Megyn Kelly Slams MSNBC’s Mika for Softball Interview of ‘Doctor’ Jill Biden: ‘F-ing Do Your Job!’ (VIDEO)

During a recent episode of her podcast, Megyn Kelly throttled MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski over her softball interview of ‘Doctor’ Jill Biden.

Megyn was joined by the members of the ‘Ruthless’ podcast who correctly pointed out that Jill is a complete hypocrite for acting like Hunter Biden is being attacked by Republicans.

They point out that the images of Hunter that Jill was complaining about came directly from the laptop that Joe’s campaign claimed was a Russian disinformation operation.

Partial transcript via Real Clear Politics:

MEGYN KELLY: She did not ask her any hard questions. And it’s like, if you’re gonna sit there and tee it up for the First Lady to say ‘This is cruel what they’re doing to my son,’ then you better – if you actually consider yourself a journalist who criticizes other journalists – get ready for a couple of tough follow ups, madam. Let me walk you through why they’re investigating him. And by the way, why do we have those nudie pics of Hunter? Because he thought his unit was the most photogenic unit in the world. He couldn’t get enough of his own disgusting, hairy body. That’s the only reason we’ve seen it.

It’s an egregious fall down on the job. I get it. That’s her side. She’s very clearly voting for the Bidens and that’s okay. Journalists are allowed to vote in elections and have a preference, but when you’re across from the other person as a journalist, f–ckin do your job. I’m sorry. I believe my record stands up on this.

Watch the video below:

Mika is so typical of MSNBC. They don’t even try to seem objective or hide their advocacy for Democrats anymore. It’s like an entire network that celebrates its Trump Derangement Syndrome on a daily basis while pretending to deliver the news.

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