Woman in Iran Receives 74 Lashings for ‘Violating Public Morals’ by Refusing to Cover Her Hair

Roya Heshmati

While Iranian women are increasingly defying the draconian dress code imposed by the brutal Iranian regime after the murder of Mahsa Amini, 22, they continue to pay a horrifying price for their bravery.

Roya Heshmati, 33, was flogged 74 times, resulting in multiple injuries, for refusing to observe the mandatory hijab requirement and for the “crime” of posting a photo of herself without hijab on social media.

Roya Heshmati Image courtesy of @visegrad24/X

The Iranian government claimed Heshmati was “encouraging permissiveness” with her appearance.

The Times of Israel reports that the  judiciary’s Mizan Online website shared, “Her penalty of 74 strokes of the lash was carried out in accordance with the law and with sharia,” and “for violating public morals.”

Ms Heshmati was also reportedly ordered to pay a fine of 12 million rials ($285).

“The convicted … encouraged permissiveness [by appearing] disgracefully in busy public places in Tehran,” Mizan reported.

Political analyst Nazanin Armanian shared the news on X, “Terror and terrorism in Iran The Islamic State criminal gang carries out the sentence of 74 lashes to Roya Heshmati one of the Iranian PARTISANS who disobey the order of the fascist regime to wear its VELOESVASTICA.”

Terror y terrorismo en Irán

La banda criminal del Estado Islámico ejecuta la pena d

74 latigazos a Roya Heshmati

una de las PARTISANAS iraníes q desobedecen la

orden del régimen fascista d llevar su VELOESVÁSTICA pic.twitter.com/e1xHgoc9mZ

— nazanin (@nazaninarmanian) January 6, 2024

Today the authorities in Iran announced today flogging this brave woman is according to the laws.
This tragic story should be the headline of those media that care about women, freedom, humanity and dignity.

In 21st-century this brave Iranian woman Roya Heshmati was flogged by… pic.twitter.com/k1TiEHUsPk

— Masih Alinejad ️ (@AlinejadMasih) January 7, 2024

Roya Heshmati was flogged 74 times by the regime in Iran for the “crime” of not covering her hair. On the day her sentence was carried out, she was ordered to wear her headscarf before being lashed, but she refused. She said, “I will not. Put your Quran under your arm and do it.” pic.twitter.com/51cdVecco5

— Sarah Raviani (@sarahraviani) January 6, 2024

The regime in Iran has started flogging women again for not covering their hair in public.

Roya Heshmati suffered 74 lashes from mullah regime for the “crime”

Any protest march planned in London? pic.twitter.com/AIyjj05CFv

— Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) January 6, 2024

Iran Focus shared Roya’s first-hand account:

Describing the place where her flogging sentence was carried out, she wrote, “They opened the iron gate. The walls of the room were made of cement. There was a bed at the end of the small room with iron shackles welded to both sides. There was an iron device similar to the base of a large canvas with a place for handcuffs, with iron shackles worn-out in the middle of the room, and a small chair and table with whips on top, both behind the door. A medieval torture chamber.”

Roya Heshmati continued by stating that the officer put a scarf on her head, “The man took a black leather whip from the bunch of whips behind the door, wrapped it around his hand twice and came to the bed. The judge said: Don’t hit too hard. The man started hitting. My shoulders, my back, my hips, my thighs, my legs, then start over. I didn’t count the number of lashes.”

Roya Heshmati continued by stating that she muttered a chant under her breath during the execution of her flogging sentence.

In July, regime thugs announced a new campaign to force women to wear the Islamic headscarf after pulling back from the crackdowns following nationwide protests after the murder of 22-year-old Iranian woman Mahsa Amini while in police custody.

Amini died from injuries sustained at the hands of police after her arrest for the “improper” wearing of a hijab.

Iranian men and women protested against the regime’s brutality and paid the price for daring to speak up.  Protestors faced  being fired on with an AK-47 , the indiscriminately firing on protesters in the street from moving vehicles, the murder of Hadis Najafi , a powerful symbol of the uprisings, the kidnapping, torture, rape, and murder of Nika Shakarimi,  and a woman being dragged by police and sexually assaulted by a gang of Islamic Republic oppressive forces.

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