Prosecutors Say Illegal from Venezuela Forced Migrant Women to Work as Prostitutes in Chicago in Human Trafficking Operation

Wilson Albeiro Vasquez Roman/Image Courtesy of the Chicago Police Department

The consequences of Joe Biden’s broken border policies are devastating.

Fox News reports that 2023 ended with a record 302,000 encounters with illegals at the southern border in December alone, and 2024 began with a massive number of illegals walking across the border with the help of smugglers.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has been reduced to begging Joe Biden for help for his sanctuary city, saying “the entire country is at stake.”

In addition to the devastating consequences for Americans, migrant women are also suffering because of Biden’s unchecked immigration.

On Tuesday, prosecutors in Illinois announced the arrest of a man who is in the United States illegally, who forced migrant women to work as prostitutes as part of a human trafficking operation in Chicago and area suburbs.

CWC Chicago reports Chicago police officers uncovered the ring after freeing two women after one was taken to an area hospital for medical treatment by one of their captors over the weekend.

Vasquez was arrested by police at the hospital where prosecutors say he admitted to being involved in the trafficking operation.

CWC Chicago:

Prosecutors said 24-year-old Wilson Albeiro Vasquez Roman, a Venezuelan who is in the country illegally, held the women at gunpoint at the home. While they were there, different men, including Vasquez Roman, told the women they were going to be shipped out of state to be sex workers and threatened to harm the victims’ families, prosecutors said.

Vasquez Roman also held the women at gunpoint inside the home and once racked the firearm’s slide to threaten one of the women, according to prosecutors.

On Saturday, one of the women required medical attention, and Vasquez Roman drove them both to Loretto Hospital so she could be treated. The woman told a hospital employee about what was happening to her, and the hospital notified the police.

It’s Chicago’s very own version of the #soundoffreedom. Prosecutors say that a Venezuelan man who is in the U.S. illegally, Albeiro Vasquez Roman, 24, is at the center of a migrant sex trafficking ring with women being forced into prostitution and their families’ lives…

— Reporter William J. Kelly #thatreporter (@Williamjkelly) January 10, 2024

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