Atlanta TSA Manager Arrested at Her Own Airport For Falsifying Documents

Shortly after Christmas, an Atlanta TSA manager was arrested at her airport by Customs and Border Protection for allegedly falsifying documents.

Maxine McManaman, who has been a TSA employee for 21 years, was detained by Customs and Border Protection upon returning to Atlanta from Jamaica for falsifying documents late last month.

Fox 5 Atlanta reported:

ATLANTA – A few days after Christmas, a high-ranking TSA official stepped off an international flight at the same airport where she works, only to be detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

While it may sound like high-level intrigue, the FOX 5 I-Team has learned that the allegations against Maxine McManaman boil down to a nasty family squabble.

For years, McManaman has helped keep the skies safe, serving as Assistant Federal Security Director at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. She has served with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration for 21 years, almost since the TSA’s inception after 9/11.

After she got back from her vacation in Jamaica on December 28th, she was arrested and sent to Clayton County Jail in Georgia.

The reason for her arrest was a family issue regarding a property. Her brother alleged that she forged a quitclaim deed to illegally acquire a property that belonged originally to their mother. Her brother, Delroy Chambers Jr., has had power of attorney over his mother since 2010 because she suffers from dementia.

Their mother was the sole owner since 2008.

The property is located in Florida and was appraised for over $300,000. McManaman and their father Delroy Chambers Sr., exploited her mother’s condition and filed the forged documents to acquire the home.

Since father and son had the same name, the falsified document left out the designations for Jr. and Sr. Chambers Jr. was able to prove that he did not sign the document because he was not in Florida at the time the deed was filed. It turned out he was in Atlanta instead.

“Going behind the owner’s back and saying that they are (the owners) and forging a document, as if he had given them the home, is a crime,” Det. Bukata told FOX 5. “Their intent was to pass it off as if it was legal, which it was not.” Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

Chambers Sr. was also arrested in December and was charged with exploiting the elderly and with forgery. He was in St Lucie County Jail but is now out on bond.

Delroy Chambers Sr.

The mother is now in assisted living according to the police.

The TSA put McManaman on leave, and she is still in jail waiting to be extradited to Florida for forgery.


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