California Expands State Health Insurance to Include Sex Change Surgeries for Illegal Immigrants

The state of California has announced an expansion of its health insurance programs to provide coverage for sex change procedures for illegal immigrants.

For over a decade, Democrats have called for free health care for illegal aliens in the United States.

Democrats were open to this idea back in 2009.

In 2015, then-Governor Jerry Brown enacted legislation that enabled illegal immigrant children to be eligible for Medi-Cal.

In 2018, California Democrat Gavin Newsom campaigned to pay for universal healthcare for all illegal aliens.

In 2019, California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law to give taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegal aliens ages 19 to 25.

In 2022, Newsome proposed a budget that would pay for all illegals to have free health care.

And now, starting this month, over 700,000 illegal aliens between the ages of 26 and 49 will also be eligible for health insurance.

Medi-Cal, the state version of the low-income federal Medicaid program, will cover the healthcare costs for foreign nationals.

The New York Post reported:

Cash-strapped California will ring in the new year by offering free health care to all undocumented immigrants who qualify for the state’s government-run health insurance program.

The state, which faces a $68 billion deficit in the next fiscal year, has been steadily expanding access to its Medi-Cal health insurance program for low-income residents, allowing undocumented children to qualify for the taxpayer-funded program in 2015, then expanding it under Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom to cover undocumented adults between the ages of 19-25 and those over 50.

On Jan. 1, California will become the first state to offer free health care to all qualifying individuals — regardless of immigration status or age.

The Daily Caller reported that California’s state health care program, Medi-Cal, covers sex change surgeries and hormones for illegal immigrants, according to a memo first circulated in May 2022. This expansion is part of the state’s broader efforts to provide healthcare regardless of immigration status.

The memo states, “Gender affirming care refers to treatment provided to address incongruence between a person’s gender assigned at birth and their gender identity. Gender affirming care is a covered Medi-Cal benefit when medically necessary. Requests for gender affirming care should be from specialists experienced in providing culturally competent care to transgender and gender diverse individuals and should use nationally recognized guidelines.”

“Medical necessity is assessed and services shall be recommended by treating licensed mental health professionals and physicians and surgeons experienced in treating patients with incongruence between their gender identity and gender assigned at birth,” the memo adds.

Critics argue that the state’s priorities are misaligned, considering the existing challenges in the healthcare system, such as the mental health crisis, increasing rates of homelessness, and the need for more comprehensive medical care for low-income citizens.

Many Californians, including legal residents and citizens, continue to struggle with accessing basic healthcare services, facing long wait times and high medical costs. The decision to allocate state funds for sex change procedures for illegal immigrants diverts essential resources away from addressing these pressing healthcare needs.

Furthermore, it might incentivize illegal immigration, as individuals from other countries might view this as an opportunity to receive medical treatments that are expensive or unavailable in their home countries.

The California Senate Republican Caucus has opposed the outrageous spending, writing:

“The Governor proposes to spend an additional $2.2 billion General Fund annually to expand Medi-Cal eligibility to roughly 764,000 undocumented individuals ages 26 through 49, starting in 2024. This would be the final expansion of Medi-Cal to the undocumented population after recent expansions to roughly 203,000 undocumented children and young adults (age 25 and under) and 235,000 undocumented older adults (age 50 and above). Medi- Cal is already strained by serving 14.6 million Californians—more than a third of the state’s population. Adding 764,000 more individuals to the system will certainly exacerbate current provider access problems.”

Then-President Donald Trump also panned the previous expansion that provided coverage to young adults in 2019.

“If you look at what they’re doing in California, how they’re treating people, they don’t treat their people as well as they treat illegal immigrants,” Trump said at the time. “So, at what point does it stop? It’s crazy what they’re doing. It’s crazy. And it’s mean, and it’s very unfair to our citizens.”

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