SHOCK VIDEO: Los Angeles Bakery Ransacked By 100 Looters After Driver Crashes Through Storefront (VIDEO)

Thank a Democrat.

A Latino-owned bakery in Compton, California was looted and destroyed last Tuesday after a street takeover.

Nearly 100 looters ransacked the bakery after a driver crashed a Kia through the storefront.

Ruben Ramirez Jr., who runs the family business, said the looters caused nearly $70,000 in damages. The bakery was started by his father and has been operating for almost 50 years.

Among the things stolen were meat scales, lottery tickets, groceries and meat. There were approximately 100 looters who not only stole items, but caused a lot of damage to the bakery. New York Post also reported the story.

These types of street takeovers and smash-and-grab robberies have gotten worse under Marxist District Attorney George Gascon.

“We need better policies for the community to help us. I would say sometimes these relaxed laws they don’t help, and the people that suffer are the hardworking people. I hate to say it but nobody gets punished for anything,” Ramirez Jr. told Fox News.

Fox News reported:

The son of Mexican immigrants who operates a popular Latino bakery in Compton, Calif., spoke out to Fox News on Friday after a mob of looters from an illegal “street takeover” drove a car through the front door and ransacked the business.

Ruben Ramirez Jr. told “America Reports” that the material losses have accumulated so far to $70,000, and that there is even more unimaginable damage to the bakery and to the realities of his family left to pick up the pieces.

A Los Angeles County sheriff’s officer told the New York Post that meat scales, meat, groceries and lottery tickets were among the goods looted in the early Tuesday criminal blitz at Ruben’s Bakery & Mexican Food.

Surveillance video shows a vehicle smashing the front door to let in looters. Footage shows them ransacking the store and stealing items.

“We have never been closed for more than a day. Usually close on the 25th and the first, but never three or four days in a row.” Ramirez Jr. said.

“It’s very heartbreaking to see, you know, what my family has built over the years to just in five, six minutes be destroyed.” Ramirez Jr. continued.


Even though the business will take time to recover, it reopened a few days after the looting.

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