GERMAN STANDSTILL – Major Farmers’ Protest and Railway Strike Freeze Europe’s Powerhouse – Rightwing AfD Surging on Polls, on the Verge of Gaining Power

Germany is an unmitigated mess.

Europe’s former ‘locomotive’ is still reeling from the catastrophic pandemic lockdowns, increasingly plagued by unchecked mass migration, crippled by climate alarmist environmental policies, and exhausted from waging a proxy war against the Russians in Ukraine.

The dysfunctional three-party coalition led by Olaf Scholz – the most unpopular Chancellor in Germany’s history – can’t agree on much, and when they do agree, they have trouble implementing – as it happened with the plan to use leftover pandemic debt authorization to fund their global warming scam was blocked by the Constitutional Court.

Now, to take matters into overdrive, the farmers have rebelled and blocked roads all over the country, and the railway workers are on strike, with healthcare workers vowing to stop, too.

Germany is at a standstill.

No wonder polls show conservatives polling higher, with the rising stars from rightwing AfD on the verge of being elevated to power by the popular vote.

Daily Mail reported:

“But with crippling strikes by rail workers angry over pay and working conditions paralyzing the country, combined with an eight-day nationwide protest by farmers, [Germany] is fast becoming the ‘sick man of Europe’.

[…] The indecision, in-fighting and finger-pointing over the crippling strikes, protests and ongoing immigration concerns during ‘Germany’s winter of discontent’ has led analysts to predict the far-Right will make huge gains in an election later this year.”

German rail network ground the ‘European powerhouse’ to a halt.

“To make matters worse, those trying to get to work by car found the motorways blocked by striking farmers and lorry drivers. And with doctors also threatening to go on strike next week, Germany finds itself in the grip of a winter of discontent that began when farmers brought major cities to a standstill with blockades and slow-moving convoys.”

The MSM describes farmers as ‘protesting at the axing of fuel subsidies,’ which is also true, but it conveniently silences their heroic opposition  to tyrannical crackdown on fertilizer use and the persecution of organic farms – what conservatives call ‘an engineered famine on the making.’

Road chaos led Scholz to propose a ‘phased reduction’ in subsidies rather than stopping them immediately – farmers were unmoved.

All this is to save a billion euros from the Government’s budget while simultaneously sending multiple billions to Ukraine.

People in rural areas are ‘left behind’ and decisions are made in a ‘Berlin bubble’ out of touch with German reality.

The AfD is on a roll, with polls showing a surge in support and the prospect that following elections in November they could be in power.

Last year, under the leadership of Tino Chrupalla, it capitalized on unease over high immigration levels, with 350,000 people applying for asylum – an increase of 50 per cent on the previous year.”

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