Disgraced Far-Left Immigration Attorney Backing AZ Ballot Initiative to Provide Illegals With Public Defenders Says Illegal Border Crossings are a “Gold Mine” of Opportunity – Maybe for Democrats and Their Rigged Elections

Via Ben Bergquam: Illegal Immigrants in Lukeville, Arizona

A long-time open borders advocate and immigration attorney in Tucson, Arizona, who previously faced a two-year suspension from practicing law, has come under fire again for aiding the invasion at our southern border and backing the “Justice for All” ballot initiative.

The initiative, if passed, will create an Office of Immigration Representation and provide public defenders to “indigent” illegals, who likely do not plan to work or pay taxes, at the expense of the taxpayers.

Previously, the attorney, Margo Cowan, faced 24 separate counts of “violating various sections of the federal regulations governing the practice before the Immigration Courts and the Board,” according to court records. The 24 counts include apparent incompetence or attempts to sidestep the immigration process while representing illegals in an illegal manner.

One group backed by Cowan reportedly criticized overwhelmed and low-morale border patrol agents for not processing hordes of illegal immigrants fast enough to get them out of the cold weather near Sasabe, Arizona, claiming 300 would have died on the agents’ watch. Border patrol doesn’t even have the resources necessary from the federal government to transport these people and help them enter our country illegally. Still, there is no blame for the Biden Regime who invited them on the dangerous journey with his open border invitation.

Hundreds of miles away, in Lukeville, Arizona, the Gateway Pundit recently reported with exclusive footage on the conditions hundreds of illegal immigrants are exposed to under Biden’s watch daily.

More than 11 million illegals, who are mainly military-age males and include many known or suspected terrorists, have invaded the US on Joe Biden’s watch. More than 300,000 illegal aliens crossed over the US border in December alone, according to Customs and Border Protection. And these are just the number they’re admitting to. It is likely FAR more.

Seventeen illegals who are on the FBI’s terror watchlist were encountered in November alone, according to data from Customs and Border Protection. How many more have slipped through the cracks with the other 11 million illegal aliens?

GOP Arizona Congressmen Andy Biggs and Eli Crane, along with Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Matt Rosendale (R-MT), and Bob Good (R-VA), recently decried the failed leadership at the border, which prevents Border Patrol from doing their actual job, and vowed to shut the government down if Joe Biden doesn’t shut the border down.

Five House Republicans Vow to Shut Down the Government Until Biden Shuts Down Illegal Immigration at Southern Border (VIDEO)

Meanwhile, leftist cranks like Rep. Alexandria Occasio-Cortez (D-NY) are saying the quiet part out loud: amnesty and voting rights for all!

As The Gateway Pundit reported, AOC, an absolute genius, actually said, “You can fix [the illegal immigration crisis] by trying to build a wall, or you can fix that by trying to document people and create a path to citizenship.”

Three of the groups the open borders Tucson Attorney is backing include Green Valley Samaritans (GVS), No More Deaths (NMD), and Tucson Samaritans (TS), who provide food, water, clothing, medical services, transportation and shelter.

Another organization backing this effort is St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Arizona, whose X page biography reads, “A joyful community that celebrates God’s love, transforms lives, and is a force for justice in the world. #StMarksAZ #PCUSA #WaterNotWalls #BlackLivesMatter.”

This is the church where  Stephanie Stal-Hamilton, the same leftist crank who was caught red-handed stealing bibles from the Arizona House members-only lounge and hiding them from lawmakers, reportedly worships and has served as an ordained minister and Parish Associate. Spoken like a true Marxist, Stahl-Hamilton later credited “the separation of church and state” for her actions.

These are the so-called Christians aiding and abetting the invasion of our country:

Via @StMarksAZ on X

From StMarksAZ.org:

St. Mark’s immigration ministries involve assisting other local organizations. The Tucson Samaritans and No More Deaths are dedicated to reducing death and suffering of migrants in the desert by providing water, food and medical assistance. St. Mark’s supports No More Deaths by providing meeting and storage space. Church members volunteer with the Tucson Samaritans in leaving gallon jugs of water on the trails used by migrants to cross the desert. St. Mark’s provides financial and volunteer support to Keep Tucson Together, an organization that conducts legal clinics to help local residents navigate the arbitrary and capricious enforcement of immigration law. St. Mark’s is an active member of the Southern Arizona Sanctuary Coalition, a network of 16 congregations that seek to work in solidarity with immigrant-led organizations to create a community of dignity and human rights for all. Once per month St. Mark’s hosts Hotel San Marcos, a hospitality project that provides temporary housing and assistance for families seeking asylum who are trying to reach family members in other parts of the country.

Christian News Journal reports,

Influential Tucson immigration attorney Margo Cowan is collaborating with Green Valley Samaritans (GVS), No More Deaths (NMD), and Tucson Samaritans (TS) to facilitate immigration into the U.S., referring to the surge of migrants overwhelming the southern border as a “gold mine” of opportunity.

Understanding Cowan’s involvement requires reflecting on the winter weather blast on Dec. 23rd. Several hundred migrants were “stranded” along the border wall near Sasabe, Arizona. NMD aid workers intervened by transporting the “asylum seekers” from the remote Tres Bellotes wall area by car to the Sasabe border patrol. NMD posted on X, formerly Twitter, that they “evacuated” 150 asylum seekers from the “frigid” weather and set up makeshift traps and food for about 150 more.

NMD criticized Border Patrol for not collecting the migrants and accused them of threatening arrest and abandoning migrants in hypothermic conditions. An NMD volunteer claimed all 300 migrants would have died from exposure if they hadn’t intervened. Weather Underground reported the low temperature on the 23rd at 40 degrees.

Meanwhile, Border Patrol stated their vehicles weren’t adequate to carry the large group and told aid workers to call 911 emergency services for an actual emergency. A Border Patrol spokesperson told the Tucson Sentinel, “The fact is we are enforcing the law, and there are consequences for those who fail to use lawful pathways.”

Cowan, a long-time figure in the immigration debate, collaborated with John Fife in the 80s on the Sanctuary Movement. The movement facilitated Central American migration to the U.S., providing a safe haven in churches. An estimated 3 million “undocumented” immigrants were granted amnesty in 1986.

In September, Cowan told the Border Chronicle that asylums were initially limited, but now they are prevalent in various locations, including Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, and even African countries. She highlighted her team’s efforts to investigate conditions in asylum seekers’ home countries, aiming to assist them in building a compelling case in the U.S. Additionally, she pointed out that immigration court dates in most U.S. cities are significantly delayed, with no apparent improvement or catch-up in sight.

Cowan, who lost her immigration attorney license for two years in July, is now advocating for a ballot initiative called “Justice for All.” The initiative focuses on providing a public defender for “indigent” undocumented migrants involved in removal proceedings. The initiative seeks to create the Office of Immigration Representation, funded by sliding scale fees and public and private dollars.

Read the full report here.

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