Justice Department Hides Ray Epps’ J6 Case and Plea Deal from Public View (VIDEO)

Ray Epps’ case files and information appear to have been scrubbed from the Department of Justice’s webpage after he was given a sweetheart deal, despite leading the actions that sent many to prison on January 6, 2021.

It is unclear if the FBI sealed his case after giving a lenient “punishment” to Epps.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Ray Epps was charged, and the DOJ gave him a plea deal because he cooperated with the FBI!

SUCH TOTAL BS! DOJ Recommends JUST 6 MONTHS PRISON TIME for Ray Epps – Because He “Cooperated with the FBI and Congress!”

Epps is one of only a handful of mysterious characters who directed Trump supporters toward the US Capitol that day.

He was the only person caught on video directing Trump supporters to go toward the US Capitol.

Anyone who touched a Trump sign that Ray Epps drove through the crowd and prosecutors called “an enormous battering ram” was denied bond and subject to lengthy prison sentences – except Ray Epps.

Ray Epps riled up mob of protesters at the US capitol, which arguably led to severe consequences for Trump supporters, but Epps got off for cooperating with the FBI. Was he sent there by the FBI?

And now, his name and case don’t even appear on the Justice Department’s website or Google searches.

Via Brandon Straka on X:

If you Google search a J6 defendant the government’s registry on all of us pops up-
except Ray Epps.

If you go to the justice Dept. website and search J6 defendants, you’ll find all the government’s nearly compiled and organized dossiers on all of us- but not a single search… pic.twitter.com/HjqrEk1X3T

— Brandon Straka (@BrandonStraka) January 7, 2024

Google search of “Ray Epps” and “Justice.gov:”

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