ARMED SIEGE IN ECUADOR: Gunmen Hijack TV Station Broadcast, Take Hostages, and Open Fire — Attempt to Kidnap University Students and Professors Reported (VIDEO)

During a live broadcast at the TC television station, armed individuals wearing hoods stormed the studio, forcing staff to lie on the ground while shots and shouting could be heard in the background.

The live feed, which was eventually cut off, showed distressed staff members huddling on the studio floor in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Voices were heard exclaiming “no police” during the live transmission, Reuters reported.

According to local news outlet Tiempo, various criminal groups took to the streets on Tuesday to express their displeasure with President Daniel Noboa’s declaration of a state of emergency for 60 days.

This alarming event took place in the wake of a series of violent episodes, including the kidnappings of at least seven police officers and various explosions.

The announcement was made following the disappearance of the leader of the Los Choneros criminal group, known as Ecuador’s “most-wanted prisoner,” from the prison where he was incarcerated.

WATCH: (Viewers Discretion is advised)

| URGENTE: Delincuentes irrumpieron en TC Televisión y secuestran a todos en vivo y directo en Guayaquil, Ecuador.

— Alerta Mundial (@AlertaMundoNews) January 9, 2024

Here’s another video:

#AHORA | Un grupo de delincuentes tomó una emisora de televisión abierta en Ecuador. Los encapuchados salieron al aire en vivo, tienen granadas y armas de guerra.

— Alejandro | Inversión & Actualidad (@Alpha_News__) January 9, 2024

Workers from Ecuador TC Televisora channel are threatened to say “get the police out”.

The criminals forced the employees to ask the president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, for the withdrawal of the military from the streets.

— Clash Report (@clashreport) January 9, 2024

Here’s a clear video of gunmen with grenades:

Chaos is now unfolding in the capital of Ecuador, Quito, where militants armed with guns and grenades have seized a state television channel, at least six prisons and up to four high-ranking police officers.

— RAGE | War (@ragexwar) January 9, 2024

Aljazeera reported:

Noboa, a former legislator and son of one of the country’s richest men, took office in November on promises to fix the struggling economy and stem a wave of violence on the streets and in prisons, which has been growing for years.

Noboa declared the 60-day state of emergency – a tool used by his predecessor to little success – on Monday, enabling military patrols, including in prisons, and setting a national nighttime curfew.

The measure was a response to the disappearance of Adolfo Macias, leader of the Los Choneros criminal gang, from the prison where he was serving a 34-year sentence and unrest at six other prisons, including hostage-takings of prison guards.

Police and prosecutors have given scant information about Macias’s disappearance.

Three police officers working the night shift were taken from their station in the southern city of Machala, the police said on social media on Tuesday, while a fourth missing officer was taken by three people in Quito.

Reports have emerged of armed individuals allegedly attempting to abduct students and professors at the National University of Ecuador.


#AHORA | Supuestos pandilleros ingresan a la Universidad Nacional de Ecuador, en Quito, y secuestran a estudiantes y profesores. Corridas en el campus, se relacionan con lo sucedido hace minutos en el estudio de televisión.

— Alejandro | Inversión & Actualidad (@Alpha_News__) January 9, 2024

Another video:

#URGENTE | Estudiantes y profesores intentan protegerse de los delincuentes que asaltan la Universidad Nacional de Guayaquil, Ecuador.

— Mundo en Conflicto (@MundoEConflicto) January 9, 2024

Ecuadorian police have mandated the evacuation of the Carondelet presidential palace, following President Daniel Noboa’s decree for armed forces intervention against “terrorist groups” wreaking havoc in major cities.

#BREAKING #EcuadorBajoAtaque #Ecuador Ecuadorian police order evacuation of Carondelet presidential palace following President Daniel Noboa’s decree instructing armed forces to intervene and neutralize “terrorist groups” causing chaos in major cities.

— The National Independent (@NationalIndNews) January 9, 2024

#Ecuador : Gunshots are heard near the presidential palace in Ecuador. Eyewitnesses are posting videos on social media.

The police, in collaboration with the army, is evacuating the Carondelet presidential palace in Quito.

— Voice of Europe (@V_of_Europe) January 9, 2024

UPDATE: Members of a cartel have been apprehended by Ecuadorian police inside the newsroom of Ecuador State TV.

“As a result of the intervention in TC Television, our police units have so far managed to arrest several subjects and evidence linked to the crime. More details later,” Ecuador Police announced.


Como resultado de la intervención en @tctelevision #GYE, nuestras unidades policiales hasta el momento logran la aprehensión de varios sujetos e indicios vinculados al ilícito.

Posterior más detalles…

— Policía Ecuador (@PoliciaEcuador) January 9, 2024

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