Georgia House Speaker Calls for Elimination of QR Codes on Ballots and Independent Oversight as Curling v Raffensperger Lawsuit is Underway

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On Tuesday, the six-years-long federal case Curling v Raffensperger finally began.  The case aims to move the Peach State away from the voting machines that create an unverifiable paper ballot where a voter’s intent is read through a QR code rather than the filled-in circles.

As The Gateway Pundit reported on Monday, the Georgia Secretary of State will notably be absent from the list of witnesses called to testify.

Outrageous! Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger Does Not Have to Testify in Upcoming Case Challenging Georgia Election Machines


Yesterday, while speaking at a Georgia Chamber of Commerce gathering, Georgia House Speaker Jon Burns called for the elimination of the unconstitutional QR codes that designate the vote while also calling for independent oversight of the Secretary of States Office.

From the AJC:

“We know that 2024 will once again be a pivotal election, and Georgia will again be the political epicenter of the nation,” Burns, a Republican from Newington, said Wednesday during the annual Eggs & Issues breakfast sponsored by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. “It is therefore critical that we do everything in our power to continue safeguarding our elections, increasing transparency and building on our efforts to increase voter participation at every turn.”

Burns’ election-year proposals follow complaints from conservative voters and election security advocates who say Georgia’s voting technology isn’t trustworthy. His support could result in bills changing Georgia’s voting laws during the annual legislative session of the General Assembly that began this week. A federal trial in Atlanta that began Tuesday is also questioning the security of the voting system.

“We are going to strengthen the security of our ballots by moving away from the QR code — which many voters find confusing — and toward visible watermarks on security paper to denote voter selections,” Burns said.

Speaker Burns also went on to criticize the State Election Board’s intermingled relationship with the Secretary of State.  Last month, the Board came under tremendous scrutiny after it removed a significant complaint from it’s docket that alleged tens of thousands of votes could not be validated.  Almost identical arguments were made in filings for the Curling v Raffensperger case by UC Berkeley Professor Philip Stark.  The Gateway Pundit has documented many of those anomalies as well through a four-part series from back in September.

Additionally, during that same hearing, the State Election Board voted against investigating the Secretary of State over the wildly inaccurate hand recount that has not yet been explained or remedied by the state’s top election official despite confirmation of the discrepancy by the Governor’s office and a consent decree entered between the State Election Board and Fulton County.

The State Election Board has gone through a rousing game of musical chairs over the last year at the chairman’s seat.  After former federal judge William Duffey stepped down in August, Matt Mashburn replaced him as the acting chair and presided over the December 19th hearing that removed the damning SEB 2023-025 from the docket.  Now the board is being headed by Waffle House vice-president John Fervier.  Fervier does not have any known experience in elections but, according to the AP, he “oversees insurance, risk management, workers’ compensation and security” for the nation-wide restaurant chain that is based in Norcross, Georgia.

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