Trump Hilariously Roasts Haley: ‘She’s a Globalist — You Know, She Likes the Globe’ (VIDEO)

Former President Donald Trump blasted Nikki Haley for being a globalist during his campaign rally in Iowa on Friday.

Trump said of the former Boeing board member, “she’s a globalist. You know, she likes the globe.”

The Republican frontrunner began by asserting that Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who are tied for second place, would not do anything to secure the southern border.

“Ron DeSanctimonious and Nikki Haley and all the rest of the pack will never do what it takes to secure the border,” Trump said. “They’ll never do what it takes to make our country great again. They’re never gonna do it. I know them all very well. They don’t have what it takes.”

Trump then addressed Haley’s globalist policies directly.

“Nikki Haley has been in the pocket of the open borders establishment donors her entire career and she’s a globalist,” Trump said. “You know, she likes the globe.”

President Trump in the Hawkeye State:

“Nikki Haley has been in the pocket of the open-

borders establishment donors her entire career. She’s a

globalist. She likes the globe, I like America First.”

— Shannon Ford (@shannonfordUSA) January 6, 2024

“I like America First, the people in this room like America First, and Nikki Haley’s campaign is being funded by Biden donors. Did you know that? Biden donors, because they’re trying to get her, like in particular– here we’re doing so well I think they’ve sort of given up. Did you notice, they’re sort of like out of here? But in New Hampshire they have a lot of Biden donors and contributors putting money into her campaign. That tells you– that should be enough to stop her right there. Well, she’s stopped.”

Trump also mocked a headline last week that claimed that Haley’s popularity is surging based on a poll conducted by American Research Group.

“Hey, listen, they had a poll last week, it was a classic, just to show you how fake the media is. So the headline was ‘Haley surges.’ I said, uh-oh, this is bad, I better read this little thing,” Trump said. “So I went up seven points to 74, okay? I went up seven. She went up two points and Ron DeSanctimonious went down one. So instead of being down two points, she was even with Ron DeSanctimonious.”

The former president added, “She was at 10 and he was at 10, either 10 or 11. I was at 72 or 74. And the headline was ‘Haley surges’! That’s because it’s fake. The media is fake.”

Trump is even beating the former South Carolina governor by 29 points in her own state, accoridng to an Emerson College poll released last week.

Trump slammed the neoconservative presidential candidate as “the enemy of the working class” last Friday. He also gave her a new nickname — “Nikki New Taxes.”

In a press release titled “KISS OF DEATH: Nikki New Taxes,” the campaign warned that Haley “pushed for a WHOPPING 60% increase in the state gas tax in South Carolina after promising voters she would never do so.”

Fresh nickname: “Nikki New Taxes”

— Curt Mills (@CurtMills) December 30, 2023

“She also voted for an unconscionable 20% increase in the state sales tax, making her the enemy of the working-class and an ally of lobbyist cronies taking advantage of impressionable politicians looking for their approval,” the campaign continued.

The press release explained, “Nikki Haley’s shameful record as governor has now been exposed, and voters are witnessing who she really is: a tax wielding politician who is more interested in doing the bidding of her puppetmasters instead of doing what’s right for the American people.”

Team Trump has given Nikki Haley two nicknames in the last 24 hours:

* “Beijing Nikki”

* “Nikki New Taxes” (see reply)

These monikers come in addition to Trump’s own handle for Haley (“Birdbrain”).

— Vince Manfeld (@AureliusStoic1) December 30, 2023

“To make matters worse, she has promoted entitlement reform, RINO talk for ripping away Medicare and Social Security and increasing the retirement age,” the press release concluded. “How much longer do you want to force people to slave away just so they can earn what they have been promised, Nikki?”

Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung added, “The truth is finally coming out about Nikki Haley’s troublesome record showing her total disdain for the working-class and a willingness to sellout to lobbyist parasites.”

In 2019, Haley was elected to Boeing’s board of directors months after leaving her post in the Trump administration.

Soon after, the former UN ambassador purchased a $2.4 million waterfront estate on Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

Nikki Haley’s $2.5M SC mansion

You can’t defeat a corrupt sellout by nominating a corrupt sellout

— johnny maga (@_johnnymaga) December 28, 2023

“Post her tenure, reports surfaced that Haley boosted her fortune eight-fold — to $8 million — after leaving the Trump administration,” the New York Post reported at the time.

The report added, “Haley had a net worth of less than $1 million when she surprisingly called it quits in 2018.”

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