Leaked Documents Reveal Top Democrat Megadonors Funded Media Matters

Back in May 2017 The Gateway Pundit first reported on the 2017 David Brock Media Matters Playbook that was accidentally discovered and leaked online at the time.

After President Trump’s stunning election win the Soros-funded Media Matters operation revealed in their playbook that they have access to the raw data from numerous social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Google, plus “the connections and power” to influence their understanding on what is and isn’t “fake news.”

Inside the 2017 playbook Media Matters admited they had already secured access to raw data from the tech giants.

“Media Matters has already secured access to raw data from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. We have also put in place the technology necessary to automatically mine white nationalist message boards and alt-right communities for our archive.

We will now develop technologies and processes to systematically monitor and analyze this unfiltered data.”

Media Matters goes on to describe how they found a way to manipulate these social media platforms into thinking that they need their help. In fact, the following excerpt from the David Brock document speaks to this concern with precision:

“Outlets that push fake news are completely dependent on Facebook to spread their lies, and ad networks like Google to fund them.

Media Matters has unique insight to help fix the problems in this part of the media landscape.

After Facebook responded to our campaign by acknowledging the problem of fake news and agreeing to do something about it, we began a dialogue. It became clear form these conversations that Facebook needed our help in fully understanding the problem and identifying concrete solutions. Further, it also became clear that we had information and insight that they didn’t have that was helpful in educating them on the full scope of the problem. For example, Media Matters had a detailed map of the constellation of right-wing Facebook pages that had been the biggest purveyors of fake news – as well as insight into the food chain of fake news and how it was moving through the Facebook ecosystem.

Similarly, after Google revised their terms of service in order to prohibit so-called fake news sites from using their advertising network, it was Media Matters that had the information necessary to identify 40 of the worst fake news sites to which this policy applied.”

After the release of this plan, Facebook then went to work targeting the top Pro-Trump websites on the internet with tremendous success.

The tech giants, with guidance from far-left groups like Media Matters then went to work eliminating much of the conservative content on their platforms.

In February of 2018, Facebook launched a new algorithm to ensure that conservative news would not spread on their social media platform.

The algorithm change caused President Donald Trump’s engagement on Facebook posts at the time to plummet a whopping 45%.

In contrast, Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) did not appear to have suffered a comparable decline in Facebook engagement.

Top conservative Facebook pages with daily traffic in the millions saw 75% to 95% drop in traffic since the 2016 election and after Media Matters’ plan was put into play.

Young Cons, Western Journalism, SarahPalin.com, Chicks on the Right, Independent Journal Review, Right Wing News, The Gateway Pundit, Infowars (banned completely), Breitbart, Pamela Geller, Laura Loomer (banned), 100% Fed Up, The Drudge Report and several others witnessed a dramatic decline in traffic and influence.

Facebook then started using Soros-funded Poynter to fact-check for them — This is thee same group that listed EVERY prominent conservative publisher as fake news.

In March 2017 Columbia Journalism Review published a study of the 2016 election that found conservatives had abandoned the liberal mainstream media in 2016 and went online and to social media to get their news.

Harvard University published a similar study months later.

This slide shows the online influence map based on Facebook traffic before the 2016 election.
(Columbia Journalism Review)

Now that the targets were identified in the Harvard and Columbia Journalism Review studies Facebook went to work and started censoring conservative content through a series of algorithm changes.

By Summer 2018 this is what the Facebook influence map looked like. Facebook obliterated traffic to all of the prominent conservative websites.

Facebook was on a mission to delete traffic to conservative websites.

Facebook with the guidance of far-left groups like Media Matters wiped out President Trump’s top supporters on their platform.

It took YEARS for Republican leaders to address these attacks on conservative media outlets.  Recently the Attorneys General from Texas and Missouri have decided to fight back against the illicit practices by Media Matters.

And now we know who is behind the dirty, dishonest tactics of Media Matters.

Top left-wing donors to the group were listed in a recent report filed in New Mexico.

The Washington Free Beacon published the donor list behind this wicked progressive activist group.

As a charity, Media Matters is not required to disclose its donors to the public. But the group appears to have mistakenly identified its five largest contributors in a public filing to the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General in November. Media Matters received $4 million from Indiana-based shopping mall magnate Deborah Simon, who pledged to do everything in her power to defeat former President Donald Trump and has contributed $53 million to Democratic politicians and groups since 2018. The group also received $1.75 million from Bain Capital co-chairman Joshua Bekenstein and his wife, Anita, both of whom are prolific contributors to Democratic super PACs.

The list, which contains a notice that it is “not open for public inspection,” also identifies gay rights activist Tim Gill’s private foundation as a major contributor to Media Matters. Gill is known for working with Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D.) to bring “dark money” to the state level in the mid-2000s. Media Matters also disclosed the Stephen Silberstein Foundation and the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation as major contributors in the list.

Media Matters’s donor list is the latest evidence of the so-called watchdog’s partisan leanings. Founded in 2004 by Clinton loyalist David Brock, Media Matters received tax-exempt status after claiming to the IRS it would identify and correct conservative misinformation in the news by presenting a “full and fair exposition of the pertinent facts.” The group dropped its objective façade in 2016 when it threw its support behind Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to the New Republic. Media Matters also shared an address with American Bridge 21st Century, one of the largest Democratic super PACs in the country.

The fact that the largest Media Matters donors are far left megadonors should be a concern for the self-described media watchdog and 501(c)(3) organization.

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