Maryland Medicaid Will Now Cover Sex Change Procedures and Treatments – Even Voice Lessons and Hair Removal

Maryland will now cover an unprecedented number of sex change procedures and treatments through the taxpayer-funded Medicaid program.

Even hair removal and voice lessons for transgender people can be covered.

A law that went into effect in the state on January 1 requires Medicaid to cover “gender-affirming treatment in a nondiscriminatory manner.”

This includes breast implants, fertility preservation services, facial cosmetic surgeries, hair alterations, and much more.

According to a report from the far-left LGBTQ Nation, “Voice therapy and lessons, scar and hair removal, hormone therapy, puberty blockers, fertility preservation, and ‘alterations’ to the abdomen, genitals, chest, buttocks, neck, and face are all included. Patients cannot be denied unless a healthcare professional decides the treatment would be detrimental to their health.”

Detransition procedures will also be covered.

Maryland Medicaid already covered mental health services, hormone replacement therapy, and sex change surgeries.

A transgender biological male who uses the name “Renee Lau” told CBS News that he is planning to take advantage of the change.

“I plan on having some surgeries and having consultations within the next two months. I would not believe the relief it is for me, because I never could have paid for [these services] out of pocket,” Lau said.

“It’s an emotional relief,” he added.

According to the report, “There are around 24,000 transgender adults in Maryland, according to research from UCLA’s Williams Institute. Of those, around 6,000 are enrolled in Medicaid.”

Maryland Governor Wed Moore signed an executive order protecting sex change treatments during a Pride event in the state last year.

“In the state of Maryland, nobody should have to justify their own humanity,” Moore said while signing the order.

“This order is focused on ensuring Maryland is a safe place for gender-affirming care, especially as other states take misguided and hateful steps to make gender-affirming care cause for legal retribution,” Moore continued. “In Maryland, we are going to lead on this issue.”

Lee Blinder, Executive Director of Trans Maryland, told LGBTQ Nation, “This legislation emerged from the trans community experiences shared with our organization at Pride festivals and support groups around Maryland about barriers of access to care.”

Blinder continued, “We are grateful to every individual who worked toward passing this groundbreaking bill. Thanks to the Moore-Miller Administration, Maryland is a sanctuary state for transgender people, and we will continue to work closely with the Administration to ensure expansion of access continues.”

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