Twitter X Censors Bombshell Movie: ‘J6: A True Timeline’ Documentary – What Are They Trying To Hide?

Twitter is shadowbanning the recently released J6: A True Timeline documentary which exposes malfeasance committed by lawbreaking law enforcement officers during the Capitol riot.

J6: A True Timeline has garnered over 2 million views on the social media platform since its Dec. 31, 2023 release.

The documentary features a never-before-seen timestamped blueprint of the events of January 6, 2021, as they unfolded in real-time, showcasing how a moderately peaceful protest escalated into the most investigated riot in US history.. No other film to date fills the gaps or tells the story chronologically the way this film does.

The first-of-its-kind expose contains footage that continues to be withheld by the House Administration Committee as the plurality of members of Congress snub the January 6 hostages languish in prison or pretrial custody for year three and the US Attorneys Office conspires to target and arrest J6 demonstrators who never step foot in the Capitol building during the riot.

 On Monday, the creators of the film received notice the public is being obstructed from viewing the motion picture on the Twitter/X platform.

Unlike every other major big tech platform, Elon Musk’s social media site allows conservatives to express their political belief on the platform, but clearly, there remain parameters on free speech on X.

Producers of the film have been incessantly warned by Twitter users that the documentary is inaccessible behind a disclaimer warning viewers that “The post might include sensitive content.”

Even after users change their settings “to allow to access media containing sensitive content,” the documentary is still not accessible to view.


Is this how @x is treating this movie that has 2M views on it @elonmusk? We #DemandFreeSpeech!

— sfthoughtcriminal (@sfthoughtcrime) January 8, 2024

The Gateway Pundit’s content is also systemically shadowbanned on Twitter. This reporter shared a link to an article published by TGP highlighting J6: A True Timeline to a user’s inbox.

The link is obstructed by a disclaimer that states, ‘Messages hidden due to suspicious content.’ While the notification contains a “view” link, the article is not viewable.

But it’s not just the TGP’s article about the explosive J6 documentary that is censored on X. Every link published by TGP is not visible when shared as a direct message on X.

Daniel Goodwin, a former J6 defendant and producer is calling attention to the censorship.

“Why is @X censoring our @J6TrueTimeline documentary that was RT’d by @GenFlynn & @RepMTG & featured by @TuckerCarlson on, @elonmusk? The post has been stuck at 2M views since a “sensitive content” label has been added to it yesterday morning despite users’ settings,” Goodwin tweeted Wednesday.


Why is @X censoring our @J6TrueTimeline documentary that was QT’d by @GenFlynn & @RepMTG & featured by @TuckerCarlson on , @elonmusk?

The post has been stuck at 2M views since a “sensitive content” label has been added to it yesterday morning despite users’ settings.@Support

— Daniel Goodwyn (@DanielGoodwyn) January 10, 2024

To the credit of the thought police on X, at least conservatives are newly permitted to exist on the platform. The producers of J6: A True Timeline are all banned on, not even allowed access, to Facebook.  While the production crew did not promote the film on YouTube or Rumble, it’s clear the film is shadowbanned on YouTube as well.

When searching for J6: A True Timeline on YouTube, the film is nowhere to be found in the results. While the documentary has garnered approximately 3.8K views on YouTube, the flick organically garnered nearly more than three times the views on Rumble.

Remarkably YouTube has yet to remove the video from its platform; evidently, the tech lords are satisfied easing up on policing content that deviates from the state-run narrative control surrounding the Capitol Riot.

The overwhelming conglomerative effort by the government and big tech to censor the truth was a catalyst for Americans attending the January 6 protest to begin with. Yet Google continues to engage in election interference.

This is crazy,” the GOP presidential hopeful said in a response to a YouTube user’s complaint about being banned for posting an interview with him.

What are the tech tyrants and government trying to hide?


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