WATCH: Journalist Reveals the Clinton-Connected Reason Why the ‘Big Fish’ Elites Who Visited Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedo Island’ Are Not Facing Charges

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As Gateway Pundit readers know, TGP’s Cristina Laila has obtained several batches of documents over the past week, which reveal documents from lawsuits related to Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse.

Several prominent people have been named in the documents so far, including Prince Andrew, Michael Jackson, Thomas Pritzker, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. But nothing has happened to any of these individuals from a legal perspective.

Seamus Bruner, a journalist from Florida, has now revealed the reason why powerful figures who visited Epstein’s pedophile island will likely never see jail.

Bruner has worked for Peter Schweitzer’s Government Accountability Institute (GAI) since 2013 and is now their Director of Research. He has also assisted Schweizer in various capacities since 2011 including with his best-selling books.

In addition to his research, Bruner has authored the books Compromised, Fallout, and Controligarchs. Fallout was a national bestseller that was endorsed by President Trump.

Not shockingly, he discovered there is a Clinton connection as to why these figures have gotten away with their alleged crimes. Specifically, then-Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder for the Clinton Administration drafted an infamous “collateral consequences” memo to protect the system and ensure influential figures like Wild Bill would never be held accountable.

Yes, Barack Obama’s self-proclaimed wingman is the primary reason why these elites are walking free.


WOW! @SeamusBruner reveals the reason why government officials who participated on Epstein’s island are not facing any charges:

“If you’re wondering why the ‘big fish’ will never fry.. it is because Eric Holder when he was in the President Clinton administration, he drafted…

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) January 8, 2024

Relevant transcript:

There’s actually another Clinton connection here. When Bill Clinton was president, it was Eric Holder, the Deputy Attorney General at the time who set it up so all the big fish will never fry.

If you’re wondering why the big fish will never get caught or fried, it is because Eric Holder, when he was in the President Clinton administration, he drafted this memo which reigns supreme at the DOJ to this day.

It’s called the collateral consequences memo. And this memo, it cannot be overstated how bad this thing is.

What it basically says is that it’s the policy of the Justice Department is if the collateral consequences of prosecuting someone have big ripple effects and can take down the system.

So, the “collateral consequences” memo that Eric Holder drafted says that if the consequences could bring down the system, it’s best not to prosecute it.

This information by Brumer strongly suggests that if the whole truth regarding Epstein and his associates were revealed, the entire U.S. system of government would collapse in some form.

Considering Clinton had known Epstein since the 1990s, this also raises the question of whether Clinton knew of the pedophile’s sinister acts while in office.

Hopefully, America one day will learn the full story regarding Epstein, but it will take a brave president willing to buck the system while perhaps risking personal safety.

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