Scott Presler Gets Results UNLIKE RONNA! Conservative Activist Helps GOP Candidates Qualify for April Primary in Rhode Island Thanks to His Persistence and Influence – Trump Got More Signatures Than Biden!

Grassroots conservative activist Scott Presler with Noah Formica door knocking for GOP registrations in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

Conservative grassroots activist Scott Presler has singlehandedly saved the only shot conservatives have at a Presidential Election in Rhode Island.

It should be noted that because of his efforts, President Trump not only made it on the ballot, but he got twice the signatures necessary and surpassed Joe Biden in candidate petition signatures.

Remember that Scott Presler built his platform by organizing cleanups of tons of trash nationwide and registering voters while doing it.

Scott is so effective that the Uniparty GOP takes credit for HIS work to Save America. As The Gateway Pundit reported, Ronna McDaniel recently announced the GOP, with her at the helm, had “flipped” Beaver County, Pennsylvania, from blue to red. However, it was Scott Presler’s voter registration efforts that brought the mass of Republican registrations.

What a joke the GOP is!

“They Want to Take Credit for It So They Can Fundraise” – GOP Takes Credit for Scott Presler’s Voter Registration Efforts in Beaver County, PA – Scott Presler Fires Back

Support Scott’s efforts with Early Vote Action here!

“The Republican Party was sounding the alarm in Rhode Island that none of our presidential candidates were going to make the April ballot; not a single one of our Republican candidates because you need 1000 signatures to make the ballot,” Scott told The Gateway Pundit. “At that time, all of our candidates had 300 or fewer,” he continued.

“Two days ago, no one was going to get it, but today, everybody’s going to be on it,” Scott said. “The special cherry on top is that President Trump has surpassed Biden’s signatures in the state of Rhode Island.”

In fact, “breaking news: President Trump has officially received 2009 signatures, double what he needed to get on the ballot in the state of Rhode Island.”

Scott also told us, “Volunteers with my organization, Early Vote Action, sent over 10,000 text messages to registered Republicans in Rhode Island. We focused on Warwick and surrounding cities, so it would be easier for voters to come to the GOP office for petition signing.”

I Have Good News

We added a texting campaign to the @EarlyVoteAction app, which included 2,900 registered Republicans in Warwick.

Thanks to your help, we’ve already completed the universe.

So, we’re adding more Rhode Island cities.

Let’s get these signatures — finish the job.

— #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) January 10, 2024

Meanwhile, as Donald Trump faces lawsuits in multiple Democratic states to kick him off of the ballot, RINO RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel isn’t even doing her part to ensure that every state has any Republican candidates on their ballots. She’s probably decided for us that her friends in the Democratic party have Rhode Island, and it’s not worth her energy.

“GOP has a problem,” said Providence Journal political writer Katherine Gregg on X with a screenshot of an email that states,


There is no easy way of putting this.

But if we do not get the minimum of 1,000 signatures in the next 3 days, our Republican Presidential candidates will not be on the April ballot.

Unfortunately, a few Board of Canvassers have rejected some signatures without a clear reason. As of now, understanding the cause is not our priority; we can address that later. What’s crucial is that we need EVERYONE’s help to gather as many signatures as possible.

Can you help us gather 3:5 additional signatures to ensure our candidates are on the upcoming April ballot?

Three easy steps that will ensure our candidates make it on the ballot this Spring:

Step 1: Call (401) 732- 8282 to schedule a time to pick up a copy of our candidates’ petitions.
Step 2: Gather 3-5 signatures from registered voters in your city or town.
Step 3: Return completed petition forms to your local Board of Canvassers.

Thank you in advance for your help!

GOP has a problem:

— katherine gregg (@kathyprojo) January 9, 2024

Because of this, Scott asked the Rhode Island Republican Party Executive Director, “What can I do to help?” Immediately, he put out a tweet calling on his followers to sign their names to a candidate petition and collect more signatures.


The Republican Party of Rhode Island doesn’t have enough signatures for our candidates to be on the April ballot.

Come to the RI GOP office tomorrow, Wednesday (January 10th) & sign the petition

1800 Post Road
Warwick, RI 02886

9 a.m. -…

— #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) January 9, 2024

Rhode Island conservatives sent massive thanks to Scott for his work to save the presidential election:

Huge shoutout to @ScottPresler for your help getting Rhode Island Republicans out to sign the Presidential Petitions! #greatjob

— Joe Powers (@RIGOPChairman) January 11, 2024

But Presler thanked the Patriots who stood up and put in the work to save their election.

Meet June.

Despite waking up to a flat tire, she stopped everything to gather signatures for our Republican candidates to get on the Rhode Island ballot.

June, you represent the best of America. Thank you.

Can we all please give her a round of applause?

CC: @arribas_june

— #ThePersistence (@ScottPresler) January 11, 2024

“I think it would be a very fair statement to say that had I not gotten involved, perhaps some of our Republican candidates would not have been on the ballot in Rhode Island.” — And he’s right! The GOP and RNC are totally useless!

As always, Scott is expected to continue Making America Great Again through his inspirational grassroots involvement.

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