EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW With Producers of Chart-Topping J6 Choir, Lara Trump and Kari Lake Songs – More Music and Rosanne Barr Single Set to be Released in 2024!

Mailman Media Music co-founder and CEO Ed Henry and Mailman co-founder and Head of Music LJ Fino spoke to The Gateway Pundit on Monday to share what they’re working on in 2024 after their huge debut year in 2023.

Ed Henry is the host of Wake Up Patriots on Newsmax.

Ed Henry and LJ Fino also started the Mailman Media sublabel, First Class Records, last year.

In the exclusive interview below, Ed and LJ discussed their upcoming projects and music’s importance in sending a message to the radical left and the establishment.

“I think it’s the most underused medium of telecommunications for politicians, and I hope that more candidates and elected officials alike start to use music more frequently to get their message out,” said Mailman Head of Music LJ Fino. Ed Henry added, “There’s a presidential candidate that reached out to us that’s interested in some music,” but he did not name the candidate.

They also confirmed that originally composed music by Lara Trump and at least one song by conservative comedian Rosanne Barr will be released this year!

Mailman is releasing real art, unlike “Hunter Biden, who pretends to do paintings that Chinese business people and Democrat campaign donors buy,” said Ed.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on Mailman Media’s multiple chart-topping hit tracks.

This includes the January 6 Prison Choir’s Justice for All (ft. President Trump), one of the top-selling songs of 2023, which peaked at number one on Billboard and iTunes; Kari Lake’s 81 Million Votes My Ass with The Truth Bombers, which hit number one on multiple Billboard charts, number one on iTunes, and number 3 on Amazon Music; and Lara Trump’s I Won’t Back Down cover song, which soared to number two on iTunes and landed on multiple billboard charts despite massive suppression by streaming platforms and advertisers.

Joe Biden is even taking notice of the patriotic songs that call into question his tyrannical actions and the legitimacy of his presidency.

Unfunny leftist hack Stephen Colbert also noticed when Lara Trump released her song and trolled Lara by dishonestly accusing her of using auto-tune to alter her voice. He also illegally used the song on his show without permission or paying royalties. When Trump offered to come on Colbert’s failing cable TV show to sing her song live, she received no response.

Watch the full interview with Mailman Media’s founders below:

CONRADSON: One of your biggest songs of the year was Justice for All with Donald Trump. Obviously, this was something to help support the J six patriots and the hostages that are locked up in Gulags across the nation. Were you expecting, though, for it to go number one on Billboard, topping Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift?

FINO: I actually was. I think you can admit that. But I don’t want to correct you here, Jordan, but that was not only our best recording, it was one of the top-selling recordings of the year in terms of physical sales.

HENRY: And think about what’s happened since then. Just this past Friday, Joe Biden is out there giving this rambling speech, revealing that his playbook is “Orange Man bad, Orange Man insurrectionist.” You know, all of his supporters are insurrectionists, and all the rest of it revealing that he doesn’t want to talk about the economy or other things. And he mentioned the song. It’s part of the conversation and has been since it was released just almost a year ago. We’ve already given over $50,000 to J6 families because we’re not keeping any of the royalties from that song; that’s what we said from the beginning. And some people think, “oh, it was the number one song, so it made millions.” It doesn’t. I mean, you know, at $1.29, a clip, and Apple taking a big percentage, you’re not making millions off a number one song, unless it’s, you know, Taylor Swift, and it’s number one for 50 weeks or something like that. That’s a different story. And LJ will tell you that with the music industry, but I think more broadly, Jordan, what’s interesting is, how desperate the Biden administration is to craft this narrative. I guess the narrative has been crafted but to keep this narrative alive about January 6. Facts to the contrary, just like we were talking about with Colbert, more and more facts come out about what really happened on that day. Gateway Pundit has been at the forefront of revealing those facts. And I think since that song has come out, it’s aged pretty darn well, because it was patriots inside the DC gulag, singing the national anthem with former President Trump and the pledge. And I’ve heard so many critics, and yet the former president plays it, and that triggers Joe Biden because he talked about it in his speech a few days ago. And I think it triggers him because he knows that the song is about patriotism and freedom. And that’s not part of the narrative for Democrats over January 6, even though all of these facts keep coming out about what the FBI did and didn’t do, about what patriots did and didn’t do. I mean, think about The Shaman, who since the song came out, thanks to Tucker; I’m not taking credit, but Tucker Carlson and others’ reporting, The Shaman was released from prison because the whole thing was trumped up to use a phrase. And that’s just one example, Jordan.

CONRADSON: I understand you guys also have music coming out with Roseanne Barr, possibly. Can you tell me about that?

FINO: Yeah, we’ll break some news here. It’s a producer we’ve worked with in the past. His name is Phil Nico. He did a cool parody of Sexy and I Know It for us, called Trump Won and You Know It that he did before Giotto blow, which was a fun record that we put together. But yeah, he got Roseanne Barr in the studio. I don’t want to say too much about the actual record yet, but there will be a recording with Roseanne Barr as the recording artist.

HENRY: Stay tuned in the near future. 2024 is going to be great.

CONRADSON: In the past, it seems that artists used music to sort of stand up to the establishment… Talk about how that’s changed.

HENRY: The left is the establishment right now. They’re on board with all of these crazy policies, right? And they used to be all about free expression, you know, peace and love and no war. And now the left is for these wars in Ukraine and abroad, and they don’t stand up to the establishment. They’re scared to do anything about the border. It’s just amazing to me how the left has been on board with suppressing free speech, like about the vaccines, right? The Democrats: “Oh, you can talk about Dr. Fauci! Oh, you can’t talk about the…” And, you know, the sponsor of our podcast, Wake Up Patriots, is the Wellness Company, and they’re at the forefront of restoring medical freedom and letting people make their own medical decisions. Imagine that, in America, you’re free to make your own medical decisions, and the left is against companies like this, the left is against music like this. How did it become that the left, which is supposed to be progressive, and diverse, and all that doesn’t want to hear different voices?

FINO: Yeah, why not have the choice to get the vaccine or to use alternative methods? Whatever there may be, whatever your doctors advise you to do… Follow the REAL science, not the science that changes every other day. But I think when it comes to music, that’s the luxury of the next button if you don’t want it. Protest songs are not new, by any means. You just mentioned a bunch, I could rattle off 20 more. But it’s frustrating the music industry now that conservatives are doing it successfully to the point where we have more number-one hits than the Beach Boys had as a label on Billboard… I think it’s really scaring the music industry, the fact that we’re moving the needle, not only as far as getting our message out, the conservative message out, but it’s actually changing public opinion. After we put out 81 Million Votes My Ass, your favorite of our records, Rasmussen said we swung public opinion by 22 points on election fraud. The question they polled was, “Did Joe Biden receive 81 million Votes My Ass?” They left the “my ass” out, but did Joe Biden actually receive 81 million votes? They had been polling it for three years. It was always 40% no. Post release of that song, 62% no, across all voters, Republican, independent, Democrat.

HENRY: It moved the needle. Steve Bannon and others pointed that out. And to your earlier question, I think the border and other issues that need more sunshine and transparency, it’s ripe for songs about this; all of these big issues. And so we’re going to do a lot more and we’re still working on some of those songs and some of those ideas and those kinds. I mean, let’s face it, the border is not like the easiest song to write. It’s not like there are songwriters waiting to write about the border. But, in all seriousness, these are serious issues that need to be addressed and have largely been unaddressed by Democrat leaders. And we’re going to hold their feet to the fire.

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