Ukraine Has a Path to Victory?


Ukrainian Fantasy —

No. Admiral “Rachel” Levine, a dude pretending to be a woman who heads the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, will give birth to a baby and breastfeed it before Ukraine “wins.” Try telling that to “Rose Gottemoeller, a lecturer at Stanford University and former NATO deputy secretary-general, and Michael Ryan, a former U.S. deputy assistant defense secretary for European and NATO policy”, who just published an article in Foreign Policy, Ukraine Has a Path to Victory. Thank God they are no longer in government service. Their article reveals a depth of ignorance and delusion that is breath taking. They start with this nonsense:

Ukraine’s daring attack on a major Russian warship in occupied Crimea in the small hours of Dec. 26 was one more episode in Kyiv’s strategy to deny Russia control over the Black Sea. With most of its ships driven out of its home port in Sevastopol, the Russian Black Sea Fleet can no longer find safe haven anywhere along the Crimean Peninsula.

Yep. In their fantasy world, hitting an aging ship that is in dry dock and serves no current military purpose for the Russian Navy is a major victory. Then they offer up this bit of laugh-your-ass-off inadvertent humor:

While Russia has been going all-out to attack Ukraine’s infrastructure, its risky move to deploy ships and submarines armed with Kalibr missiles in the Black Sea is exposing them to potential Ukrainian attack. It is a tacit acknowledgment that Russia can no longer depend on Crimean ports and launch sites.

Word to Gottemoeller and Ryan — have you guys been locked away in a prison cell? During the last two weeks Russia has been shellacking Ukraine with Kalibrs and Iskanders, knocking out critical Ukrainian defense plants, air defense systems and railroads. And guess what? Not one of the Russian ships that launched a Kalibr has been attacked by Ukraine. Not one! These two are bona fide kool aid drinkers (must be laced with some LSD) because they insist, without one shred of proof, that Ukraine is “regularly shooting down the majority of Russian missiles and drones destined for Ukrainian targets.” The expiration date on that foolish assertion was December 29, 2023. Ukraine has faced unrelenting salvos of Russian missiles and drones and Ukraine has even admitted it is not able to shoot them down because their air defense systems have been destroyed. Gootemoeller and Ryan finally admit the reason for their bizarre analysis — they are terrified that when Russia prevails, “it spells defeat not only for Ukraine, but also for the United States and its allies in Europe and Asia.” That’s the rub. They do get one thing right. They acknowledge that Ukraine, “to achieve a tactical breakthrough on the ground front that leads to operational and strategic success, … will need to be more effective from the air.” Of course this presupposes that Ukraine has or will have an air force that will not be shot out of the sky by Russia. They obviously have not paid attention to what has transpired in Ukraine over the last two years. Ukrainian pilots have the shelf life of a snowball in Miami in July. Even if Ukraine had a couple of squadrons of F-16s, those jets are useless without pilots. Where exactly is Ukraine going to get pilots? These two clowns, who have zero experience in commanding or fighting a military peer, seriously believe that all Ukraine has to do is employ NATO tactics:

The Joint Air Attack Team (JAAT) was developed to synchronize attack helicopters, artillery, and close air support by fighter planes to ensure a constant barrage of the enemy in case of a ground force attack. Pooling NATO assets in this way was designed to give the alliance’s forces the mass, maneuverability, and flexibility needed to overcome superior numbers, avoid a war of attrition, and escape the type of bloody slugfest that characterizes the current stalemate in Ukraine.

Every single magical NATO weapon system that has been deployed to the Ukrainian battlefront has been destroyed or neutered. Furthermore, just where is Ukraine going to find trained soldiers and airmen capable of carrying out this strategy? They don’t exist and will not exist. Gottemoeller and Ryan conclude with this bit of insanity:

If Ukraine can achieve the momentum in the ground war that evaded it during its failed summer offensive, Kyiv will have a real pathway to victory. That pathway will run through Ukraine’s demonstrated prowess at sea and in the air, joined to an embrace of a sophisticated combination of techniques on the ground.

If? If a frog had wings it would not bump its ass when it jumps. If Rachel Levine had a vagina he/she might have a shot at getting pregnant. If a snake could stand on its tail it could get the lead at the Bolshoi. These two make Jim Carrey, in Dumb and Dumber, sound like Einstein in his prime.


UPDATE — Check out the latest from Simplicius. He provides ample evidence that Ukraine can’t fend off Russian missiles and drones.

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