THANK YOU 929 MILLION TIMES OVER! The Gateway Pundit Celebrates Another Record Year in Traffic in 2023 – TRUTH MATTERS


Thank you to the BEST audience on the internet!
Once again, The Gateway Pundit hit a new traffic record in 2023.
929,000,000 page visits in 2023!
Nearly one billion views!

Thank you for all of your support and trust in our work.
As you know, it has not been easy. The Gateway Pundit is one of the most targeted websites in the United States today.

We report the truth. The media reports lies. And they hate us for it.

The wicked left:

** Continued their lawfare assaults on our organization. We continue to battle several lawsuits meant to destroy us.
** We discovered officials were blocking access to our website in the US House, Pentagon, Air Force and Federal Reserve.
** Despite setbacks the Biden regime continued to demand the right to block our free speech.
** Google, Facebook, and Wikipedia continue their unrelenting assault on our website.
** The far left fake news media continues to attack The Gateway Pundit.

Despite the unrelenting attacks by the left The Gateway Pundit enjoyed many outstanding successes this past year.

** US District Judge Terry Doughty ruled on Independence Day that the Biden regime does not have the right to collude with Big Tech to censor Americans – The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft is the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit.
** The Missouri-Louisana lawsuit is heading to the Supreme Court – the biggest First Amendment case in modern US history.
** Nine states resigned from the seriously flawed ERIC Voter Registration System – The Gateway Pundit led the assault against this controversial program that was originally promoted as a tool to clean up voter rolls. It is anything but that.
** Gateway Pundit won a historic First Amendment lawsuit against Maricopa County who attempted to prevent TGP reporter Jordan Conradson from attending their public briefings.
** The Gateway Pundit continued to support the January 6 political prisoners – out amazing audience donated more than $2.6 million to the prisoners and their families.
** TGP contributors participated in numerous national interviews – TGP was prominently featured in Lara Logan’s amazing Jan. 6 documentary series.
** TGP continued to break numerous impactful reports driving the public narrative.
** Gateway Pundit wins most trusted media award at the American Liberty Awards.
** The Gateway Pundit and Vigilant News Network launched Gateway: Beyond the Headlines in December, a daily video recap of top TGP stories hosted by the lovely Ivory Hecker.

THANK YOU to the very best audience on the internet.
We are still standing and thriving.


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