Agam Goldstein Almog, a 17-year-old Girl Kidnapped by Hamas Terrorists, Shares Harrowing Details of Captivity(Video)

Agam Goldstein Almog, 17, was kidnapped and held hostage for 51 days by Hamas terrorists.

17-year-old Agam Goldstein Almog was released after 51 days of captivity at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

Agam recently shared her harrowing experiences and recounted the murder of her father, sharing, “My father stood at the entrance to the shelter with a plank from my sister’s bed. They entered and shot him straight away. He yelled, ‘No, no no’ but they shot him straight away.  And we sat huddled in the corner of the room. They led us outside and we walked over my father, we saw him lying with his arms up.”

“We didn’t even get a chance to kiss him or say goodbye. Everything was hazy with their yells. And then my sister fainted and she was shot too.”

“We arrived in Gaza….you’re experiencing death. You don’t know when it’ll catch you or how it will look.You don’t know if it’ll happen with torture or if they’ll shoot you or even from air strikes. The entire time you’re thinking about how you’re going to die, how it will meet you.”

“One day, we moved from a house to a tunnel. Suddenly the door opens and six girls are waiting. And suddenly we  realized that there are girls who were alone.”

“Many of the girls experienced sexual abuse. They are injured with very difficult, complex injuries that are left untreated. They bandaged themselves or we helped them bandage themselves.”

“In the time we were with them they already started to change the bandages every five days because the bandages were running out.

She added, “It’s both the physical and mental damage. I can’t even imagine what their condition is, what hope they are clinging to.”


17 year old Agam Goldstein Almog watched her father get murdered and was then kidnapped by Hamas terrorists to Gaza.

During her 51 days in captivity she witnessed horrific evidence of torture and and sexual abuse of female hostages.

Listen to her cry to bring all of our…

— Israel ישראל (@Israel) January 7, 2024

The Gateway Pundit reported on the admission of a captured Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist that his team raped Israeli women during the October 7th Hamas terrorist attacks.

Evidence of the use of rape by Hamas terrorists as a tool of war has been collected by Lahav 433, Israel’s top national police unit.

One massacre survivor testified that she saw another woman being raped in front of her, Arutz Sheva reports. “I knew that he raped her, then they transferred her to someone else. She was alive until, in the end, he shot her,” said the survivor.

The New York Times published a lengthy report after a two-month-long investigation into the sexual violence and brutality Israeli women faced at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

The report culminated from interviews with 150 people, including witnesses, medical personnel, soldiers, and rape counselors.

The New York Times reports:

Israeli officials say that everywhere Hamas terrorists struck — the rave, the military bases along the Gaza border and the kibbutzim — they brutalized women.

A two-month investigation by The Times uncovered painful new details, establishing that the attacks against women were not isolated events but part of a broader pattern of gender-based violence on Oct. 7.

Relying on video footage, photographs, GPS data from mobile phones and interviews with more than 150 people, including witnesses, medical personnel, soldiers and rape counselors, The Times identified at least seven locations where Israeli women and girls appear to have been sexually assaulted or mutilated.

At the start of the October 7th attack, veteran journalist Caroline Glick said that Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah were plotting to destroy Israel completely.

But the desire to rape civilians outweighed any strategic plans.

Despite the evidence of abuse of women by Hamas, it took nearly TWO MONTHS for the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, known as UN Women, to finally bring itself to mildly criticize Hamas for its rape and murder spree.

Although the UN has issued statements condemning the Hamas terrorist attack on civilians, UN Women has stayed silent on addressing reports of the gender-based violence perpetrated by Hamas.

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