Judge Rules Democrat who Prosecuted January 6th Cases Can’t Call Himself ‘Counterterrorism Attorney’ on Ballot

DOJ liar lawyer Will Rollins

Democrat Will Rollins is attempting to unseat Congressman Ken Calvert (R-California) in a year where the top of the Democrat ticket is one of the most unpopular White House administrations ever.

So it’s no wonder Rollins is trying to gain every edge he can by beefing up his official title on the ballot by attempting to label himself a “counterterrorism attorney.”

According to California election statute, candidates are allowed a maximum of three “factually accurate” words to describe their job.

There’s just one problem: the “terrorism” Rollins prosecuted was January 6th cases as part of work for the Department of Justice.

The Gateway Pundit has preciously reported on Collins’ exaggerated claims of January 6th prosecutions, and last week, a judge in California issued an order that would prevent Rollins’ lies about his career from impacting voters.

Superior Court Judge Shelleyanne Chang issued a ruling striking down Rollins’ ballot attempted ballot designation, calling it “misleading” and “confusing” to voters.

The court’s ruling goes further, stating, “There is no evidence before the Court that Rollins’ current principal profession can be accurately described as ‘counterterrorism attorney.’

His opponent, Rep. Calvert, has been labeled an “election-denying Republican” by Rollins and the mainstream media for believing that former President Trump has a First Amendment right to criticize how the 2020 election was run, issued a statement blasting Rollins,

This ruling proves what we’ve been saying all along: Will Rollins is a perpetual liar who cannot be trusted to tell Californians the truth. The fact that a court was forced to correct Rollins for lying to and misleading voters is a major red flag that he is not who he says he is. Rollins knows the only chance he has is to lie about his work experience, lie about where he lives and lie about Ken Calvert’s record.

California 41st District representative Ken Calvert speaks to law enforcement.

This is Rollins’ second attempt at Calvert’s seat. He lost in 2022 by a slim margin of 48% -52%. The race is deemed a “toss-up” by the Cook Partisan Voting Index and could be decided by fewer than a thousand votes.

An NRCC spokesperson said, Will Rollins is a lying liar who lies. Riverside County families cannot trust Rollins, especially now that a court has ruled he attempted to mislead voters on the ballot.”  Rollins has raised more than $1 million in the fourth quarter of 2023 alone. He’s raised $2.8 million in 2023, which the campaign says is a record haul for a California congressional challenger in an off year.

A spokesperson for Rollins has not responded to a request for comment at the time of this writing.

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