A Sea of Red and White: As Much as 200K in Warsaw Demand Release of Polish Political Prisoners – President Duda Vows to Pardon the 2 MPs AGAIN

Tens of thousands of Polish citizens have taken to the streets of capital Warsaw to demand the release of the two ‘political prisoners’ held illegally by Globalist Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

The dramatic arrest of the two MPs – former Home Affairs Minister Mariusz Kamiński and his deputy Maciej Wąsik  – inside the Presidential Palace, have set fire to the tense political situation in the Eastern European country.

Both men had already been pardoned by President Andrej Duda.

Kaminski has begun a HUNGER STRIKE, and the considerable portion of the population that supports the nationalist PiS party – the most voted in the last election – is showing in no uncertain terms just how dangerous is the game played by former European Commission President, PM Tusk.

BREAKING: Polish patriots are taking to the square outside the Sejm! pic.twitter.com/fhY9YhTE2E

— Jack Poso (@JackPosobiec) January 11, 2024

MSM has a clear pro-Tusk bias, but could not fail to report such a massive movement. Reuters underplays the number of people describing it as ‘thousands of opposition supporters’, but later in the piece describes how ‘a sea of red and white Polish flags stretched back from the parliament’. That sounds like tens of thousands, maybe more. Organizers estimate as much as 200k protesters.

The demonstration also denounced the attempted takeover of state media by Tusk – a move partially blocked by a Polish court.

Reuters reported:

“The march reflects mounting tensions in the country as the new pro-European Union coalition government led by Donald Tusk tries to undo the policies of the previous nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party administration.

It also came as President Andrzej Duda, a PiS ally, said on Thursday he had started proceedings to pardon the two ministers in the last government who were jailed this week for abuse of power, escalating his stand-off with the new government. ‘We have to win this great battle for a sovereign, independent Poland’, PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski told the crowd.”

The march culminated in front of the offices of state TV. News channel TVP Info was taken off air before returning in a much altered format.

“The announcement by Duda that he would pardon the two ex-ministers was the latest twist in a saga that has left the country in political turmoil since power passed to Tusk’s coalition after October’s election.”

[…] “I decided to initiate pardon proceedings,” the president told a press conference on Thursday. He said he was applying to the prosecutor general to suspend the men’s sentences.”

This is the second time Duda has had to pardon the duo over the same case. Double jeopardy, hello?

#MarszWolnychPolaków pic.twitter.com/2Napq0ZxCO

— Katarzyna Sójka (@aK_Sojka) January 11, 2024


Tens of thousands of Polish patriots singing the Polish National Anthem in Warsaw

Poland will be FREE #FreePoland pic.twitter.com/OyLALU0SEF

— Jack Poso (@JackPosobiec) January 11, 2024

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