Once Safe Small Wisconsin Town Begs Biden for Help with ‘Acute’ Immigration Crisis

Joe Biden’s broken border is destroying America, and not just big sanctuary cities like Chicago and New York.

Daniel Meyer, the police chief of Whitewater, Wisconsin, and the city’s manager, John Weidl, sent Biden a letter begging for help to deal with the “acute” immigration crisis Biden has created in their once safe town.

The letter, first shared by Breitbart and dated Dec. 28, 2023, details sexual assaults, a “critical humanitarian issue,” and an explosion in unlicensed drivers that has overwhelmed the local Police Department.

They share that illegals have flooded the small community of 15,000 people since early 2022, strained resources, and made their community less safe.

They wrote: “Our law enforcement staff have responded to a number of serious crimes linked to immigrants in some manner, including the death of an infant child, multiple sexual assaults, and a kidnapping.”

The letter says Whitewater is facing the following issues:

“Communicating with an immigrant population that generally speaks only Spanish has been a challenge we’ve worked to overcome by the use of costly translation software.”
The letter says the city has “found approximately three times the number of unlicensed drivers on our roadways compared to previous years. This occupies much of their time and takes away from our ability to serve in other aspects.”
“We’ve also encountered a significant trust barrier between the immigrant population and law enforcement. In many cases, this has led to individuals providing false documents and misleading our staff, which further increases our time involved in investigating cases.”

Read the full letter below:

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson visited the community in November and shared his impressions and concerns:

I had a sobering and eye-opening briefing with law enforcement in Walworth County about the effect of illegal immigration on their small community.

U.S. Rep. Bryan Steil and I listened to local law enforcement officers led by Walworth County Sheriff Dave Gerber and Whitewater Police Chief Dan Meyer as they explained what they’re seeing in their county.

The national media will pay attention to big cities like Chicago and New York but little mention is made of the challenges faced by smaller cities. The impact on Walworth County resources is devastating. Issues range from communication barriers, to overcrowded housing, to overburdened schools. And then there’s the criminal element bringing with it cocaine and fentanyl. Law enforcement says their drug arrests have traced a quarter million dollars from Whitewater directly back to drug cartels.

Whitewater is still a safe community, but the root cause of these issues is our nation’s wide open southern border. I have said many times that our open border presents a clear and present danger to national security. Six million people have crossed our borders since President Biden took office. That’s more people than live in the entire state of Wisconsin. We must secure our border.

Sexual assaults. Skyrocketing unlicensed drivers. A reduction in the ability to do proactive policing. Substandard living arrangements. These are just some of the issues #Whitewater is facing due to an influx of #illegal immigrants to the city of 15,000 people…

— Wisconsin Right Now (@wisconsin_now) January 3, 2024

Revolver News notes, “It’s a harsh reality, but the same disaster currently unfolding in Whitewater is coming to a small town near you and, eventually, yours too. It’s not about ‘if’ it will happen, but rather ‘when.’”

“What’s happening at the border appears to be a deliberate strategy. The logic seems to be that you can’t ‘rebuild’ a country as vast and powerful as the USA while she’s flourishing. First, you need to bring her to her knees. This creates the opportunity needed to rebuild her in a so-called ‘new and improved’ manner.”

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