Netherlands Turns Right: Geert Wilders Continues Bid To Form Coalition and Become Prime Minister

All over Europe, the same social phenomenon is ongoing, in which the political pendulum is swinging (or has swung) to the right, favoring different stripes of conservatives, nationalists, and rightwing populists.

Unchecked mass migration, crippling environmental policies and a general lowering of the standards of living have taken voters to the edge, and they have started ‘voting with their pockets’, rejecting the liberal/Globalist agenda and its disastrous policies.

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Nowhere has this geopolitical shift generated more alarm than on the Netherlands, where the mainstream media’s ‘bête noire’, Geert Wilders, was the big winner in November’s elections.

Since his triumph in the polls, Wilders has been trying to form a coalition government, while all around the media and leftist organizations sound the alarm.

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In order to reach a deal with the parties needed for his coalition and finally be selected as the new Prime Minister, Wilders made a key concession in an unexpected, pragmatic move.

He’s withdrawing legislation that he proposed back in 2018 that ‘calls for a ban on mosques and the Quran’.

Associated Press reported:

“The move came a day before talks to form the next government were set to resume following the November election. The abandonment of the bill could be critical in gaining the trust and support of three more mainstream parties that Wilders wants to co-opt into a coalition along with his Party for Freedom, known by its Dutch acronym PVV.

One of those parties’ leaders, Pieter Omtzigt of the reformist New Social Contract, has expressed fears that some of Wilders’ policies breach the Dutch Constitution that enshrines liberties, including the freedom of religion.”

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During a debate in Parliament, Wilders signaled a toning down of his former stance.

“’Sometimes I will have to withdraw proposals and I will do that’, Wilders said in the debate. ‘I will show the Netherlands, the legislature, Mr. Omtzigt’s party — anybody who wants to hear it — that we will adapt our rules to the constitution and bring our proposals in line with it’.”

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Wilders resumed coalition talks today (9).

“Among three pieces of legislation axed by Wilders’ Party for Freedom was one dating back to 2018 that proposes banning ‘Islamic expressions’. The text of the bill labels Islam a ‘violent, totalitarian ideology’ and proposes bans on mosques, the Quran, Islamic schools and the wearing of burqas and niqabs.”

The Dutch Council of State, an independent watchdog that evaluates legislation, had previously called on Wilders to abandon the proposed ban on Islam as ‘incompatible with the democratic constitutional state’.

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