he gives Jeffrey Epstein tickets and Jeffrey gives some to young women to attend those shows?’ the lawyer asked. ‘And do you know that those girls are invited backstage after the show?’

While Kellen continued to invoke the Fifth Amendment, the line of questioning could point to more potential connections between Copperfield and Epstein.”

Other victims had much to say about her. VN Explorer:

“She has been dubbed Epstein’s ‘lieutenant’ for allegedly recruiting and booking girls for his ‘massages’. During Maxwell’s trial, Kellen’s name came up almost as often as the defendant’s.

Carolyn Andriano claimed that for the first year or two after she met Maxwell aged 14, the latter called her to schedule massages for Epstein. After that, it was Ms Kellen who called her.

Sarah Ransome, another victim, told The New York Times: ‘It was Ghislaine and Sarah Kellen that showed me how to please Jeffrey’.”

Evidence on Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Sarah Kellen is said to have been Epstein’s ‘lieutenant’.

The deposition by Rinaldo Rizzo – butler for the billionaire Dubins – mentions Kellen as the person who took the passport from the crying ‘abducted’ Swedish girl who refused to have sex with Epstein.

Rizzo testified about an episode where Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen had threatened a terrified 15 year old girl and confiscated her passport, in order to make her have sex with Jeffrey Epstein on his ‘Pedophile island’.

At some point Eva, who is also Swedish by birth, talks to her in their native tongue, and tells her to go sit in a stool in the kitchen, away from the group. That’s when Rizzo talks to her.

“Q. How old was this girl?

Rizzo: 15 years old.

What did she say?

Rizzo: She proceeds to tell my wife and I that, and this is not – this is blurting out, not a conversation like I’m having a casual conversation, that quickly: ‘I was on an island, I was on the island and there was Ghislaine, there was Sarah, she said they asked me for sex, I said no’…

And she says no, and she says ‘Ghislaine took my passport’. And I said what, and she says ‘Sarah took her passport and phone and gave it to Ghislaine Maxwell’, and at that point she said that she was threatened.

And I said threatened? She says ‘yes, I was threatened by Ghislaine not to discuss this’…

And she said that before she got [at the Dubins house], she was threatened again by Jeffrey and Ghislaine not to talk about what I had mentioned earlier, about – again, the word she used was sex.

In a somewhat shocking development, it arises that Kellen was ‘officially’ recognized as one of his victims.

Inside Edition:

She was allowed to seek damages through Victims’ Compensation Program, despite a 2007 probable cause affidavit filed by police in Palm Beach that alleged she ‘coordinated and aided in the recruitment of minors to frequent Epstein’s house so that sexual services were provided to Epstein, scheduled said minors to return to the work for Epstein, secured their appointments for the purpose of sexual activity and lewd lascivious acts, and arranged the bedroom for said minors’.”

Meanwhile, she is said to hold a treasure trove of evidence against her former boss and other famous people as leverage.

New York Post reported:

“Kellen has reportedly held her cards close to her chest over the last few years in anticipation of such an unveiling that could identify her as an integral partner to the perverted operation.

‘She had a front-row seat to the debauchery. What she knows would shock the world’, a source close to Kellen and her husband, former NASCAR driver Brian Vickers, told the Messenger. ‘She has so much to say, to plead her case’.”

Starting in the 2000s, Kellen worked for Epstein for several years . She has been called a ‘knowing participant’ in his trafficking of underage girls.

Kellen and her former NASCAR driver husband Brian Vickers have enjoyed basic anonymity and privacy and freedom for many years, an insider has told the press.

“The source said Kellen — who previously claimed she was regularly sexually abused by Epstein — could write a tell-all book detailing what she knows about her boss and Maxwell, but has remained quiet in order to keep the information as a ‘get out of jail free card’.

‘It’s more valuable for her to hold onto the information should she need it to stay free’, the source said.”

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