Small City Democrat “Super Mayor” Who Once Hired a Child Rapist Lives Like a Queen and Engages in Bizarre Antics That Are Being Compared to a Beloved TV Sitcom (VIDEO)

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A small-city mayor who once hired a gangster child rapist is living like a queen and engages in incredibly bizarre antics that are being compared to a beloved TV sitcom.

As Fox News reported Friday, Dolton Village Mayor Tiffany Henyard is a progressive Democrat who elected in April 2021 by the city’s voters and also serves as the supervisor of Thorton Township. She brings home almost $300,000 for these two positions, more than leftist Illinois Governor J.B Pritzker.

Dolton is a city of approximately 21,000 people and is located about 22 miles south of Chicago.

Henyard describes herself as a “super mayor” and consistently posts messages on social media suggesting God chose her. Her behavior is so wild that people are saying it is like something from NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

In the ultimate sense of audacity, FOX 32 revealed Henyard put an illegal ordinance in place last month that if she lost her election to be mayor in the upcoming elections, the future mayor’s salary would be reduced from over $200K to $25,000. But the salary would remain the same if Henyard prevailed.

Henyard’s corruption and bizarre antics don’t end here. She also uses a professional stylist and fashion consultant to help her with her appearance before making public photo-ops at a community event or town meeting with her trustees.

credit: @stylemebrandon/Fox News
Credit: @stylemebrandon/Fox News

Henyard has also taken full advantage of her position to force police to transport her around the town like a spoiled celebrity. Look how they hold her hand like royalty as she steps out.

Credit: @stylemebrandon/Fox News

But there’s more! Last year, Henyard filmed a minute-long music video showing her singing and dancing with city employees. It’s not known how much this cost taxpayers.


Here is Henyard dressed up like Wesley Snipes from New Jack City demanding trustees approve the bill for a village ice rink. She even has a stuffed toy dog at her side, just as Snipe’s character had a real one in the movie.

Henyard even has placed giant taxpayer-funded billboards showing her smiling face across the Chicago expressways. One says “Fresh Produce,” another “Senior Services,” and another says “We Offer General Assistance.”

Here is the Fox 32 video report showing the billboards.

Another clip of Henyard has spread like wildfire. In November, a WGN reporter put her on the spot and asked whether she went to Las Vegas on the taxpayer dime. She and other Dalton officials had flown to the city ostensibly for a conference. Charges included more than $8,400 for hotels, $587 at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and $3,741 just on Henyard’s roundtrip flight.

This short interview has been described by some as the best of 2023.

Reporter: You didn’t go to Las Vegas?

Henyard (pauses for a moment and smirks)- Mmmmm.

Reporter: You don’t know if you were in Las Vegas?

Henyard: Of course I do!

Reporter: Did you fly first-class to Las Vegas?

Henyard: Any other questions?


But the most disturbing news may not be her wild spending sprees, antics, and obscene salary. Back in 2021, Henyard hired then 46-year-old convicted child sex offender Lavelle Redmond as a code enforcement officer. This position requires him to go into Dolton homes and businesses to inspect them and make sure they are up to code.

As FOX 32 News reported, Redmond spent 24 years in prison in Illinois after taking part in a brutal gang rape and beating in the Roseland neighborhood in 1991. He and three other people kidnapped and sexually assaulted two girls, ages 13 and 14.

This led to a recall effort in 2022 against Henyard, which unfortunately failed on a legal technicality despite 56% of voters casting their ballots in favor back in June of that year. Henyard broke out into a disco dance after the ruling.

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